Things to do in Andratx

About Andratx

Visitors should not miss the CCA Andratx Art Centre, the historic Son Mas building, and the scenic overlooks of Mirador Ricardo Roca. The bustling weekly markets and the tranquil beach of Camp de Mar are also essential for an authentic Andratx experience.
The CCA Andratx Art Centre offers interactive art experiences, while Sa Dragonera Natural Park provides educational outdoor adventures. Families will also enjoy the kid-friendly beach and calm waters of Sant Elm.
Hiking the trails to La Trapa Monastery, exploring the picturesque S'Arracó Valley, and enjoying water activities in Port d'Andratx are among the best outdoor experiences. The Botanicactus Garden also presents a vibrant outdoor exploration.
For indoor leisure, visitors can enjoy art exhibitions at the CCA Andratx Art Centre, explore the Andratx Municipal Museum within Son Mas, or partake in a wine tasting session at one of the local vineyards.
The best Andratx tours include guided walks through the historic town center, art-themed tours at CCA Andratx Art Centre, and sailing excursions along the coastline. Culinary tours sampling local gastronomy are also highly recommended.
CCA Andratx Art Centre is the most popular museum in the area, known for its contemporary artworks and cultural events. The Liedtke Museum is also a favorite for its blend of art and natural philosophy.
For rainy days, consider the indoor art tours at CCA Andratx Art Centre, a cultural escape to Son Mas for its museum and events, or sampling local wines at a cozy vineyard wine-tasting tour.
Quick tours in Andratx include a brief exploration of the local farmer's market, a succinct walk around Port d'Andratx, or a condensed visit to a nearby historical site like the Church of Santa Maria.

Best Things to Do In Andratx

Explore the charm of Andratx with our self-guided audio tours, highlighting can't-miss attractions and hidden gems.

Andratx: Liedtke Museum

What is it?
A unique art museum with a focus on the philosophy of art and nature.
Why you should go?
The Liedtke Museum is more than just an exhibit space; it's an exploration of the interplay between art, science, and the natural landscape. Nestled on the coastline, the museum's architecture harmoniously blends with the surrounding geography, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean. With its thought-provoking installations and reflective ambiance, visitors are invited to contemplate the connection between creativity and the cosmos. Its distinctive approach to showcasing art and philosophy makes it a standout option for those pondering what to do in Andratx for an intellectually stimulating experience.

Andratx: Monastery of La Trapa

What is it?
Historic monastery ruins set amongst breathtaking mountain scenery.
Why you should go?
The Monastery of La Trapa stands as a silent sentinel to history, perched in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. The ruins evoke a sense of contemplative solitude and offer hikers a place for quiet reflection amidst natural splendor. The trek to this site is as rewarding as the destination itself, with opportunities to witness local flora and fauna along the way. A visit to La Trapa is one of the best Andratx tours for those who appreciate the combination of cultural history and outdoor adventure.

Andratx: Weekly Market

What is it?
A vibrant open-air market featuring a rich array of local products and crafts.
Why you should go?
The Andratx Weekly Market is a bustling hub of activity and local tradition, bringing together farmers, artisans, and merchants. Here, visitors can savor authentic Mallorcan foods, shop for artisan crafts, and mingle with friendly locals. The market serves as a colorful window into the island's culture and is an ideal place for those searching for things to see in Andratx that provide an immersive cultural experience. It's a weekly highlight that combines the joy of shopping with the pleasure of cultural exploration.

Andratx: Sant Elm

What is it?
A charming coastal village known for its clear waters and family-friendly beaches.
Why you should go?
Sant Elm is a quintessential Mediterranean treasure, boasting some of the clearest waters on the island and sandy shores perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The laid-back vibe of the village makes it an enticing choice for those seeking relaxation and an escape from busier tourist spots. With captivating views of Dragonera Island and superb seafood restaurants along the promenade, Sant Elm encapsulates fun things to do in Andratx for families and beach lovers alike.

Andratx: Castle of Son Mas

What is it?
Formerly a fortified residence, now an emblematic cultural venue and vantage point.
Why you should go?
Although Son Mas currently serves as the town's administrative center, the castle's roots reach deep into the past. Visitors are welcomed by the imposing structure that houses a public art space, and its hilltop location provides unparalleled views of Andratx and the surrounding countryside. The history, combined with the castle's architectural grace, makes it a must-see landmark for those exploring the heritage and beauty of Andratx. It stands out as a cultural keystone amidst the Andratx activities on offer.

