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Explorers must not miss the natural allure of the Umpqua Riverfront, the educational Douglas County Museum, and the Wildlife Safari for an up-close encounter with exotic animals. Each landmark offers a unique aspect of Roseburg's vibrant character.
Kids will enjoy the interactive experiences at the Wildlife Safari, the fun-filled Stewart Park with its playgrounds and open spaces, and the hands-on learning at the Douglas County Museum.
Outdoor enthusiasts should visit Stewart Park, fish or raft on the Umpqua River, and hike in the Umpqua National Forest, which features breathtaking trails and hot springs.
Visitors can take advantage of the Douglas County Museum for a cultural and historical exploration, visit the local art galleries, or enjoy wine tasting tours at the Umpqua Valley's many wineries.
Top-rated tours include the Historic Downtown walk, winery tours in Umpqua Valley, and the Roseburg architectural and historic homes audio tours for an enriching glimpse into the city's past and present.
The Douglas County Museum stands out as a popular destination with its extensive artifacts and exhibits on regional history and natural history, attracting visitors of all ages.
For rainy days, consider the Douglas County Museum tour or a winery tour, both offering indoor environments perfect for avoiding the wet weather without sacrificing the Roseburg experience.
Short and sweet tours in Roseburg include a quick walkthrough of the city's Historic Downtown, brief immersive experiences at local galleries, or a swift visit to a family-owned winery for a tasting session.

Best Things to Do In Roseburg

Embark on a memorable adventure in Roseburg, equipped with insightful audio tours that unveil the city's finest treasures.

Roseburg: Discovery Garden

What is it?
An enchanting garden featuring a collection of plants and educational displays.
Why you should go?
Located within the River Forks Park, the Discovery Garden is a botanical paradise that entices gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It's one of the best Roseburg excursions for those seeking inspiration or simply a peaceful stroll through beautifully manicured landscapes. The garden offers thematic sections, including a Butterfly Garden and a Children's Garden, each designed to educate and delight visitors. This horticultural gem adds a dash of floral splendor to the palette of Roseburg activities.

Roseburg: Winchester Dam Fish Ladder

What is it?
An impressive fish ladder that enables aquatic wildlife to navigate the Winchester Dam.
Why you should go?
The Winchester Dam Fish Ladder adds an unexpected but fascinating stop on your exploration of Roseburg. Here, visitors have the chance to witness the natural perseverance of fish species as they migrate upstream. This attraction is a testament to the region's commitment to ecological preservation and provides an insightful look into the lives of local fish populations. It's a great representation of the fun things to do in Roseburg, especially for wildlife aficionados and families.

Roseburg: Templin Beach Park

What is it?
A riverside haven with sandy beaches and picnic areas along the Umpqua River.
Why you should go?
Templin Beach Park stands out as a family-friendly and relaxing destination among the places to visit in Roseburg. With its sandy shores and gentle river waters, it's a perfect spot for a day of sunbathing, swimming, or launching a kayak. Picnic facilities and ample green space make it ideal for group gatherings or a serene escape from the bustling city life, showcasing some of the best things to do in Roseburg for outdoor enjoyment.

Roseburg: Umpqua Valley Arts Association

What is it?
A vibrant cultural center that supports and exhibits local and regional art.
Why you should go?
For a dose of culture, the Umpqua Valley Arts Association cannot be missed. As a cornerstone of the artistic community, it provides a platform for countless artists to display their work. The center's galleries, workshops, and art classes offer a rich tapestry of creativity that is essential to understanding the local culture. Engaging with the arts here is undoubtedly one of the enriching things to see in Roseburg, appealing to art lovers and the creatively curious.

Roseburg: Umpqua Hot Springs

What is it?
Natural hot springs located in the Umpqua National Forest offering a tranquil soaking experience.
Why you should go?
Tucked away in the dense forest, the Umpqua Hot Springs are a series of geothermal pools that invite relaxation and contemplation. This natural wonder is one of the most therapeutic Roseburg activities available to visitors seeking rest and rejuvenation. The remote setting adds a sense of adventure, while the panoramic views of the Umpqua River make the experience utterly memorable. These springs are a highlight for those looking to unwind in a peaceful, rustic setting.

