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    About Sistine Chapel

    The Sistine Chapel, situated inside the Vatican Museums, is open Monday through Saturday from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. You can also visit it every last Sunday of the month when the museums offer free entry. The chapel is closed on any other Sundays and important Catholic feasts, such as Easter Sunday and Monday or the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29).  

    The Sistine Chapel is crowded with tourists every day, all year round, but tends to be less busy in the afternoon because most organized tourist groups show up in the morning. To catch the quietest time, do not plan your visit for the weekend, and come at 01:00 PM or later. 

    • Look at the stunning ceiling frescoed by Michelangelo

    The Sistine Chapel is famous for its High Renaissance frescoes, and its ceiling is one of the greatest masterpieces of Michelangelo. The ceiling is divided into nine central panels showing scenes from the Book of Genesis, including the Creation of Adam — one of the most recognizable religious paintings of all time. 

    • Explore the altar wall

    In addition to the ceiling, Michelangelo decorated the altar wall. It is fully covered with The Last Judgment fresco inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. You can see the scene of the eternal judgment by God of all humanity, admire the artist's skill, and find many exciting and thought-provoking details.

    • Admire works by other Renaissance masters

    Michelangelo didn't paint the entire chapel. Some 25 years before he started his work, the side walls had been decorated by a team of the leading painters of the early High Renaissance, including Sandro Botticelli and Pietro Perugino. You can see their frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Christ and the life of Moses.  

    The Sistine Chapel is located in the Apostolic Palace, the pope's official residence and part of the Vatican Museums. You can use one of two entrances to the Vatican to get there. The closest one to the museums and chapel is Viale Vaticano, situated on the city's northern side.

    There are several bus stops nearby. You can also take the subway line A to Ottaviano or Crispo station or light rail line 19 to Piazza del Risorgimento.     

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    A ticket for the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums costs €17 (or €21 with online booking) for adults and €8 (€12 with online booking) for children aged 6–18 and students up to 25 with valid IDs. 

    Entry is free for children under 6, ICOM and ICOMOC members, and disabled people with more than 74% certified invalidity, along with one companion. On the last Sunday of each month, admission is free for all visitors.

    FAQ about Sistine Chapel

    The Sistine Chapel, along with Vatican Museums, is one of the top tourist destinations, so it is crucial to reserve your spot in advance. You can easily do it when purchasing the self-guided audio tour on our website. 


    Tickets for the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums become available around two months in advance. You can choose the date and time and book your ticket on our website along with the audio tour.