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Among the must-see attractions in Page are Antelope Canyon, famous for its swirling sandstone formations, Horseshoe Bend with its breathtaking river views, and the expansive waters of Lake Powell that offer a myriad of recreational activities.
Page is a family-friendly destination with numerous activities. Kids can enjoy exploring the Junior Ranger Program at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, participating in a dinosaur track tour, and marveling at the interactive displays at the Powell Museum.
Outdoor enthusiasts will find a wealth of activities in Page such as hiking the scenic trails to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, boating on Lake Powell, and joining a photography tour capturing the majestic landscapes.
Indoor activities in Page include visiting the educational Powell Museum, experiencing the cultural heritage at the Navajo Village Heritage Center, and enjoying the indoor exhibits of the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam.
The best Page tours range from guided explorations of Antelope Canyon, leisurely boat tours on Lake Powell, to aerial sightseeing adventures that showcase the region's vast beauty from above.
The Powell Museum is the cornerstone of Page's cultural scene, offering fascinating insights into the history and environment of the Colorado Plateau and its exploration by Major John Wesley Powell.
For rainy days, consider taking a guided tour of the Powell Museum or a scenic drive tour that can offer stunning views while keeping you sheltered.
Short but enriching tours in Page that last 1 hour or less include guided walks to the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook and express boat tours around Lake Powell's nearby areas.

Best Things to Do In Page

Page, Arizona, known for its stunning landscapes and cultural landmarks, offers an array of activities for every traveler.

Page: Rainbow Bridge National Monument

What is it?
One of the world's largest known natural bridges, steeped in geologic history.
Why you should go?
Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a symbol of nature's incredible artistry, a place where history and legends are carved into the red sandstone. Accessible by Lake Powell or by hiking trails that display the rugged beauty of the American Southwest, this sacred place provides an intimate look at the geological forces that shaped the Earth and the cultural ties it has with the native people.

Page: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

What is it?
A stunning, colorful natural wonder featuring sprawling cliffs and canyons.
Why you should go?
Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is an otherworldly landscape that boasts geological formations like The Wave—a mesmerizing, undulating rock surface created by wind and water erosion over millions of years. Amateur geologists and adventurers alike enjoy the surreal beauty of its wilderness, which is ideal for photography, hiking, and wildlife observation.

Page: Jim's Guide Service - Lake Powell

What is it?
An expert-guided fishing adventure on the scenic Lake Powell.
Why you should go?
For those looking to combine sport with sightseeing, Jim’s Guide Service offers a unique opportunity to reel in a big catch while drinking in the splendor of Lake Powell's aquatic realm. Whether a seasoned angler or a novice, a guided fishing excursion is both a tranquil and thrilling way to experience one of the best Page activities.

Page: Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures

What is it?
An exhilarating off-road adventure through Page's rugged terrain.
Why you should go?
Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures take thrill-seekers through the desert in high-performance Hummer vehicles, offering an up-close experience of Page's dramatic slot canyons. It's an adrenaline-pumping ride through the sweeping landscapes, providing an entertaining balance of education and excitement as you navigate through the scenic backcountry.

Page: Powell Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the history of the Colorado Plateau and its explorers.
Why you should go?
The Powell Museum celebrates the pioneering spirit through exhibits that recount the storied past of the Page region and the expeditions of John Wesley Powell. It’s an enriching visit that offers insights into the area's geography, culture, and the evolution of its communities. An essential stop for those who appreciate historical things to do in Page.

Page: Antelope Canyon

What is it?
A breathtaking slot canyon known for its wave-like structure and light beams.
Why you should go?
Antelope Canyon presents a spectacle of colors as sunlight pierces through the narrow opening, creating dazzling light beams against the orange hues of the twisting sandstone walls. Led by native guides, visitors learn the geology and history of this sacred site. It's a photographic haven and a spiritual journey that encapsulates the beauty of Page's natural wonders.

Page: Lake Powell

What is it?
A vast man-made reservoir offering boating, fishing, and stunning scenery.
Why you should go?
Lake Powell, with its crystal-clear water and intricate coastline of canyons, is perfect for an array of water sports and Page activities. Embark on a kayak or a houseboat to witness secluded coves and the majestic Rainbow Bridge. The unique landscape here is equally inviting for a relaxing retreat as for an adventure-packed excursion.

Page: Horseshoe Bend

What is it?
An iconic U-shaped meander where the Colorado River dramatically bends.
Why you should go?
As one of the most photographed areas in Page, Horseshoe Bend is a testament to nature's artistry. Visitors can trek to the viewpoint to witness the river carve its way around a rock formation, creating a spectacular vista. At sunset, the play of light and shadow adds an extra layer of magnificence to this striking geologic feature.

Page: Glen Canyon Dam

What is it?
An impressive concrete arch-dam holding back Lake Powell.
Why you should go?
The Glen Canyon Dam stands as a monumental feat of engineering, crucial for water management and power generation. Tours here offer insight into the construction and purpose of the dam while providing breathtaking views from the bridge above the canyon. It's an educational and awe-inspiring stop for anyone interested in human ingenuity intertwining with nature.

Page: Navajo Village Heritage Center

What is it?
A cultural center dedicated to preserving and presenting Navajo traditions.
Why you should go?
For a deeper understanding of local culture, the Navajo Village Heritage Center is a must-see. Through dance performances, storytelling, and exhibitions, visitors gain an appreciation for the Navajo way of life and its connection to the landscape. This enlightening excursion adds rich historical context to the Page excursions, enhancing the visitor's experience.