Roseburg: Umpqua Riverfront

What is it?
A scenic riverfront space offering leisure and recreational activities.
Why you should go?
Renowned as one of the most picturesque natural settings in the area, the Umpqua Riverfront presents a tranquil retreat for both locals and visitors. Ideal for an afternoon picnic, a leisurely stroll, or a calming fishing session, it epitomizes the best things to do in Roseburg. With opportunities to observe native wildlife and immerse oneself in the lush greenery, this spot is a perfect addition to any Roseburg activities itinerary.

Roseburg: Douglas County Museum

What is it?
A repository of local history, culture, and natural heritage.
Why you should go?
The Douglas County Museum captures the essence of Roseburg's rich history with intriguing exhibits that spotlight the region's cultural development and diverse ecology. Engaging for all ages, visitors undertake an educational voyage through time, making it a leading candidate among things to do in Roseburg. Tailor-made Roseburg tours at this museum enrich visitor's knowledge of the Pacific Northwest, cementing its place as a must-visit location.

Roseburg: Stewart Park

What is it?
An expansive urban park featuring a range of outdoor amenities.
Why you should go?
Stewart Park shines as one of the prime Roseburg excursions for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting a playground, a golf course, and sports facilities, this vibrant locale encourages a myriad of recreational pursuits. Whether it's attending lively summer concerts at the half-shell or enjoying a serene walk, Stewart Park stands out among the fun things to do in Roseburg.

Roseburg: Wildlife Safari

What is it?
A unique drive-through animal park with hundreds of species.
Why you should go?
Experience an extraordinary adventure at Wildlife Safari, where visitors can see exotic animals in an open environment from the comfort of their vehicle. This interactive attraction not only garners interest as one of the exhilarating things to do in Roseburg but also serves as an educational hub for wildlife conservation. Ideal for family Roseburg activities, it's an adventure showcasing the majestic animals of the world, unlike any other in Oregon.

Roseburg: Cooper Creek Reservoir

What is it?
A popular destination for water sports and outdoor activities.
Why you should go?
Nestled in the Umpqua Valley, Cooper Creek Reservoir is a haven for water enthusiasts and a staple among the best Roseburg tours. Visitors can indulge in fishing, kayaking, and swimming in the reservoir's clear waters, or simply enjoy the panoramic views that surround the area. As an idyllic spot for a reprieve from the city, it enhances any list of things to see in Roseburg.

TOP-5 Tours in Roseburg for First-Time Visitors

  • Discover the vibrant heart of the city with our "Historic Downtown" audio guide, highlighting the top things to see in Roseburg for an authentic local experience.
  • Dive into nature's splendor on the "Roseburg Parks and Trails" tour, where the soothing narratives reveal serene places to visit in Roseburg.
  • Indulge in the "Wineries of Umpqua Valley" journey, showcasing what to see in Roseburg for oenophiles and pairing scenic vistas with exquisite tastes.
  • Explore "Roseburg's Architectural Gems" through your headphones, learning about what to do in Roseburg as you admire the city's structural wonders.
  • Uncover the thrilling "Roseburg Historic Homes" audio tour, delineating fun things to do in Roseburg while meandering past charming residences with storied pasts.

Fun things to do in Roseburg with kids

Whether you're navigating the family-friendly paths of the Wildlife Safari or enjoying a leisurely day at Stewart Park, Roseburg brims with activities that captivate children's imaginations. At the Wildlife Safari, youngsters can come face-to-face with free-roaming animals, making it a thrilling educational experience where kids learn about wildlife conservation. Stewart Park, known for its ample play areas and the interactive Discovery Garden, is another cornerstone for family-fun, offering space for kids to run, explore, and engage in outdoor fun. Meanwhile, the Douglas County Museum provides an indoor alternative where interactive exhibits make learning about local history and nature an engaging adventure for curious young minds. These attractions perfectly showcase the variety of Roseburg activities that ensure enjoyable family memories are made.

