Things to do in Seaside

About Seaside

Experience Seaside's iconic Promenade along the sandy shores, the educational Seaside Aquarium, and breathtaking views at Ecola State Park for the most memorable visits.
Engage with marine life at Seaside Aquarium, delight in bumper cars and games at Funland Entertainment Center, and savor handmade treats at family-owned candy shops.
Embark on scenic hikes at Ecola State Park, enjoy beach bonfires and volleyball, or take a leisurely bike ride around town for prime outdoor fun.
Explore the rich history at the Seaside Historical Society Museum, roll a strike at the local bowling alley, or immerse in art galleries in downtown Seaside.
Discover Seaside's heritage with the Historical Society Walking Tour, the Ghost Tour for nighttime thrills, or the self-guided Promenade and Public Art Tour.
The Seaside Historical Society Museum stands out with its compelling exhibits, while the Butterfield Cottage gives a glimpse into early 1900s beach life.
Audio tours of historical sites offer enriching experiences indoors or choose a culinary tour for a taste of local flavors without the dampness of outdoor weather.
Short Seaside tours include the fascinating Lewis and Clark Salt Cairn site tour or the delightful Seaside Carousel tour, both under one hour.

Best Things to Do In Seaside

Embark on a journey through Seaside, where coastal charm beckons at every corner for an unforgettable visit.

Seaside: Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail

What is it?
A scenic hiking trail offering spectacular views and a challenging outdoor adventure.
Why you should go?
For an invigorating adventure among the best things to do in Seaside, tackle the Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail. This trail will test your stamina and reward you with stunning vistas of the rugged Pacific coastline. Along the way, you’ll encounter lush rainforest, historic WWII bunkers, and the chance to spot local wildlife. Reaching the viewpoint provides a sense of accomplishment and one of the most breathtaking perspectives in the region. It's a perfect addition to any Seaside excursions offering natural beauty and a touch of history.

Seaside: Carousel Mall

What is it?
An enchanting indoor shopping center with a classic carousel at its heart.
Why you should go?
Carousel Mall is not just another shopping venue; it’s one of the fun things to do in Seaside for visitors of all ages. The mall's vintage carousel is a nostalgic centerpiece where kids and the young at heart can enjoy a whimsical ride. Additionally, a variety of unique shops offer everything from local crafts to gourmet treats, making it an excellent spot for finding souvenirs. Whether to shop, dine, or simply revel in the mall's jovial atmosphere, a visit here is sure to add a dose of joy to your Seaside itinerary.

Seaside: Gearhart Beach

What is it?
A serene beach destination perfect for relaxation and wildlife observation.
Why you should go?
Offering a more tranquil beach experience, Gearhart Beach is a contender for the best things to do in Seaside for visitors seeking peace and natural splendor. Known for its vast stretches of sand and fewer crowds, Gearhart provides a haven for beachcombing, birdwatching, and quiet contemplation by the sea. The beach is also a hotspot for photographers, keen to capture the coastal landscape and the remarkable sunset hues that grace the horizon, making it a must-see location for nature-lovers and those looking for a gentle pace.

Seaside: Seaside Civic & Convention Center

What is it?
A hub for local events, conferences, and community gatherings in the heart of Seaside.
Why you should go?
The Seaside Civic & Convention Center stands as a versatile venue that frequently hosts an array of events, from trade shows to festivals. Visitors looking for a dose of local culture and the opportunity to mingle with residents will find the Center to be a lively and welcoming place. Throughout the year, it showcases the best of Seaside’s community spirit, offering insights into the local fabric that might not be gleaned elsewhere. Attending an event here is among the interesting Seaside activities that provide both entertainment and education.

Seaside: Lewis and Clark Salt Works

What is it?
A historic site commemorating the expedition of Lewis and Clark and their efforts to obtain salt.
Why you should go?
History aficionados looking for what to do in Seaside can step back in time with a visit to the Lewis and Clark Salt Works. This preserved site marks where the famed explorers boiled seawater to replenish their salt supplies, critical for preserving meat. The interpretive signage offers a brief, yet informative glimpse into the challenges faced by the expedition. As part of the rich historical tapestry of the region, a visit here complements any tour of Seaside, connecting the past to the present in a tangible, educational manner.

