Things to do in Livingston, TX

Located in East Texas, Livingston is a charming city that is full of history and outdoor recreational opportunities. If you're planning a trip to this area, be sure to check out these top 8 things to do in Livingston, TX.

Lake Livingston State Park

What is it?
Lake Livingston State Park is a beautiful state park located in Polk County, Texas. The park sits on the shores of Lake Livingston, which is a large reservoir that covers more than 90,000 acres. The park offers visitors a variety of recreational activities, including camping, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing.

Why should you go?
Lake Livingston State Park is a great place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts and families. There are a variety of activities to choose from, including fishing, boating, and swimming. The lake is stocked with several species of fish, including largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie, making it a popular spot for anglers. The park also offers boat rentals, so visitors can explore the lake by kayak, canoe, or motorboat.

For those who prefer to stay on land, Lake Livingston State Park has several hiking trails that wind through the park's forests and along the shoreline of the lake. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, armadillos, raccoons, and several species of birds, making it a great place for wildlife viewing.

Polk County Memorial Museum

What is it?
The Polk County Memorial Museum is a historical museum located in Livingston, Texas. It was founded in 1968 to preserve the history of Polk County and the surrounding area. The museum is housed in the historic First National Bank building, which was built in 1923.

The museum features exhibits on the history of the area, including displays on the Native American tribes that once lived in the region, early explorers and settlers, and the development of the timber and oil industries in the area. There are also exhibits on the Civil War and World War II, as well as on the history of transportation in Polk County.

Why should you go?
If you are interested in history or want to learn more about the local area, the Polk County Memorial Museum is a must-visit destination. The museum's exhibits are well-curated and informative, and the historic building that houses the museum is worth seeing in its own right.

Visitors can also take advantage of the museum's research library, which contains a wealth of historical information and resources. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and are always happy to answer questions and provide additional information.

Pedigo Park

What is it?
Pedigo Park is a beautiful recreational area located in the heart of Livingston, Texas. The park is spread over an area of 30 acres and is well-known for its greenery, walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities.

Why should you go?
Pedigo Park is an ideal destination for families, couples, and friends who are looking to spend some quality time outdoors. The park offers a variety of activities for people of all ages, such as basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts. If you're in the mood for a peaceful walk, the park has a scenic walking trail that takes you around the park and offers picturesque views of the lake and surrounding areas.

The park also has several playgrounds and picnic areas, which make it a great spot for families with young children. There are plenty of shaded areas and picnic tables where you can relax, enjoy a meal, and soak up the natural beauty of the park.

In addition to its recreational facilities, Pedigo Park is also home to the annual "Music in the Park" event, which takes place every summer and features live music, food vendors, and a variety of family-friendly activities. The event is a great way to enjoy the park's natural beauty and vibrant community spirit.

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Escape & Paint

What is it?
Escape & Paint is a unique attraction located in Livingston, Texas, that offers a fun and creative experience for both locals and visitors. This activity involves participants trying to solve puzzles and escape from a room while also painting a canvas.

Why should you go?
Escape rooms are a popular form of entertainment, and Escape & Paint takes this concept to the next level by adding a painting component. The goal is to complete the escape room challenge while also painting a pre-selected canvas. This adds an extra level of creativity to the experience and provides a unique souvenir to take home.

Escape & Paint offers a variety of themed rooms to choose from, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles to solve. The rooms range from a spooky haunted house to a festive Christmas-themed room.

One of the main reasons to visit Escape & Paint is the opportunity to have fun with friends or family. It's a great way to bond over a shared experience and create lasting memories. The combination of escape room challenges and painting makes for a fun and engaging activity that everyone can enjoy.

Another reason to visit Escape & Paint is the affordability of the experience. The cost per person is reasonable, making it an excellent option for those on a budget. Additionally, the facility is well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

Rainbow's End RV Park

What is it?
Rainbow's End RV Park is a family-friendly campground located in Livingston, Texas. It offers a range of accommodation options, including RV sites, cabins, and tent sites, and features a range of amenities for guests to enjoy.

Why should you go?
If you're looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway, Rainbow's End RV Park is an excellent choice. The park is surrounded by natural beauty, including mature trees, a pond, and walking trails, which provide a tranquil setting for guests to enjoy. There are also plenty of activities available on-site, including swimming, fishing, horseshoes, and volleyball, as well as a playground and game room for children.

The RV sites are spacious and well-maintained, with full hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits. The cabins offer a cozy and comfortable stay, with air conditioning, kitchens, and private bathrooms. For those who prefer tent camping, there are sites available with water and electric hookups.

Rainbow's End RV Park also hosts events and activities throughout the year, including potluck dinners, bingo nights, and holiday celebrations. The friendly and welcoming staff go out of their way to ensure guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay.

The Alabama Ice House

What is it?
The Alabama Ice House is a popular bar and grill located in Livingston, Texas. The establishment is housed in a historic building that was once an ice house, hence its name. The building has been renovated to create a casual and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment.

Why should you go?
If you're looking for a fun night out with friends or family, the Alabama Ice House is a great option. They offer a wide selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as delicious bar food like burgers, wings, and nachos. The outdoor seating area is particularly popular, with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the beautiful Texas weather.

In addition to its food and drink offerings, the Alabama Ice House hosts regular events and live music performances. It's a great place to catch a local band or check out up-and-coming musicians. The friendly and laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular spot for both locals and visitors to the area.

The Old City Cemetery

What is it?
The Old City Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in the heart of Livingston, Texas. It was established in the mid-19th century and was the primary burial site for the area until the 20th century. The cemetery features a wide range of headstones, grave markers, and monuments that reflect the diverse cultural heritage of the region.

Why should you go?
Visiting The Old City Cemetery can be a unique and interesting experience for those interested in history and genealogy. The cemetery features graves of local pioneers, Confederate soldiers, and notable figures from the community's past. The headstones and markers offer insight into the styles and customs of different eras, and visitors can learn about the lives and stories of the people buried there.

In addition to its historical significance, the cemetery is also a peaceful and scenic place to walk and reflect. It is well-maintained and features mature trees, seasonal flowers, and a variety of wildlife. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or join one of the cemetery's guided tours, which are offered periodically throughout the year. The cemetery is open to the public during daylight hours and is free to visit.

C & M Blueberry Farm

What is it?
C & M Blueberry Farm is a family-owned farm located in Livingston, Texas that specializes in growing and selling blueberries. The farm has been in operation for over 15 years and has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Why should you go?
C & M Blueberry Farm is a great place to visit for anyone who loves fresh, juicy blueberries. Visitors can pick their own berries during the growing season, which typically runs from mid-May to mid-July. The farm also sells pre-picked blueberries and a variety of homemade blueberry products, including jams, jellies, and baked goods.

In addition to blueberry picking and shopping, C & M Blueberry Farm offers a variety of family-friendly activities. Children can enjoy the farm's playground, hayrides, and a petting zoo with goats, rabbits, and chickens. The farm also hosts special events throughout the year, including a blueberry festival and a pumpkin patch in the fall.

C & M Blueberry Farm is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Texas countryside while picking delicious and healthy blueberries. It's a fun activity for families, couples, and groups of friends who are looking for a unique and memorable experience.

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