Things to do in Kahului

About Kahului

Must-see attractions in Kahului include the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, where visitors can experience the island's art and music scene; the lush beauty of the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens; and the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, which tells of the region's sugarcane history. A visit to Kanaha Beach Park is also essential for travelers seeking coastal serenity.
For kid-friendly entertainment, the Maui Ocean Center offers an immersive look at local marine life, while the Maui Family Fun Center includes miniature golf and bumper boats. The Keiki Playhouse provides an indoor playground perfect for young children to explore creatively in a safe environment.
Beach outings at Kanaha Beach Park top the outdoor activities list, featuring water sports and picnic spots. Taking a tour of Iao Valley State Park is also popular for hiking and scenery, as is embarking on a Kahului bay cruise to experience the ocean and possibly spot whales.
The best indoor activities include exploring the fascinating exhibits at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and engaging with science and oceanography at the Maui Ocean Center. Shopping and dining at Queen Ka'ahumanu Center also provides a delightful indoor respite.
The best Kahului tours encompass a self-guided audio tour of the historical sites in the town, scenic helicopter tours for an aerial view of the island, and the Road to Hana tour for its lush landscapes and waterfalls. Culinary tours are also popular to taste local Hawaiian cuisine.
The Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum is the most popular in Kahului, offering a deep dive into the region's past with sugar production and plantation life, while the Maui Arts and Cultural Center often features historical exhibits along with its cultural showcases.
On rainy days, participating in indoor tours such as the self-guided tours available at the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum or enjoying the arts at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center provides enriching experiences away from the weather.
Brief tours in Kahului such as a quick visit to the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, which can offer guided tours lasting less than an hour, and the Sugar Museum, with its compact size, permit detailed explorations in a shorter timeframe.

Best Things to Do In Kahului

Embark on a journey through Kahului, brimming with culture, history, and captivating landscapes awaiting your discovery.

Kahului: Maui Swap Meet

What is it?
A bustling outdoor marketplace that epitomizes Kahului's local charm and commerce.
Why you should go?
Every visitor seeking to experience Kahului's local life must stroll through the Maui Swap Meet. It's a treasure trove for handmade crafts, clothing, and souvenirs crafted by Maui artisans. As a weekly event, it provides a culinary adventure with local vendors offering Hawaiian delicacies and tropical treats, making it a sensorial and social highlight for both tourists and residents. It's also an excellent place to find unique gifts and mementos from your trip to Kahului.

Kahului: Hana Highway - Road to Hana

What is it?
One of Maui's most scenic drives, known for its lush landscapes and waterfalls.
Why you should go?
Embarking on the Hana Highway, also known as the Road to Hana, is essential for first-time visitors to Kahului. This excursion offers breathtaking views of Maui's natural splendor, including rainforests, waterfalls, and coastlines. The drive itself is a memorable adventure with narrow curves and bridges, leading to the tranquil town of Hana. Taking this tour via a self-guided audio medium provides an intimate, at-your-own-pace experience of Maui's stunning beauty.

Kahului: Iao Valley State Park

What is it?
A lush, serene park nestled in the West Maui Mountains, home to the iconic Iao Needle.
Why you should go?
Iao Valley State Park is perhaps the most tranquil place to immerse in the natural wonders of Kahului. With its verdant mountains and the famous Iao Needle standing majestically at 1,200 feet, the park is a hiking and photography haven. Audio tours introduce the valley's historical significance and its role in the Battle of Kepaniwai, while its paved walkways and lookout points promise accessibility for a variety of visitors.

Kahului: The Maui Tropical Plantation

What is it?
A working plantation and garden showcasing Maui's agricultural products.
Why you should go?
The Maui Tropical Plantation lures visitors into Kahului's agrarian roots with an interactive and educational experience. The audio tour provides an in-depth narration of the plantation's crops and history, offering tastings of fresh Hawaiian fruits and produce. Besides agriculture, the site offers zipline adventures, farm-to-table dining, and a marketplace, embodying a holistic Kahului encounter.

Kahului: The Submarine Scooter Adventure

What is it?
An underwater scooter tour that offers a novel way to explore Kahului's marine life.
Why you should go?
For a dive into the undersea allure of Kahului without the need for scuba certification, the Submarine Scooter Adventure is an unparalleled offering. It grants participants intimate underwater encounters with the island's aquatic fauna and flora, riding personal submarines to observe coral reefs and sea turtles. This eco-friendly activity combines thrill and education, making it one of the most enthralling Kahului activities available.

Kahului: Maui Arts and Cultural Center

What is it?
A premier visual and performing arts venue in the heart of Kahului.
Why you should go?
The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is the island's cultural hub, offering an array of performances, exhibits, and educational programs that embody the island's multicultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy world-class concerts, dance, theater, and visual arts, making it a must-visit for an encompassing Kahului cultural experience. Engaging activities and inspiring events provide insights into Hawaii's indigenous and contemporary artistry.

Kahului: Kanaha Beach Park

What is it?
A scenic beach park known for its water sports and wildlife sightings.
Why you should go?
Kanaha Beach Park offers a serene retreat with its crystal-clear waters and ample opportunities for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddling. The park's stretches of white sand against the backdrop of lush vegetation host picnic areas and volleyball courts, providing the perfect setting for relaxation or active pursuits. Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot native Hawaiian species, making it a dynamic slice of Kahului's natural beauty.