Seaside: The Seaside Promenade

What is it?
A scenic walkway offering breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline.
Why you should go?
The Seaside Promenade, affectionately known as 'The Prom', is a staple of Seaside excursions. This charming boardwalk stretches along the oceanfront, inviting visitors to stroll, bike, or skate alongside the soothing sounds of rolling waves. Landmarked by the historic Lewis and Clark statue, the Promenade serves as the ideal introduction to the best things to do in Seaside. En route, coffee shops and benches dot the pathway, ensuring a delightful experience filled with moments of seaside serenity.

Seaside: Turnaround at Seaside

What is it?
The centerpiece of Seaside, marking the official end of the Lewis and Clark Trail.
Why you should go?
Sightseers wondering what to do in Seaside should not miss the iconic Turnaround at Seaside. This cultural landmark is not only historically significant but also provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. It's surrounded by attractions and local eateries, making it the perfect pivot point to explore the surrounding areas. Visitors can indulge in photography, enjoy public art, or simply watch the sunset painting the ocean's horizon, making it a highlight among the fun things to do in Seaside.

Seaside: Seaside Aquarium

What is it?
An intimate marine encounter featuring local species and touch tanks.
Why you should go?
Seaside Aquarium stands as one of the places to visit in Seaside, particularly for families and marine life enthusiasts. As one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast, it gives an in-depth look at local aquatic fauna, with interactive touch tanks that allow visitors to get up-close with sea creatures. Their conservation efforts and educational displays offer a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems, elevating the experience from just another tour to a memorable, hands-on learning opportunity.

Seaside: Ecola State Park

What is it?
A natural wonder offering hiking trails, picnic spots, and stunning vistas.
Why you should go?
For nature enthusiasts, Ecola State Park is an unmissable treasure within the list of Seaside activities. Its hiking trails lead visitors through lush forested landscapes to cliffside viewpoints, where some of the most spectacular coastal scenes unfold. The park also boasts access to secluded beaches and coves, perfect for picnicking or simply reveling in the tranquility of nature. Picture-perfect viewpoints make it a staple for the best Seaside tours, capturing the raw beauty of Oregon's coast.

Seaside: Seaside Historical Society Museum

What is it?
A cultural institution preserving the rich history of Seaside and its surrounding areas.
Why you should go?
Delving into the historical narrative of the area, the Seaside Historical Society Museum is among the essential things to see in Seaside for history buffs. Exhibits range from Native American artifacts to pioneer relics, illustrating the evolution of this coastal community. The museum's period rooms and photographs provide a window into the past, while special events and lectures offer further engagement. A tour here is a journey through time, providing context and depth to any visit to Seaside.

TOP-5 tours in Seaside for first time visitors

  • Explore the dynamic Seaside activities with 'Coastal Wonders', an audio tour highlighting the majestic shoreline and engaging beachfront activities unique to the area.
  • Dive into 'Historic Seaside', a tour dedicated to the architecture and storied past of Seaside, perfect for understanding the roots of this enchanting town.
  • 'Culinary Delights of Seaside' offers a savory journey through the best local eateries and markets, showcasing why food is among the top things to do in Seaside.
  • The 'Seaside Art Trail' audio tour captivates creative souls, featuring galleries and installations that represent the best things to see in Seaside's vibrant art scene.
  • Last but not least, 'Nature's Escape' presents an immersive experience into Seaside’s lush parks and natural reserves, a must for your list of what to see in Seaside.

Fun things to do in Seaside with kids

Seaside offers an array of family-friendly attractions that guarantee a memorable experience for children. At the top of the list is the Seaside Carousel, located inside the Carousel Mall. This delightful ride provides a whimsical atmosphere that captivates children's imaginations with brightly colored, handcrafted horses. Just a stone's throw away, the Seaside Aquarium opens a window to ocean life with its touch tanks and charismatic resident seals, making it a hands-on educational spot that's both engaging and fun for young explorers. For a more active adventure, the Funland Entertainment Center boasts classic arcade games, bumper cars, and even a laser tag arena, ensuring endless entertainment for kids and kids at heart. These attractions represent the pinnacle of fun things to do in Seaside with kids, combining the charms of the seaside with engaging and interactive entertainment options.

