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The must-see attractions in Livingston include the historic downtown area with its artisan shops and eateries, the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, and the scenic Sacajawea Park. Don't miss the iconic Livingston Depot Center for a slice of railroad history.
The best things to do in Livingston with kids involve exploring Sacajawea Park, visiting the fascinating International Fly Fishing Federation Museum, and enjoying wildlife encounters at the Montana Grizzly Encounter.
Livingston's best outdoor activities feature hiking through Paradise Valley, fly fishing in the Yellowstone River, and soaking in the natural hot springs at Chico Hot Springs Resort.
The best indoor activities include exploring the vast historical exhibitions at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, enjoying performances at the Blue Slipper Theatre, and touring the interactive displays at the Livingston Depot Center.
The best Livingston tours include scenic drives through Paradise Valley, self-guided historic walks through downtown Livingston, and the insightful "Livingston Depot Excursion" audio tour.
The most popular museums are the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, which details local history, and the International Fly Fishing Federation Museum, dedicated to the sport's heritage.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy the "Art and Culture Walk" audio tour featuring local galleries, or a historical tour at the Livingston Depot Center, which is ideal when the weather is less favorable.
Short tours of 1 hour or less in Livingston include exploring the concise and charming downtown area or a quick, informative visit to the International Fly Fishing Federation Museum.

Best Things to Do In Livingston

Discover the quintessential charm of Livingston with our curated selection of attractions and sights.

Livingston: Chico Hot Springs

What is it?
A historic hot spring resort nestled in the Paradise Valley.
Why you should go?
Chico Hot Springs offers a relaxing getaway amidst the breathtaking landscape of Montana. Renowned for its healing waters and serene environment, this resort is a haven for those seeking rejuvenation. Guests can unwind in the natural hot spring pools, feast on farm-to-table cuisine, and even spot local wildlife. With its charming accommodations and various outdoor activities, including horseback riding and fishing, Chico Hot Springs stands out as one of the best Livingston tours for those wanting a harmonious blend of adventure and tranquility.

Livingston: Bozeman Trail

What is it?
An historic route that played a pivotal role in westward expansion.
Why you should go?
The legendary Bozeman Trail, once a pathway for pioneers, now serves as an intriguing destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike. Embarking on a self-guided tour of the trail, visitors will encounter diverse landscapes and learn about the trail’s impact on the development of the region. It's an immersive experience that connects the past with the present, making it a unique and educational one among fun things to do in Livingston for outdoors enthusiasts and history aficionados.

Livingston: Crazy Mountain Museum

What is it?
A local museum showcasing the rich agricultural and homesteading history of the region.
Why you should go?
Step into the Crazy Mountain Museum to explore the area's agricultural roots and pioneer spirit. The museum features exhibits on early settlers, farming equipment, and the rural way of life that shaped the community. With its authentic re-creations and extensive photographic archives, visitors are transported to a bygone era. For a dose of local heritage and storytelling, this museum is among the essential places to visit in Livingston.

Livingston: Livingston Range Riders Rodeo

What is it?
An annual rodeo event celebrating western cowboy culture and sportsmanship.
Why you should go?
The pulse of cowboy culture beats strong at the Livingston Range Riders Rodeo, where tradition meets excitement. This event is a spectacle of athleticism and western heritage, featuring bull riding, barrel racing, and more. For those wondering what to see in Livingston, the rodeo offers a unique glance into the roots of Montana’s cowboy lifestyle, complemented by community festivities that include parades and dances. It's a highlight of Livingston activities during the summer season.

Livingston: Osen's RV Park and Campground

What is it?
A welcoming outdoor accommodation option for RV enthusiasts and campers.
Why you should go?
Osen's RV Park and Campground provides an excellent base camp for visitors aiming to explore the natural beauty of Montana. Offering full-service hookups, clean facilities, and easy access to local attractions, it affords a convenient and comfortable outdoor experience. Nature trails, fishing streams, and cycling paths are all within reach, making it one of the prime Livingston excursions for those eager to connect with the great outdoors.

