Things to do in Gold Coast

About Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is home to world-famous surf beaches like Surfers Paradise, the lush rainforests of Lamington National Park, and the panoramic views from SkyPoint Observation Deck. Not to be missed are the bustling theme parks, including Warner Bros. Movie World and Sea World, which provide a fun-filled day out for all ages.
With kids, visiting the many theme parks such as Dreamworld and Wet'n'Wild offers endless entertainment, while Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary allows close encounters with Aussie wildlife. The beaches also offer plenty of family-friendly activities from swimming to sandcastle building.
Outdoor enthusiasts can tackle the surf at famous beaches, hike through the Hinterland, or enjoy the numerous coastal walking tracks. Adventures like jet boating, parasailing, and animal experiences are also abundant along this scenic strip.
For indoor fun, the Infinity Attraction and Ripley's Believe It or Not! provide engaging experiences. Art lovers can visit the Arts Centre Gold Coast or spend time exploring the region's boutiques and indoor markets.
The best tours in Gold Coast include guided excursions through the Hinterland, whale watching tours during the migration season, and luxury yacht charters. Food and wine tours are also a hit for culinary enthusiasts.
The most popular museums include the Surf World Gold Coast and the Gold Coast War Museum. For interactive learning, head to the Gold Coast City Gallery for its vibrant exhibition program.
On rainy days, consider indoor tours such as the Gold Coast Brewery Tour, the HOTA Gallery, or a culinary tour around the city's vibrant food scene with cozy cafes and diverse restaurants to explore.
Short tours in Gold Coast include guided jet ski adventures, helicopter city tours for a bird's-eye view, and Segway coastal tours that provide a quick but thrilling look at the area's highlights.

Best Things to Do In Gold Coast

Discover the vibrant attractions and activities the Gold Coast offers, perfect for cultural enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike.

Gold Coast: Hinterland Adventure

What is it?
A journey into the hinterlands offering vistas and vineyards.
Why you should go?
Those looking to uncover the enigmatic beauty of the Gold Coast hinterland will find it enriched with spectacular lookouts, quaint towns, and sumptuous wineries. Winding pathways lead explorers to cascading waterfalls and ancient rainforests, enveloped within this lush sanctuary. The Hinterland Adventure tour reveals why it's one of the best things to do in Gold Coast, presenting a serene escape from the coastal buzz and an intimate connection with Australia's picturesque natural landscapes.

Gold Coast: Infinity Attraction

What is it?
An interactive fun-house with futuristic mazes and mind-bending experiences.
Why you should go?
Infinity Attraction presents a sensory overload with its unique blend of interactive environments, illusions, and special effects. Perfect for those searching for things to do in Gold Coast on a rainy day or for an evening of laughter and surprises, this attraction promises a memorable journey through optical illusions that challenge your perceptions and invite you to embrace a world of imagination. It's an activity that beckons the young and the young-at-heart alike.

Gold Coast: Surf World Gold Coast

What is it?
A museum dedicated to surfing culture and history.
Why you should go?
If riding waves is synonymous with your ideal Gold Coast activities, then Surf World Gold Coast must not be missed. As an homage to the city's robust surf culture, the museum offers insights into the boards, champions, and legends that have shaped surfing in the region. Explore exhibits of vintage surf gear, and perhaps inspire your own aquatic exploits along the famed surf breaks of the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast: Gold Coast Botanic Gardens

What is it?
A sprawling landscape of flora, fauna, and serene lakes.
Why you should go?
For a tranquil respite from the city's pulsating rhythm, the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens beckon. Visitors seeking what to do in Gold Coast for a peaceful day out will find solace among the native and exotic plant species, birdlife, and soothing water bodies. Picnicking on the lush lawns, partaking in guided walks, or simply admiring the diverse gardens are just a few of the reasons this attraction is a must-visit for nature lovers and families.

Gold Coast: The Wax Museum

What is it?
An enduring museum showcasing life-size wax figures of famous personalities.
Why you should go?
Step into The Wax Museum for an encounter with celebrities, royalty, and historical figures, standing silent yet lifelike before you. This hidden gem offers a unique experience and is frequently listed among fun things to do in Gold Coast. Delve into the Chamber of Horrors for a spooky adventure, or stroll the Hall of Fame for a brush with fame, providing entertainment and photo opportunities for visitors captivated by the artistry of wax sculpture.

