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Visitors should not miss exploring Tallinn's UNESCO-listed Old Town, climbing the tower at St. Olaf's Church for panoramic views, and visiting the historic Toompea Castle. The picturesque Town Hall Square and the haunting beauty of the Bastion Passages are also essential experiences.
Families can enjoy interactive fun at the Estonian Museum of Natural History, marvel at the creatures at Tallinn Zoo, and partake in hands-on exhibits at the Energy Discovery Centre. These destinations cater to children's curiosity and love for adventure.
Outdoor enthusiasts can stroll or cycle through Kadriorg Park, hike around the vast Pirita promenade, or take a ferry to the tranquil Aegna Island. These activities offer fresh air, scenic views, and a break from the urban pace.
For indoor pursuits, visit the thought-provoking KGB Museum, the contemporary art-filled Kumu Art Museum, and the marvellously detailed Seaplane Harbour. These venues provide cultural enrichment away from the elements.
Top-rated tours include the Old Town Walking Tour, the Cultural Heritage and Architecture Tour, and the Ghost and Legends of Old Town Tour, offering unique insights into Tallinn's past and present.
Among Tallinn's favorite museums are the Kumu Art Museum for its vast collection of Estonian art, the interactive Seaplane Harbour, and the historic Estonian History Museum in the Great Guild Hall.
Enjoy rainy days exploring the Tallinn TV Tower, the fascinating Estonian Maritime Museum, or dive into history with the in-depth Tallinn Legends interactive museum experience.
Ideal short tours include the Town Hall Tower Climb, a quick stroll through the Masters' Courtyard for handicrafts, and the engaging Marzipan Room visit at the Kalev Chocolate Shop.

Best Things to Do In Tallinn

Unlock the medieval mysteries and modern marvels of Tallinn with our curated selection of must-see attractions.

Tallinn: Tallinn Television Tower

What is it?
Estonia's tallest structure, offering panoramic views and a rich history.
Why you should go?
Not just an impressive telecommunications tower, the Tallinn Television Tower is a beacon of freedom that played a significant role in the country's history, particularly during the Soviet period. Standing at 314 meters, it offers unrivaled views of the city and beyond. The interactive exhibitions and the chance to step onto the open viewing platform make it a thrilling visit for anyone wanting to stand tall above the Baltic skyline and learn about the story of Estonia's independence.

Tallinn: Town Wall Walkway

What is it?
A well-preserved remnant of Tallinn's medieval defensive structures.
Why you should go?
The ancient Town Wall Walkway gives visitors a tangible connection to Tallinn's storied past. Walking along the battlements, one can imagine the city's former life, defending against invaders. The wall, with its towers and arches, provides an insightful look into medieval engineering and offers one of the best perspectives of the Old Town from its elevated walkway. It's an essential experience for those wanting to combine activity with historical exploration.

Tallinn: Rotermann Quarter

What is it?
A vibrant mix of historic industrial buildings and modern architectural additions.
Why you should go?
The Rotermann Quarter is the epicenter of Tallinn's modern renaissance, intertwining the city's industrial heritage with contemporary design. This district is perfect for leisurely walks among striking structures, stylish shops, and innovative eateries. Its transformation from old factory grounds to a fashionable urban space is a testament to Tallinn's forward-thinking evolution and offers a unique perspective on the city's dynamic growth.

Tallinn: Pirita Beach

What is it?
(An expansive sandy beach popular for its scenic views and recreational opportunities.)
Why you should go?
Refreshing sea breezes and the sound of waves define the serene Pirita Beach, offering a different side of Tallinn's charm. As the city's largest beach, it's an idyllic spot for sunbathing, swimming, or simply enjoying a sunset. With pine forests nearby and facilities for sports, it's a natural haven for relaxation and activity only a short distance from the city center. Whether it's for a full day or just an evening, Pirita Beach offers a respite from urban exploration.

Tallinn: Great Guild Hall

What is it?
An historic Guild Hall now serving as the Estonian History Museum.
Why you should go?
(Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, the Great Guild Hall encapsulates centuries of Tallinn's mercantile history. Presently, as the Estonian History Museum, it provides a fascinating journey from medieval times to the modern day through its comprehensive exhibits. The building itself, with its gabled roof and grand halls, is a remarkable example of Gothic architecture in Estonia, making it a dual attraction for those interested in both history and architectural beauty.)

