Things to do in San Anselmo

About San Anselmo

The must-see attractions in San Anselmo include the tranquil and picturesque San Anselmo Creek Park, the historical San Francisco Theological Seminary for its stunning architecture, and the lively Red Hill Shopping Center for local shopping and dining experiences.
For a family-friendly outing, visit Imagination Park with its imaginative play structures, enjoy the educational displays at the Marin Museum of Bicycling, and spend a playful day at Memorial Park, which caters to children with a variety of recreational facilities.
Outdoor enthusiasts should explore the natural beauty of Mount Tamalpais's trails, experience hiking and picnicking at Sorich Ranch Park, and enjoy leisurely strolls through the scenic grounds of the Robson-Harrington House and its expansive garden.
Indoors, one can delve into the town's history at the San Anselmo Historical Museum, or enjoy a show at the Playhouse in San Anselmo. Art and culture seekers can relish the exhibitions at local galleries or participate in events held at the American Legion Log Cabin.
The best San Anselmo tours include a historical walking tour of downtown, a self-guided art trail, and a thematic excursion focusing on the town’s rich bicycling heritage—each offering an immersive experience into different facets of local culture.
The most popular museum in San Anselmo is the Marin Museum of Bicycling, which draws visitors with its captivating exhibits on the history of bicycles and the origin of mountain biking. It's a hub for cyclists and history enthusiasts alike.
On rainy days, visitors can embrace indoor tours such as the San Anselmo Historical Museum visit, gallery hopping to witness local artists' creations, or a cultural experience at the American Legion Log Cabin with its array of indoor community events.
For a quick exploration, the San Anselmo Avenue Historical Plaque Tour offers a brief yet informative glimpse into the town's past, while the Downtown San Anselmo Art Walk provides a fast-paced tour of public art installations, achievable in under an hour.

Best Things to Do In San Anselmo

Explore the quaint beauty of San Anselmo, where a fusion of history, nature, and culture awaits the curious traveler.

San Anselmo: San Francisco Theological Seminary

What is it?
A historic institution boasting stunning architecture and landscapes.
Why you should go?
Nestled amidst the lush greenery of San Anselmo, the San Francisco Theological Seminary is a beacon of spiritual education and striking beauty. With its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and sprawling grounds, it invites reflection and exploration. The seminary's serene ambience and panoramic views create a perfect setting for contemplation or casual strolls. Visit to admire the historic buildings, enjoy the peaceful gardens, and absorb a sense of tranquility that enriches both mind and soul.

San Anselmo: Creek Park

What is it?
A charming park alongside a meandering creek, offering leisurely joys.
Why you should go?
With the gentle babble of the creek and shaded pathways, Creek Park is an ideal spot for a relaxing day out. This green sanctuary blends natural beauty with recreational activities, such as the lively farmers' market and summer movie nights under the stars. It embodies the community vibe of San Anselmo, making it not just a park, but a place where memories are made, where families picnic, and friends gather—truly a hub of local life and leisure.

San Anselmo: Town Hall

What is it?
An iconic civic building serving as the administrative heart of the town.
Why you should go?
San Anselmo's Town Hall is not only a seat of local government but a landmark of civic pride and architectural charm. Its stately presence offers a window into the governing processes and the town's commitment to service and community. The elegant building and its surroundings serve as a frequent backdrop for community events, making it a central point for those interested in the town's affairs and wishing to connect with its storied traditions and public life.

San Anselmo: Red Hill Shopping Center

What is it?
A premier shopping destination blending retail with local charm.
Why you should go?
The Red Hill Shopping Center provides a delightful mix of local boutiques, essential services, and dining options. It’s a bustling hub where shopping goes hand-in-hand with the community experience. Whether looking for unique gifts, fresh local produce, or a cozy spot to dine, this center embodies the congenial spirit of San Anselmo. Visitors can enjoy the convenience of diverse shops while supporting local businesses, making it both a practical and pleasurable stop.