Things to do in Roseburg with family

Roseburg offers a delightful mix of activities that are sure to enrich any family vacation. The Wildlife Safari, a drive-through animal park, stands as a premier destination, providing an exciting close-up look at wildlife from around the globe, a truly unforgettable educational experience for both kids and adults. For those seeking a blend of recreation and relaxation, Stewart Park is the perfect setting with its playgrounds, duck ponds, and numerous picnic spots, ideal for a day of family bonding under the Oregon sky. Finally, the Douglas County Museum invites families to step into the rich tapestry of the region's past, with hands-on exhibits that make history come alive. Together, these attractions form the cornerstone of family-friendly things to do in Roseburg, ensuring that every visit is filled with joy, learning, and shared discoveries.

Free things to do in Roseburg

Savor the delights of Roseburg without spending a dime at locales that promise enjoyment and enrichment. Dive into the heart of local culture and history at the Douglas County Museum, which offers free admission. It's a treasure trove of stories and artifacts that paint a vivid picture of the area's legacy and natural wonders. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the botanical beauty of the Discovery Garden, located within River Forks Park. This garden is not just a visual treat but also an educational journey through various plant species and themed areas. For those looking to relax outdoors, the picturesque Stewart Park features sprawling green lawneys, scenic walking paths, and play areas that children adore. All these attractions offer the quintessential things to do in Roseburg, catering to visitors who are keen on experiencing the city's charm without the cost.

Cheap things to do in Roseburg

Exploring Roseburg on a budget is both easy and enjoyable with a variety of low-cost attractions that don't skimp on experience. One of the most affordable options is to visit the beautiful parks, like Stewart Park, where recreational activities are plentiful and cost nothing; here, families can enjoy picnics, playgrounds, and picturesque walks at no cost. Additionally, the Roseburg Municipal Golf Course offers a chance for some affordable tee time in a scenic setting, perfect for the casual golfer or those looking to introduce the sport to their families. Winery enthusiasts can take advantage of the many vineyards that offer tastings for a nominal fee in the Umpqua Valley. These vineyards oftentimes also provide free tours, combining affordability with the indulgence of the region's rich wine culture. Embracing these activities can make a visit to Roseburg a delightfully economical adventure.

Things to do in Roseburg for couples

Roseburg offers romantic outings that cater to couples in search of memorable experiences. Begin with a leisurely stroll along the Umpqua Riverfront, where the serene ambiance and picturesque sunsets offer a splendid backdrop for a peaceful walk or picnic. For oenophiles, a day spent exploring the lush vineyards of the Umpqua Valley can't be missed; many wineries offer tastings where couples can sip and savor the local produce amidst the rolling hills. To add a dash of culture, the Umpqua Valley Arts Association hosts a variety of exhibits and events in a charming historic building, providing an artistic escape for creative and curious pairs. These intimate activities are among the best things to do in Roseburg for couples looking to foster connection and create lasting memories in the heart of Oregon.

Things to do in Roseburg at night

As dusk settles in Roseburg, the city unveils a spectrum of nocturnal activities. Immerse in the local performance art scene with an evening at the Umpqua Actors Community Theatre, an intimate venue featuring compelling plays and musicals that captivate night-time audiences. Wine connoisseurs can relish the regional vintages with an after-hours visit to one of the Umpqua Valley's renowned wineries, many of which host evening tastings and events in a romantic setting. For those seeking a more laid-back vibe, the local breweries offer a chance to unwind and sample craft beers. Alternatively, the night sky over Roseburg is a stargazer's dream, with several quiet spots along the Umpqua River or the outskirts of the city providing a perfect backdrop for astrophotography or simply marveling at the constellations. These attractions are sure to fulfill those looking for things to do in Roseburg at night, combining culture, cuisine, and the cosmos.