TOP-5 tours in Page for first time visitors

  • Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Antelope Canyon with a tour that explores its winding, narrow paths and ethereal light beams, promising extraordinary photos and memories.
  • Embance upon a Lake Powell expedition, where azure waters meet towering rock formations, creating a serene environment ideal for history buffs and nature lovers alike.
  • Experience the grandeur of Horseshoe Bend, a natural wonder showcasing the power of the Colorado River - a highlight among the scenic things to see in Page.
  • Take a journey to the Glen Canyon Dam, where the blend of engineering prowess and natural landscapes offers an insightful look into the region's developments.
  • Engage in an exploration of the Navajo culture with an immersive audio guide, highlighting the rich traditions and the significance of the land in their heritage.

Fun things to like what to see inoducer in Page with kids

Page, Arizona, is not only a paradise for the adult adventurer but also a wonderland for kids. Begin with the inviting waters of Lake Powell, where families can enjoy boating, swimming, and even paddleboarding—a great activity to keep the children engaged and learning a new skill. Next, transport your little ones to a place of natural intrigue by visiting the dinosaur tracks at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This outdoor adventure provides a hands-on history lesson sure to captivate any young mind. Finally, no family trip is complete without a visit to the educational and interactive John Wesley Powell Museum. Here, children can immerse themselves in the region's rich cultural and natural history through exciting exhibits, perfect for fostering curiosity and creating lasting memories of your family's things to do in Page.

Things to do in Page with family

Embarking on a family vacation to Page, Arizona, guarantees encounters with extraordinary natural attractions and enjoyable learning experiences. One of the premier family-friendly spots is the majestic Antelope Canyon, where guided tours take you through the awe-inspiring, narrow corridors of swirled sandstone, enchanting both adults and children alike. For a touch of adventure mixed with education, the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers ample space for hiking, picnics, and learning about the region's geography. Let the kids explore the grandeur of the landscape under the vast Arizona sky. Wrap up the day at the interactive Powell Museum where exhibits on local history, culture, and the eponymous explorer, John Wesley Powell, offer a comprehensive look into the Page heritage. These places to visit in Page are certain to create lasting family memories filled with discovery and amusement.

Free things to do in Page

Page, Arizona, offers an array of cost-free excursions perfect for those seeking to experience the city without breaking the bank. Begin with the iconic Horseshoe Bend, where visitors can witness the Colorado River making a dramatic 270-degree turn. The short hike to the viewing area is family-friendly and provides a stunning, photo-worthy vista. Additionally, the Rim View Trails offer a serene outdoor adventure, allowing families, hikers, and cyclists to explore Page's beautiful landscape on well-maintained paths. Finally, the Hanging Garden Trail leads to a hidden oasis filled with lush vegetation clinging to a rock wall—a delightful surprise in the desert terrain. Each of these activities showcases what to see in Page and invites travelers to enjoy the natural beauty without a price tag, making them some of the best things to do in Page.

Cheap things to do in Page

Visiting Page doesn't have to come at a high price, with many affordable attractions adding value to your travel experience. Immerse yourself in the local culture at the Powell Museum for a modest entrance fee. Here, you'll discover engaging exhibits on the history and natural wonders of the Page area as well as the remarkable expeditions of explorer John Wesley Powell. Just a short drive from the heart of the city, the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook presents a grand opportunity to marvel at the impressive feat of engineering—free of charge. Capture the perfect souvenir photo with the dam and the Colorado River as your backdrop. For a minimal cost, you can also rent kayaking equipment and navigate the serene waters of Lake Powell, exploring its countless coves and the unique shoreline—definitely a highlight among Page activities. These budget-friendly options highlight the best things to do in Page, ensuring a trip full of adventure and discovery.

Things to do in Page for couples

Page is an ideal romantic getaway, providing couples with unforgettable experiences amidst its natural wonders. Begin with a magical visit to the ethereal Antelope Canyon. Its undulating walls and light shafts make it a picturesque setting for a shared adventure, sure to strengthen bonds. Afterward, take a leisurely boat cruise on Lake Powell, where the tranquil waters and scenic views of the sandstone cliffs offer a serene retreat and quality time together. As the day winds down, a sunset stroll to watch the changing colors and shadows at Horseshoe Bend offers a peaceful and intimate moment that ranks high on the list of Page activities for couples. These attractions, providing a combination of adventure, leisure, and natural beauty, are the ideal places to visit in Page for those looking to create loving memories with their significant other.

Things to do in Page at night

Even when the sun dips below the horizon, Page continues to sparkle with activities suited for nocturnal enthusiasts. One of the top attractions is stargazing at Lake Powell, where the dark sky serves as a canvas for the Milky Way, offering a spectacular celestial show. Embark on a moonlit walk along the picturesque Rim View Trail, which provides safe and easy navigation for those desiring a peaceful evening hike. Meanwhile, the downtown area comes alive after dusk. Local venues frequently host live music and cultural events, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy regional entertainment. Whether indulging in the natural nightlife provided by the skies or enjoying the local cultural scene, there's a variety of things to do in Page at night that promise a delightful conclusion to your daytime adventures.