Gold Coast: Burleigh Heads Beach

What is it?
A stunningly picturesque coastal haven known for its excellent surf breaks.
Why you should go?
Located on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads Beach is the epitome of coastal beauty with its pristine sands and superb surfing conditions. As a spot that features prominently in recommendations for things to do in Gold Coast, it merges natural splendor with buzzing cafes and walking paths. Visitors can bask in the sun, sample fresh seafood, or stroll through the adjacent national park to catch a glimpse of local wildlife and enjoy panoramic ocean views, making it one of the quintessential Gold Coast activities.

Gold Coast: The SkyPoint Observation Deck

What is it?
An iconic high-rise offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the region.
Why you should go?
Gazing out from the SkyPoint Observation Deck, visitors enhance their understanding of what to see in Gold Coast. Located 230 meters above the ground, it affords panoramic views that stretch from the surf to the hinterland. As one of the best things to do in Gold Coast for visitors seeking a bird's-eye perspective, the SkyPoint Observation Deck is a perfect place to witness the coastline in all its glory, enjoy a drink at the bar, or dare to take on the SkyPoint Climb – Australia's highest external building walk.

Gold Coast: Lamington National Park

What is it?
A World Heritage-listed site renowned for its ancient rainforests and bird life.
Why you should go?
Lamington National Park is where adventure melds with tranquility, setting it apart as an essential inclusion in any list of what to do in Gold Coast. The park features extensive walking tracks through subtropical and temperate rainforest, home to rare wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and dramatic gorges. For a fully immersive experience, visitors can embark on Gold Coast tours that include guided bushwalks providing deeper insight into the park's ecological significance and offering the chance to spot exotic birds and unique flora.

Gold Coast: Warner Bros. Movie World

What is it?
A movie-themed amusement park featuring thrilling rides and entertainment.
Why you should go?
Warner Bros. Movie World stands out as one of the fun things to do in Gold Coast, transporting visitors to a world where movies come alive. It's a place for families and thrill-seekers, offering exhilarating rides, daily shows, and the chance to meet beloved characters. The park's movie-themed attractions allow guests to live out their Hollywood fantasies. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to children's areas, there's something for everyone, making it an unforgettable Gold Coast activity.

Gold Coast: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

What is it?
A heritage-listed zoological garden offering close encounters with native Australian wildlife.
Why you should go?
As one of the most loved places to visit in Gold Coast, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary provides an enchanting experience for nature lovers. The sanctuary is home to one of the largest collections of Australian wildlife in the world, allowing visitors to cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo, and witness an array of indigenous species in naturalistic habitats. Alongside the wildlife experiences, the sanctuary operates the TreeTop Challenge—an exciting high ropes course through the lush eucalyptus canopy, adding to the best Gold Coast tours.

TOP-5 tours in Gold Coast for first time visitors

  • Explore the bustling beachfront markets and savor local cuisines on a culinary-focused Gold Coast excursion, highlighting the best places to visit in Gold Coast for foodies.
  • Embark on a journey through lush rainforests and scenic lookouts, unveiling the natural things to see in Gold Coast with an eco-adventure audio guide.
  • Delve into the cultural riches with a historical audio tour showcasing what to see in Gold Coast, from heritage buildings to contemporary galleries.
  • Engage in the fun things to do in Gold Coast with a family-friendly tour, guiding you through amusement parks and interactive wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Get ready for the ultimate outdoor experience with Gold Coast activities audio tour, taking you through surfing hotspots and serene beach walks.

Fun things to do in Gold Coast with kids

For families exploring the Gold Coast, an array of child-friendly attractions ensures memorable experiences for all ages. Firstly, Sea World Marine Park is a must-visit, combining educational exhibits, aquatic animals, and thrilling rides. Children can marvel at dolphins, seals, and penguins, making it a highlight for curious young minds. Secondly, the Gold Coast boasts numerous theme parks, but Dreamworld stands out for its diverse mix of exhilarating roller coasters, family rides, and an interactive wildlife area where kids can get close to koalas and kangaroos. Lastly, no visit to the Gold Coast is complete without a day spent at one of the many sun-soaked beaches, such as Coolangatta Beach, which provides gentle waves perfect for novice swimmers and ample space for sandcastle building. These excursions represent just a few of the best things to do in Gold Coast, offering a blend of adventure, wildlife encounters, and relaxing beach days for families to enjoy together.

