Tickets to the Thanks-Giving Square

About Thanks-Giving Square

The Garden of the Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, is open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The Chapel of Thanks-Giving is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The best time to visit the Thanks-Giving Square is in the morning to avoid any crowds, as it may get busy later in the afternoon when the working people from the surrounding office buildings get off. 

Schedule about 30 minutes to come over to the serene Thanks-Giving Square.

  • Discover the tranquil square in the middle of the skyscrapers

See how Dallas's Thanks-Giving Square stands out from the concrete and glass of highrises because of its sunken design and thoughtful landscape.

  • Admire the supernatural exterior of the Thanks-Giving Chapel

The top draw of the Thanks-Giving Square is the spiraling Chapel of Thanksgiving. This white structure mimics the ancient spiral of life, and its shape rises as the human spirit reaches upwards.

  • Climb the 100-foot bridge over the Square to get to the Chapel

See the water flows of the Great Fountain, the Bell tower, and the Ring of Thanks from above. Notice a mosaic rendering of the iconic Golden Rule illustration by Norman Rockwell. All the fixtures express unity matched with the diversity of faiths and traditions.

  • Take in the interior of the interfaith Thanks-Giving Chapel

Enter the inner space free of religious symbolism and marvel at the curving stained glass ceiling with the magnificent Glory Window fragment at its top. The color palette of the pieces is as diverse as life is, with its hardships and joys.

  • Feel the gratitude as you explore the Thanks-Giving Square

Experience the architecture and spirit of the urban space dedicated to Thanksgiving.

The Thanks-Giving Square is located at the corner of Bryan Street and Pacific Avenue in downtown Dallas, just two blocks away from Main Street. It can be easily reached by foot.

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FAQ about Thanks-Giving Square

The Thanks-Giving Square is a public space, so the entrance there is free.