Livingston: Sacajawea Park

What is it?
A picturesque riverside park offering recreational opportunities and stunning views.
Why you should go?
Sacajawea Park presents an idyllic setting for a leisurely day outdoors. Named after the famed Shoshone interpreter, this tranquil green space provides picnic areas, playgrounds, and pathways for those seeking relaxation or mild adventure. With the Yellowstone River providing a melodious backdrop, visitors can bask in the natural beauty of the area, indulge in a variety of Livingston activities, and even participate in community events frequently held in the warmer months. Whether it’s for a family outing or a solo escape, Sacajawea Park is among the best things to do in Livingston for nature lovers.

Livingston: Yellowstone Gateway Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the history of Livingston and the surrounding area.
Why you should go?
Delve into the rich tapestry of local heritage at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum. Through comprehensive exhibits and well-preserved artifacts, visitors can learn about the Native American history, pioneer life, and the influence of the railroad. Located in the heart of the city, this educational sanctuary is one of the most significant places to visit in Livingston for those looking to connect with the past. From geological displays to photographic archives, the museum offers an extensive journey through time, making it a cornerstone among Livingston tours for history enthusiasts.

Livingston: Livingston Depot Center

What is it?
An iconic former train depot turned cultural museum and event space.
Why you should go?
The Livingston Depot Center stands as a beacon of the city’s railroad history, inviting visitors to step back in time and experience the golden age of train travel. As one of the top things to see in Livingston, the depot features seasonal exhibits, educational programs, and special events, encapsulating the significance of transportation in shaping the American West. The beautifully restored building also serves as a venue for community gatherings, making it a hub for cultural interactions and one of the most rewarding Livingston excursions for tourists and train aficionados alike.

Livingston: Pine Creek Falls

What is it?
An accessible natural attraction featuring a cascade amidst forest trails.
Why you should go?
Adventurers seeking things to do in Livingston will delight in the beauty of Pine Creek Falls. Accessible via a well-maintained trail, this natural wonder is a draw for hikers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts. The soothing sounds of cascading water combined with the lush forest setting make for an unforgettable day trip. Visitors are encouraged to continue past the falls for even more stunning vistas at Pine Creek Lake, highlighting the best of Livingston’s wild natural terrain. For outdoor lovers, Pine Creek Falls ranks highly among the best things to do in Livingston.

Livingston: International Fly Fishing Federation Museum

What is it?
A museum devoted to the art and history of fly fishing.
Why you should go?
Livingston's International Fly Fishing Federation Museum is a must-visit for anglers and enthusiasts. The museum showcases the evolution of fly fishing, with a rich collection of rods, reels, and flies, documenting the craft's storied history. Interactive exhibits and a well-stocked library offer a deep dive into the sport's culture and appeal. Positioned near the legendary fishing waters of the Yellowstone River, this unique attraction provides an enriching experience, crowning it as one of the fun things to do in Livingston. It’s an essential stop to understand the passion behind a pastime so integral to the region's identity.

TOP-5 tours in Livingston for first time visitors

  • Explore iconic Livingston activities through our "Historic Main Street Journey", a glimpse into the town's vibrant past and bustling present.
  • Dive into nature's splendor with "Park County Panorama", offering breathtaking views and insights into local wildlife – a true gem among things to see in Livingston.
  • Our "Art and Culture Walk" highlights the best places to visit in Livingston for art enthusiasts and cultural mavens.
  • Find out what to do in Livingston with our "Riverfront Ramble" audio tour, blending scenic beauty and historical narratives along the banks of the Yellowstone River.
  • The "Livingston Depot Excursion" provides an interactive experience of the town’s railway heritage – perfect for those seeking fun things to do in Livingston.

Fun things to do in Livingston with kids

For family-friendly entertainment, Livingston offers a variety of attractions that promise to create lasting memories for children and adults alike. A visit to the Livingston Roundup Rodeo is a thrilling display of cowboy skills that captivates audiences with barrel racing, rodeo clowns, and bull riding. The interactive nature of the rodeo, combined with the festive atmosphere, is guaranteed to spark delight in kids of all ages. Another gem is the Livingston Depot Center, where children can explore train history through engaging exhibits, including real locomotive models and railway artifacts, designed to educate and entertain. Lastly, no family trip to Livingston is complete without a stop at the Sacajawea Park. The park's expansive green lawns are perfect for a picnic, and the playgrounds provide space for kids to expend their energy. With the scenic Yellowstone River as a backdrop, parents can relax while kids engage in imaginative play. These spots rank high among the best Livingston activities for families seeking wholesome, interactive fun.