Kahului: Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

What is it?
An informative museum dedicated to Maui's sugar industry heritage.
Why you should go?
Located adjacent to Hawaii's largest working sugar factory, the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum presents a fascinating look into the island's sugar cane legacy. The exhibits offer insights into the plantation lifestyle and its impact on the local community and landscape. It's an enriching experience for those interested in the agricultural and social history that shaped Kahului and Maui.

Kahului: Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

What is it?
A botanical garden specializing in native Hawaiian plants and conservation.
Why you should go?
The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens are a verdant oasis in the urban setting, dedicated to the protection of Maui's rich native plant species. The gardens serve as a living classroom and a place of preservation, showcasing the diverse flora that is unique to Hawaii. Educational programs and guided tours make a visit both informative and inspiring, ideal for nature lovers and those seeking serenity.

Kahului: The Kahului Ale House

What is it?
A beloved local brewery and gathering spot offering a selection of craft beers.
Why you should go?
For an authentic taste of Kahului, the Kahului Ale House is a top-notch destination where visitors can unwind and indulge in the island's vibrant brewing scene. With an inviting ambiance and an assortment of handcrafted ales, this brewery embodies the community spirit. Live music and sports broadcasting add to the entertainment, solidifying its status as a must-visit for beer aficionados and social butterflies alike.

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Fun things to do in Kahului with kids

For families visiting Kahului, there are many engaging attractions that promise fun for all ages. The Maui Ocean Center, known as The Aquarium of Hawaii, is a hit with kids fascinated by marine life. Here, they can explore vibrant underwater ecosystems, observe Hawaiian sea life up close, and participate in interactive educational exhibits. Another family favorite is the Maui Butterfly Farm, where children can marvel at the colorful flutter of butterflies and learn about their life cycles in an immersive garden setting. Finally, for a day packed with fun, the Maui Family Fun Center offers miniature golf, bumper boats, and a video game arcade that will keep the youngsters amused for hours. These attractions combine education with entertainment, ensuring that the little ones leave with big smiles and lasting memories.

Things to do in Kahului with family

Kahului is a family-friendly destination with attractions that cater to every age group. One of the top places to visit in Kahului with your loved ones is the Maui Tropical Plantation. Here, families can take a tram ride across fields of tropical fruits and flowers, learning about local agriculture. For an immersive cultural experience, the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary Visitor Center offers interactive exhibits and the chance to spot these majestic creatures during the whale watching season. Adventure-seeking clans can head out for an exciting day at the Maui Zipline Company, where zip lines suitable for all levels soar over beautiful plantation landscapes. These Kahului activities ensure a delightful mix of fun, education, and thrill, making family outings in Kahului memorable.

Free things to do in Kahului

Kahului boasts a diverse selection of free attractions ensuring visitors can enjoy the locale without spending a dime. Keopuolani Regional Park, with its expansive green spaces, sports courts, and playgrounds, is perfect for a family picnic or a leisurely stroll. The park's walking paths offer an excellent opportunity for kids to play and for adults to soak in the serene surroundings. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Schaefer International Gallery, located at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, which provides free admission to its exhibitions of local and international artists. Lastly, a visit to the picturesque Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is a must for nature lovers. Ideal for bird watching, this sanctuary serves as a protective habitat for Hawaiian stilts and coots, offering a tranquil escape into nature's splendor. These activities truly capture the spirit of Kahului, showcasing its natural beauty and cultural richness.

Cheap things to do in Kahului

Exploring Kahului on a budget is easy with an array of affordable attractions. Begin your low-cost adventure at the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, where a small entry fee grants access to a world of indigenous plants and educational walks—perfect for green thumbs and nature enthusiasts. For historical buffs, the cost-effective Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum offers a sweet peek into the island's past with its exhibits on the sugar industry, plantation life, and the impressive legacy of sugar in Maui. Adventure-seekers can also relish a worthwhile visit to Ho'aloha Park, where the calm waters beckon for a day of swimming, barbecues, and sun-soaked relaxation. Each of these activities represents not only the variety of things to do in Kahului but also the accessibility of its enriching experiences, even for those on a tight budget.

Things to do in Kahului for couples

For couples visiting Kahului, romance and adventure go hand in hand with a host of activities designed for two. A sunset stroll along the scenic Kanaha Beach Park offers breathtaking ocean views and a tranquil ambiance, perfect for nurturing connections. Art-loving pairs should not miss the chance to visit the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, where they can enjoy a variety of performances, art exhibitions, and creative workshops, making for an enriching shared experience. For a more adventurous date, couples can take on a self-guided tour of the Hana Highway. This drive presents picturesque landscapes and hidden waterfalls with plenty of stops for intimate picnics and photo opportunities. Each of these curated Kahului activities caters to fostering memorable moments between loved ones, setting the stage for a truly romantic getaway.

Things to do in Kahului at night

Kahului offers a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to the interests of night owls and leisure seekers alike. For those with a taste for local flavors and handcrafted brews, an evening visit to the Maui Brewing Co. Taproom is a must. This hotspot serves up the island's finest ales with live music adding to the convivial atmosphere. Independent film lovers and cultural enthusiasts will revel in the offerings at the Maui Film Festival's Candlelight Cinema, a unique outdoor movie experience under the stars, showcasing independent and blockbuster films alike. Moreover, Queen Ka'ahumanu Center presents a range of evening shopping and dining options. With its variety of stores and eateries, couples and families can enjoy a relaxed and entertaining evening in the heart of Kahului. Each of these attractions highlights the diverse and enchanting night activities available in this bustling Maui town.