San Anselmo: Mount Tamalpais Cemetery

What is it?
A serene and historic cemetery offering tranquility and reflection.
Why you should go?
Far from a somber place, Mount Tamalpais Cemetery stands as a testament to the reverence of life and memories. Its well-manicured landscapes and poignant monuments offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking solace or a place to honor the past. The cemetery's rolling hills present a scenic view that has captured the hearts of many, making it an unexpected but vital part of exploring San Anselmo’s rich tapestry, its history, and its dedication to remembrance.

San Anselmo: Robson-Harrington House

What is it?
An enchanting historic residence surrounded by vibrant gardens.
Why you should go?
Visitors can immerse themselves in the elegance of early 20th-century architecture at the Robson-Harrington House. Now serving as a park and community center, this former estate enchants with its beautifully maintained garden, period features, and a serene atmosphere that captures the essence of San Anselmo's heritage. It stands as an ideal starting point for tourists seeking an intimate glimpse into the town's allure and serves as a testament to San Anselmo's dedication to preserving its historical narrative.

San Anselmo: Imagination Park

What is it?
A playful and creative outdoor space for all ages.
Why you should go?
Imagination Park offers a slice of whimsy and relaxation in San Anselmo's downtown. With its interactive sculptures and inviting landscape, this park ignites creativity and offers a welcoming spot for community gatherings. It highlights the town's commitment to public spaces that foster joy, leisure, and the arts. Unwind amidst the sculptures or enjoy an impromptu picnic while soaking in the local vibe—Imagination Park is a must-visit for those looking to meld play with cultural appreciation.

San Anselmo: Marin Museum of Bicycling

What is it?
A treasure trove of bicycle history and mountain biking heritage.
Why you should go?
The Marin Museum of Bicycling serves as a hub for cycle enthusiasts and history buffs alike. It presents a thorough chronicle of the bicycle's evolution and the birth of mountain biking — a sport that has deep roots in the area. As an institution dedicated to education and enjoyment, the museum captures the spirit of innovation and adventure that characterizes San Anselmo. Engaging exhibits and passionate docents ensure a memorable experience that pedals back through time.

San Anselmo: San Anselmo Creek

What is it?
A tranquil natural resource running through the town.
Why you should go?
San Anselmo Creek is a testament to the town's idyllic natural landscapes. As a centerpiece of the local environment, the creek offers a serene pathway for walkers and nature lovers. Its gentle waters and lush surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for contemplation or light-hearted exploration. It's an invitation to explore the more hidden, yet intrinsically charming, aspects of San Anselmo's outdoor experiences, offering a peaceful respite from the everyday hustle and bustle.

San Anselmo: American Legion Log Cabin

What is it?
A historic log cabin venue steeped in community and tradition.
Why you should go?
The American Legion Log Cabin stands as a monument to San Anselmo's storied past and vibrant community spirit. Originally built by veterans, today it hosts a variety of events, from lively gatherings to educational seminars, embodying the town's collaborative ethos. The cabin itself is an architectural curiosity, and it provides a unique setting for visitors to experience local customs, celebrations, and the collective memory that San Anselmo holds dear. This storied edifice is a captivating stop for those drawn to the heart of community life.

TOP-5 tours in San Anselmo for first time visitors

  • Embark on a historical journey through the heart of San Anselmo, where the town's past comes to life, narrating stories of its charming downtown and landmarks.
  • Delve into the scenic wonders of the region with a nature-themed San Anselmo excursion, highlighting the lush parks and tranquil outdoor spots perfect for relaxation.
  • Discover what to do in San Anselmo with a culinary adventure, introducing the town's delectable flavors and local dining secrets that satisfy every foodie's palate.
  • Uncover the fun things to do in San Anselmo for art enthusiasts with a tour focused on the vibrant art scene including galleries and public art installations.
  • Experience the best San Anselmo tours designed for families, offering engaging stories and activities to spark the interest of all ages in the historical context of the town.