Things to do in Livingston with family

Embarking on a family adventure in Livingston leads to an array of experiences that bring both learning and joy. The Yellowstone Gateway Museum is a treasure trove of pioneer and Native American history, perfect for curious minds. Engaging exhibits guide families through Montana's rich cultural landscape, setting the stage for an immersive educational outing. Outdoors, the grandeur of natural beauty invites exploration, and there is no better place than the Livingston's Sacajawea Park. With its spacious grounds, riverside trails, and play areas, it is an ideal locale for a family picnic or a leisurely stroll by the Yellowstone River. For those eager to engage with the area's wildlife, the Montana Grizzly Encounter provides a safe environment to observe and learn about these majestic creatures, making it one of the memorable places to visit in Livingston for all ages. Each of these attractions provides a unique way to create cherished family moments, securing Livingston's reputation for welcoming visitors with diverse and engaging points of interest.

Free things to do in Livingston

Discovering the charm of Livingston doesn't have to come with a price tag. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the splendors of Sacajawea Park, a prime destination for picnicking, bird watching, and immersing in the panoramic views of the Yellowstone River. The park embodies a serene retreat with playgrounds that keep the little ones entertained. Art aficionados will appreciate the prolific displays of local artistry at the downtown Livingston art walks—these vibrant events showcase the best of regional talent and offer a glimpse into the lively cultural scene. For those seeking a step back into the past, the historic downtown area itself is an attraction, offering self-guided strolls amongst beautifully preserved architecture, brimming with character and old-west charm. Each storefront and side street tells the story of Livingston's rich heritage, making it one of the insightful and enjoyable things to do in Livingston without opening your wallet.

Cheap things to do in Livingston

Livingston, a haven of affordability, offers a rich mix of attractions that won’t break the bank. First on the list is a visit to the Livingston Depot Center, where a nominal entry fee grants you access to a world of railway history and stunning architecture. This cultural hub also hosts seasonal events including art exhibits and lectures. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the numerous trails at the Livingston Peak Trailhead. Offering a range of hikes suitable for different skill levels, the trails lead to exquisite views of the surrounding mountains without costing a dime. Last but not least, the Miles Park Bandshell is a locus for community gatherings and often features free, live entertainment, from music to theater, against the scenic backdrop of the Yellowstone River. These popular spots foster enjoyable experiences, solidifying Livingston's status as a destination with plentiful and affordable things to see and do.

Things to do in Livingston for couples

Couples will find that Livingston’s romantic allure is as vast as the Montana sky. For those who wish to sip and savor the regional flavors, a visit to the local wineries or craft breweries offers an intimate experience coupled with the chance to indulge in artisanal beverages. Wine tastings and brewery tours in Livingston create perfect moments for toasting to love and making memories. Artistic pairs can meander through the city's art galleries, where local and regional artists display their works—creating a cultural date that stimulates conversations and artistic appreciation. Lastly, the allure of a scenic drive through Paradise Valley cannot be overstated. This breathtaking route, with the mighty Yellowstone River and majestic peaks as your witnesses, is an idyllic setting for any duo seeking to relish quiet moments and capture stunning landscapes hand in hand. These attractions stand out as some of the best things to do in Livingston for couples looking to connect and experience the charm of Montana together.

Things to do in Livingston at night

When the sun dips below the Montana horizon, Livingston's nightlife offers its own kind of adventure. Couples and friends can kick off the evening at a local eatery or saloon, where the Western ambiance is served alongside delicious food and live music, capturing the spirit of what to do in Livingston after dark. For those looking to indulge in a night of culture, the Blue Slipper Theatre presents a lineup of engaging plays and performances that spotlight local acting talent, set in an intimate historic venue. And for a truly unique night out, visitors can join a stargazing excursion, escaping the city lights to marvel at the expansive night sky peppered with constellations—a celestial Livingston activity that's both educational and romantic. These nighttime spots provide entertainment, cultural immersion, and a chance to view the natural beauty of Montana under a blanket of stars, ensuring that evenings in Livingston are just as memorable as the daytime explorations.