Things to do in Gold Coast with family

The Gold Coast shines as an idyllic destination for family fun, with an abundance of attractions appealing to all ages. First on the list is the iconic Dreamworld, offering an adrenaline rush with thrilling rides, tamer attractions for the little ones, and wildlife interactions that provide an educational twist to the amusement park experience. It's an all-in-one destination that anchors Gold Coast tours for families. Next, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary invites families to immerse themselves in the wonders of Australian fauna. Here, children can learn about wildlife conservation while encountering koalas, kangaroos, and other native animals, making it a top educational and fun thing to do in Gold Coast. Finally, exploring the natural beauty of the region can lead families to Springbrook National Park, where waterfalls cascade and ancient forests teem with life. Hiking the paths and discovering the area's natural wonders is a healthy and engaging way to connect as a family and experience what to see in Gold Coast's great outdoors.

Free things to do in Gold Coast

Embracing the Gold Coast's abundant natural beauty and cultural offerings doesn't have to come with a price tag. Among the top free attractions is the Gold Coast's stunning coastline, where you can spend a full day at beaches like Broadbeach or Burleigh Heads. Sunbathe, swim, and watch surfers ride the waves without spending a cent. For those leaning towards a serene escape, the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens provide a lush landscape perfect for a family picnic, an educational walk through the sensory garden, or bird watching. Equally appealing is a visit to the Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park, an awe-inspiring natural rock formation and waterfall that glows with bioluminescent fungi and glow worms after dusk. Offering a range of activities from leisurely strolls to captivating nature observation, these locales exemplify the finest free things to do in Gold Coast, ensuring visitors can enjoy the splendors of the region on any budget.

Cheap things to do in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast offers a treasure trove of affordable activities, making it possible to enjoy this vibrant area without breaking the bank. Families and budget-savvy travelers can delight in the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets. With the shimmering ocean as your backdrop, browse the stalls for unique crafts and affordable souvenirs, and enjoy the lively atmosphere that makes this one of the most entertaining and cheap things to do in Gold Coast. For a modest fee, immerse yourself in a splash of culture at the Gold Coast City Gallery, showcasing local and international art exhibitions bound to spark creativity and conversation. Adventure seekers can take advantage of the many picturesque walking tracks that ribbon through the hinterland, such as the trails at Tamborine Mountain. Spectacular views, hidden waterfalls, and the dense greenery of ancient rainforests are accessible with a small parking fee or completely free if you find a spot on the roadside. These experiences prove that Gold Coast activities don't have to come with a hefty price tag, but can still provide rich memories.

Things to do in Gold Coast for couples

Gold Coast offers an enchanting mix of activities that cater perfectly to couples seeking romance and adventure. An unmissable experience is a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, where partners can watch the landscape come alive in vibrant hues, offering a peaceful retreat and unforgettable vistas from above. For more grounded pursuits, walking hand-in-hand through the verdant Botanic Gardens or enjoying a personally crafted picnic beside the lake provides a quiet, intimate setting for relaxation and conversation. Evening entertainment is also abundant; couples can explore the NightQuarter markets in Helensvale. It's a place where live music, diverse food stalls, and eclectic shops create a carnival-like atmosphere and is one of the most vibrant best things to do in Gold Coast at night. Every experience can be tailored for two, from high-flying adventures to leisurely strolls, ensuring that couples can create lasting memories together on this spectacular stretch of Australian coastline.

Things to do in Gold Coast at night

When the sun sets, Gold Coast lights up with a variety of nocturnal activities sure to entertain. Begin with Surfers Paradise, the heart of nightlife, where the coastline transforms into a bustling hub of alfresco dining, nightclubs, and bars ideal for couples or groups of friends. Stroll along the esplanade or dive into the beachfront markets for a lively shopping experience. For a unique blend of dinner and spectacle, Dracula's Cabaret offers an unforgettable evening combining succulent cuisine with thrilling theater performance. This gothic-inspired show captivates with its combination of comedy, music, and dance, making it a standout among things to do in Gold Coast at night. Movie buffs can experience a classic at one of Gold Coast's drive-in cinemas, which screen the latest blockbusters against the backdrop of the starry sky. This nostalgic activity not only provides entertainment but also an opportunity for a cozy retreat in the comfort of your own vehicle.