Fun things to do in San Anselmo with kids

Nestled in the scenic Marin County, San Anselmo offers an array of family-friendly activities that are perfect for visitors traveling with kids. Begin with a visit to Imagination Park, where little ones can unleash their creativity with interactive sculptures and a delightful playground. This vibrant space encourages playtime in a whimsical setting. For an educational twist, the Marin Museum of Bicycling is a must-see attraction. Children are thrilled by the colorful history of bicycles, and they might even be inspired to take up a new hobby themselves. Lastly, no trip to San Anselmo with kids would be complete without spending time at the Memorial Park. Featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, and ample open space, it’s an ideal spot for the whole family to enjoy sporting activities, al fresco dining, or simply soaking in the Californian sun.

Things to do in San Anselmo with family

San Anselmo, a hidden gem in Marin County, is brimming with family-oriented attractions that cater to a variety of interests. Families can start their adventure at the picturesque Sorich Ranch Park, offering trails that meander through lush landscapes perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting. Children with a penchant for storytelling will enjoy the historic San Anselmo Library’s frequent family events, including story times and educational workshops. The library provides a cozy haven of learning and imagination for all ages. For an afternoon of active fun, the Millennium Playground stands out with its innovative play structures designed to inspire and entertain, making it a favorite amongst local and visiting families. This playground is not just a recreational facility but a place where children's imaginations can soar as they climb, swing, and explore the well-designed spaces.

Free things to do in San Anselmo

Venturing through San Anselmo unlocks a multitude of experiences that speak to the heart without stretching the wallet. Visitors can engage in a self-guided tour around the San Anselmo Historical Museum, which offers a deep dive into the rich tapestry of the town's past, housed in a charming historical building. For nature enthusiasts, Creekside Park provides a tranquil setting where families can revel in the great outdoors, with ample opportunities to spot local flora and fauna or enjoy a relaxing picnic by the water. Art lovers will be drawn to the various public art installations dotted throughout the town, showcasing the vibrant creativity of the local art scene. These installations offer a unique way to experience San Anselmo’s cultural landscape at one’s own pace. Each of these attractions presents a way for visitors to enjoy the serene charm and cultural richness of San Anselmo free of charge.

Cheap things to do in San Anselmo

Discovering San Anselmo's charm doesn't require a hefty budget. One of the top economical activities is exploring the San Anselmo Downtown area, where visitors can enjoy the historic architecture and quaint shops without spending a dime, simply soaking up the local ambiance. Another cost-effective attraction is taking in the serene beauty of the San Anselmo Creek, which offers a picturesque setting for a leisurely walk or a family-friendly nature hunt at no cost. For those interested in the arts, the town often hosts low-priced or donation-based events at the San Anselmo Art & Culture Commission, where art exhibitions and performances can be enjoyed by the whole family. These activities give visitors an affordable yet enriching experience, showcasing the best of San Anselmo while keeping expenses minimal.

Things to do in San Anselmo for couples

Couples seeking a romantic escape in San Anselmo will find a variety of charming activities. Begin with a peaceful stroll along the meandering paths of Sorich Ranch Park, where panoramic views set the stage for unforgettable moments amidst nature's splendor. For a touch of culture, art-loving duos can explore the local galleries, showcasing the works of Bay Area artists, making for an inspiring and intimate afternoon. As the daylight fades, there's nothing quite like watching the sunset from the comfort of a cozy café along San Anselmo Avenue, providing a picturesque end to a day spent exploring. Each of these experiences offers couples the opportunity to create lasting memories while enjoying the unique and intimate attractions of San Anselmo.

Things to do in San Anselmo at night

As the sun sets over San Anselmo, the town unveils its nocturnal charm, offering a variety of activities for night owls. Begin an evening with live entertainment at the Playhouse in San Anselmo, where audiences can enjoy everything from local theater productions to concerts, ensuring a night filled with culture and artistry. Food enthusiasts can then savor the local culinary scene, with downtown eateries offering al fresco dining under the stars, creating the perfect ambiance for a night out. Cap off the evening with a visit to a local tavern or wine bar, where couples and friends can indulge in handcrafted cocktails or a selection of regional wines. These unforgettable experiences highlight the vibrant night-life that makes San Anselmo an enchanting destination after dark.