Tallinn: St. Catherine's Passage

What is it?
A quaint and historic walkway lined with artisan workshops and medieval architecture.
Why you should go?
St. Catherine's Passage offers an intimate glimpse into Tallinn's medieval past and is a must for those searching for authentic, handcrafted goods. It's a hidden gem where the cobblestones echo the footsteps of artisans and merchants of bygone eras. Venture through this narrow lane to watch artisans at work, creating glassware, ceramics, and handicrafts. The passage encapsulates the essence of Old Town's charm and heritage, making it an unforgettable stop on your Tallinn journey.

Tallinn: Patarei Sea Fortress Prison

What is it?
A potent historical monument serving as a museum, capturing the essence of its somber past.
Why you should go?
For history enthusiasts, Patarei Sea Fortress Prison is one of the most striking things to see in Tallinn. This former military barracks, turned prison, stands as a stark testament to the darker chapters of Estonia's history. Today, it’s an evocative museum that allows visitors to walk through the original cells and execution room, offering a truly haunting and educative experience that honors the memories of its past inmates.

Tallinn: Tallinn Skywheel

What is it?
An observation wheel that offers spectacular city and sea views from the top.
Why you should go?
For breathtaking panoramic views of Tallinn and its surroundings, the Tallinn Skywheel at T1 Mall is a not-to-be-missed attraction. Couples, families, and friends alike can enjoy a serene ride above the city, spotting landmarks and taking in the sweeping vistas. It's a moment of tranquility away from the hustle of city life and an opportunity to capture postcard-worthy photographs.

Tallinn: Museum of the Occupation of Estonia

What is it?
A museum depicting the country’s experiences under Nazi and Soviet occupations.
Why you should go?
The Museum of the Occupation of Estonia provides an insightful look into the country's 20th-century history, marked by foreign rule and the resilient struggle for independence. Through personal accounts, artifacts, and multimedia exhibits, visitors gain a profound understanding of the impact of occupation on the nation's spirit and the journey to regain its sovereignty. It's a moving and educational experience not to be overlooked.

Tallinn: Tallinn Botanic Garden

What is it?
Over 120 hectares of greenhouses and outdoor beds featuring plants from around the world.
Why you should go?
Immerse in nature at the Tallinn Botanic Garden, a peaceful retreat showcasing a rich collection of global flora. Botany enthusiasts and those seeking a serene escape will find the beautifully arranged plant exhibitions, themed gardens, and tranquil pathways an enchanting experience. Seasonal events and workshops also offer a deeper engagement with the verdant surroundings, making it ideal for a relaxed outing.

TOP-5 tours in Tallinn for first time visitors

  • Embark on the Old Town Tour, a journey through the heart of Tallinn, featuring the history-laden Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the Town Hall Square.
  • The Kalamaja District Tour leads you on a walk through a bohemian neighborhood, renowned for its colorful wooden houses and the buzzing Telliskivi Creative City.
  • Explore Kadriorg Park with our tour that showcases the splendor of Peter the Great's baroque palace and the elegance of the surrounding manicured gardens and swan pond.
  • Discover Tallinn's maritime heritage with the Seaplane Harbour Tour, including the eponymous museum and the historic ships at the harbor.
  • Dive into culture with the Tallinn Art Scene Tour, featuring visits to the Kumu Art Museum and numerous galleries, ideal for art enthusiasts and curious minds.

Fun things to do in Tallinn with kids

For a family adventure, Tallinn offers a treasure trove of kid-friendly activities that are sure to entertain and educate. The Tallinn Zoo, located in the verdant Veskimetsa parkland, showcases an array of exotic creatures from around the globe, making it a must-visit for animal-loving families. The interactive exhibits and play areas make learning about wildlife fun for all ages. Adventure seekers can head to the SkyPark, an outdoor trampoline center that promises high-flying excitement and challenging obstacle courses, ensuring hours of active play. Meanwhile, the Estonian Museum of Natural History provides an engaging escape into the wonders of nature with its diverse displays, from prehistoric fossils to the secrets of deep-sea creatures, offering an enthralling educational experience for curious minds. Each of these attractions in Tallinn presents a unique way for families to create memorable experiences while fostering a sense of discovery and joy among children.

