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About Place Guillaume II

The Square is accessible 24/7.

This is a lively square that can get quite busy during particular events or in warm and sunny weather. We suggest that you plan your visit outside of the peak season (summer months and Christmas) and go on a weekday morning to enjoy the space while it’s not too crowded.

Place Guillaume II, located in the heart of Luxembourg's historic Ville Haute neighborhood, is also known as Knuedler, from the Luxembourgish for 'knot.' This is a reference to the belt knot in the belt of the Franciscan monks, whose monastery used to be located at the site from the 13th century until 1797. After the monastery was dispossessed by the occupying French soldiers, Napoleon gave the square to the city as a gift in 1804. The monastery was deconstructed, and the resulting material was used to build the new town hall.

The lavish 19th-century Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), with two bronze lion statues guarding its stairs, is one of the major landmarks. Another one is the equestrian statue to former Grand Duke of Luxembourg, William II, after whom the square is named. The quaint square is a great place to sit on a restaurant terrace under the trees and engage in people-watching.

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday, there’s a market with regional food, flowers, and local crafts.
  • The square is often used as an open air music venue, with the most famous event held there every summer since 1991 being the Rock um Knuedler, a major rock festival.
  • Currently, there are some construction works being carried out at the square that are supposed to finish by the summer of 2023, remember to check the official updates.

The square is centrally located, meaning that it is easily accessible from pretty much any point downtown. The address is 23 Rue du Fossé, 1536 Luxembourg.

The nearest bus stop is Centre, Gruef (buses 19, 31, and CSB), just a few metres walk from the square.

Hamilius on Boulevard Royal is the nearest tram stop, about a 6 min walk away.

A walk from Luxembourg’s main railway station will take you about 16 min.

The Square is one of the stops on our walking tour of Luxembourg’s old town that guides you around the key historic sites of the city.

What people say about Place Guillaume II

July 2022
VERY USEFUL as luxembourg is quite small and public transport with trams very good so all you need is the app and you have the best guide in your mobile phone.
July 2022
I think this tour is around 15km long depending on your route. Some stops are hard to see on the map, but if you use google maps you should be fine. The tour is definitely not for elderly, children or disabled people as it goes up and downhill. You do see everything Luxembourg has to offer. However, if you’re not interested in museums this is nog for you as it passes all of them. The storyteller is obsessed with heels which is quite annoying. If you did the tour you’ll know what I mean!

FAQ about Place Guillaume II

  • Palais Grand-Ducal

  • Place d'Armes 

  • Gëlle Fra

  • Villa Vauban - Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxembourg

  • Casemates du Bock

  • Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

  • Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History

Access to the square is free.