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  • Explore the moorish history at their castle
This in-app audio tour is a treasure trove for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike. It's a self-guided exploration that unveils the strategic and cultural significance of Gibraltar's historic sites while dipping into the natural beauty of its famed Rock. Set off at your own pace and immerse in the tales and monuments that have defined this legendary enclave at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The route begins at the entrance of the old town, Casemates Gate, inviting you to step back in time as you walk through bustling streets and discover landmarks such as the mighty 100-Ton Gun, The Convent, Trafalgar Cemetery, and the awe-inspiring Moorish Castle. The tour makes its way upward, taking you through the heart of Gibraltar's lush Nature Reserve and culminating with the modern marvel of the Skywalk. The adventure concludes at the enchanting St. Michael's Cave, a natural auditorium with a history as layered as the limestone formations within. Expect a journey filled with captivating narratives, from the resilience showcased in the Great Siege Tunnels to the serene greenery and wildlife of the Nature Reserve, topped by the thrill of standing atop the Skywalk, looking down on the world below. Each stop enriches your understanding of Gibraltar's complex past, turning every sight into a memorable experience.

What's included

  • Downloadable self-guided audio tour via the WeGoTrip app
  • Detailed route from stop to stop with live GPS map on your smartphone
  • Earphones are not included — please bring your own
  • Tickets to the attractions along the way are not included

Places you will visit

The route of the tour goes within circle
Casemates Gate
Casemates Square, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar
4MJ3+9R7, St Michael Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar
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