Things to do in Seaside with family

Seaside beckons families with its eclectic mix of attractions, catering to both young adventurers and adults alike. First on the agenda is the iconic Seaside Aquarium, where interactive exhibits such as seal feeding and touch tank experiences offer an engaging way to learn about marine ecosystems. Next, families can enjoy the great outdoors at Ecola State Park, with its accessible trails and picturesque picnic spots overlooking the picturesque Pacific. Hiking, wildlife viewing, and capturing family photos with breathtaking backdrops are among the favorite Seaside activities here. Lastly, the Seaside Historical Society Museum allows families to step back in time, providing a compelling narrative of the city's heritage and the Oregon coast's history. Interactive displays and child-friendly exhibits make it both an informative and entertaining experience. Together, these destinations create a versatile itinerary for those looking to make lasting family memories in Seaside.

Free things to do in Seaside

Discovering Seaside doesn't have to come with a price tag, as the city offers some fantastic free attractions for visitors. Take a leisurely stroll down the Seaside Promenade, a picturesque stretch by the Pacific Ocean with ample opportunities for sightseeing and people-watching. It's a wonderful spot for experiencing the essence of Seaside's scenic beauty and charm. For those looking to delve into nature, the Tillamook Head Trail awaits. Hikers are rewarded with lush forest scenes and ocean vistas, all without spending a cent. Another must-see is the art and culture walk through Seaside's quaint downtown area, where public art installations and murals tell the story of the town's vibrant community. These free experiences are among the things to do in Seaside, providing plentiful options for exploring and enjoying the city without the need for tickets or tour fees.

Cheap things to do in Seaside

Travelers on a budget will find Seaside a delight, with several affordable attractions that don't skimp on fun. One of the most popular inexpensive things to do in Seaside is visiting the delightful Seaside Aquarium. With a modest entrance fee, families can marvel at local marine life and interact directly with sea creatures. Another cost-effective experience is playing a round of mini-golf at one of Seaside's whimsical courses, offering a fun challenge for all ages at a low cost. Lastly, for those looking for both adventure and value, renting a paddle boat to navigate the calming waters of the Necanicum River provides an engaging and scenic activity that won't break the bank. Seaside offers these attractions and more, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a rich coastal vacation full of memories without substantial expense.

Things to do in Seaside for couples

Seaside, with its enchanting coastal backdrop, is a romantic enclave that offers couples an array of delightful experiences. Begin with a sunset stroll along the Seaside Promenade, where the symphony of crashing waves and the soft hues of dusk create a magical ambiance perfect for hand-in-hand walks. For a memorable and romantic venture, take a scenic drive to nearby Ecola State Park, where panoramic ocean vistas and secluded picnic spots offer a serene couple’s retreat. Culminate the day with a visit to one of Seaside’s local wineries or breweries, where tasting rooms provide the ideal setting to toast to love while savoring the region's finest sips. These intimate attractions not only offer shared memories but also capture the essence of Seaside’s allure for couples in search of both adventure and relaxation.

Things to do in Seaside at night

As the sun sets, Seaside transforms into a vibrant hub for nocturnal fun. Begin your evening with night-time beachcombing along Seaside's expansive shoreline, where the moonlit surf sets a tranquil backdrop for a romantic or meditative walk. As the stars appear, visit the charming downtown district where the twinkling lights guide you to an array of cozy eateries and lively pubs, offering local seafood and craft beverages. Entertainment seekers will revel in the bustling atmosphere of Seaside's arcades and amusement centers, where classic games and friendly competitions add excitement to the coastal night. These attractions offer a variety of experiences that light up the night, ensuring that every traveler can find something to enjoy after dark in Seaside.