Things to do in Tallinn with family

Tallinn is a splendid destination for families, combining the allure of historical exploration with engaging activities for all ages. The Estonian Open Air Museum offers a journey back to rural Estonia with its historical farmsteads and workshops, providing a hands-on cultural experience amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. Children and adults alike can enjoy traditional Estonian games and crafts here. A visit to the Science Centre AHHAA provides endless entertainment with its interactive exhibits that spark curiosity about science and technology in an entertaining environment, making education a delight. For a touch of natural beauty, the Kadriorg Park is a picturesque locale, where families can wander through ornate gardens, visit the swan pond and enjoy the playgrounds. Kadriorg also houses a children's museum, the Miiamilla, nestled in an enchanting building designed just for kids. Together, these attractions make Tallinn a wonderful setting for a family holiday packed with fun and discovery.

Free things to in Tallinn

Visitors to Tallinn can enjoy a variety of activities without spending a cent, making it an ideal destination for the budget-conscious traveler. Wander through the medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its well-preserved streets and buildings exuding history at every turn. Take a selfie with the picturesque backdrop of colorful merchant houses and the historic Town Hall. For nature lovers, the sprawling green expanse of Kadriorg Park is perfect for a leisurely stroll, a family picnic, or simply relaxing by the flowerbeds and watching swans glide across the pond. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the rotating series of free exhibitions at the Tallinn Art Hall, showcasing contemporary Estonian and international art. Each of these attractions showcases the best of Tallinn's rich culture and history, ensuring visitors can create lasting memories without opening their wallets.

Cheap things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn caters to those on a budget without compromising on the quality or excitement of new experiences. Start with a visit to the Balti Jaam Market, an eclectic marketplace offering affordable local goods, fresh produce, and intriguing antiques. Foodies can savor inexpensive local delicacies here while soaking in the unique atmosphere. Continue to enrich your cultural understanding at the Tallinn Museum of Photography, which demands only a modest entrance fee. Housed in a historical prison, it showcases captivating exhibitions demonstrating Estonia's photographic evolution. Wrap up your budget-friendly tour by visiting the St. Olaf's Church; for a few euros, you can climb the spiraling staircase to the top of the church tower and witness an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the city. Each attraction allows visitors to deeply engage with the local way of life and history, ensuring a visit to Tallinn is unforgettable yet affordable.

Things to do in Tallinn for couples

Tallinn's romantic atmosphere is perfect for couples seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation. Embark on a stroll through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, where history-rich architecture and cozy candlelit cafes create a fairy-tale-like setting. Punctuate the walk with a visit to one of the many panoramic viewpoints, such as Kohtuotsa, offering spectacular cityscape views that make for unforgettable memories and photos. For a cultural outing, enjoy an intimate concert at the House of Blackheads, where classical music fills the grandeur of historic halls. Alternatively, savor a laid-back afternoon in the serene Kadriorg Park, where lovebirds can wander around the flower beds and pond before admiring the art collections at the Kadriorg Art Museum. Each of these attractions provides a setting for couples to experience Tallinn's unique blend of medieval charm and tranquil beauty.

Things to do in Tallinn at night

When the sun sets, Tallinn's evening charm emerges. Couples and solo adventurers can begin their nocturnal exploration at the Old Town, which transforms into a scene from a medieval fairytale under the soft glow of street lamps. Take in the gothic silhouettes of church spires and historic landmarks, all exceptionally picturesque by night. For entertainment, visit the bustling Telliskivi Creative City, the heart of Tallinn's hip nightlife scene. Here, visitors can enjoy a blend of innovative restaurants, unique bars, and live music venues that showcase local talent. Culture vultures should not miss a performance at the Estonian National Opera; from grand operas to delicate ballets, the opulent setting provides a sophisticated evening out. Each venue and street in Tallinn offers a unique nocturnal charm, giving visitors a variety of ways to enjoy the city after dark.