Andratx: CCA Andratx Art Centre

What is it?
An innovative cultural center and exhibition space in the heart of Andratx.
Why you should go?
CCA Andratx Art Centre stands as a beacon of contemporary art within Andratx, hosting an array of captivating exhibitions and artistic endeavors. With its expansive collection, the centre enables visitors to immerse in cutting-edge art within a serene Mediterranean setting. Providing a platform for both established and emerging artists, this art centre is an essential visit for art aficionados and those curious about the latest in creative expression. The experience offers a deep dive into the vibrant art scene, making it one of the most enlightening places to visit in Andratx.

Andratx: Sa Dragonera Natural Park

What is it?
A majestic natural park encompassing the uninhabited islet of Sa Dragonera.
Why you should go?
Accessible via a short boat trip, Sa Dragonera Natural Park presents an escape into the wild side of the Balearic Islands. This untouched landscape, with its craggy cliffs and lighthouse, is a haven for indigenous wildlife, including the Balearic lizard. The natural park is a treasure trove for hikers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers. Embarking on Andratx excursions to this protected reserve promises a rejuvenating adventure, as well as a chance to connect with nature's undisturbed beauty, epitomizing the best Andratx tours for those seeking tranquility and scenic splendor.

Andratx: Port d'Andratx

What is it?
A bustling seaside port offering a blend of maritime charm and upscale amenities.
Why you should go?
Port d'Andratx is a picturesque harbor that captivates with its mix of fishing boats, luxury yachts, and waterfront restaurants. As one of the most chic locales in the area, this port encapsulates the essence of what to do in Andratx for a taste of local lifestyle infused with cosmopolitan flair. Near the water, visitors can indulge in fresh seafood, engage in leisurely shopping, or simply bask in the vibrant atmosphere. With its photogenic sunsets and lively ambiance, Port d'Andratx is an iconic stop on any Andratx itinerary.

Andratx: Son Mas

What is it?
An impressive historical building serving as Andratx’s Town Hall and cultural events hub.
Why you should go?
With its imposing architecture and legacy as a fortified manor, Son Mas offers a glimpse into the storied past of Andratx. Now home to the municipality's administrative offices, it also features art exhibitions and cultural activities. Visitors can appreciate the restoratively blended ancient aesthetics with modern functionality. Dotted with sculptures and surrounded by picturesque gardens, Son Mas remains a quintessential point of interest for cultural enthusiasts and architectural admirers alike, epitomizing the things to see in Andratx.

Andratx: S'Arracó Valley

What is it?
A scenic valley offering breathtaking vistas and peaceful hiking trails.
Why you should go?
Those searching for what to see in Andratx that extends beyond the urban landscape will find refuge in the tranquility of S'Arracó Valley. A world away from the coastal buzz, this valley is laced with trails that amble through olive groves, almond trees, and traditional fincas. The embracing hills provide a picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks or invigorating hikes. S'Arracó Valley is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts and is especially captivating during bloom, when flowers carpet the landscape—a true highlight among fun things to do in Andratx.

TOP-5 tours in Andratx for first time visitors

  • Discover the historic heart of Andratx, as the audio guide leads through the town's timeless streets, soaking in the local culture, architecture, and things to see in Andratx.
  • Embark on a journey to the scenic overlooks sourcing panoramic views, a quintessential experience among the things to do in Andratx, as your audio companion recounts tales of the land.
  • Uncover the clandestine courtyards and flourishing gardens that are among the best things to do in Andratx, each step narrated with fascinating stories and insights.
  • Engage with the artistic side of this beguiling town as the tour points out the most compelling galleries and art spaces, highlighting the fun things to do in Andratx.
  • Lastly, explore the outskirts on an excursion that showcases the natural splendor of the region, a pinnacle of Andratx activities, with your guide painting pictures in sound.

Fun things to do in Andratx with kids

Venture to Andratx for a family adventure where the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands meets cultural charm. Start with a visit to the CCA Andratx Art Centre, where interactive exhibits and family workshops encourage creativity in both adults and children. This creative hub is not just for observing but also experiencing art first-hand, making it one of the most engaging places to visit in Andratx for families. Next, immerse your family in the great outdoors at Sa Dragonera Natural Park. Accessible by a brief and scenic boat ride, the park’s walking trails, and wildlife-spotting opportunities offer an unforgettable educational adventure for the little ones. For a day brimming with sunshine and soft sands, head to the tranquil beach at Sant Elm. The shallow, crystal-clear waters here are ideal for young swimmers, while the small village offers a taste of local life. These attractions together represent the best things to do in Andratx when traveling with children, ensuring a trip filled with learning, leisure, and laughter.

Things to do in Andratx with family

Enjoy quality time with loved ones discovering the family-friendly face of Andratx. Embark on an enriching escapade at the CCA Andratx Art Centre, one of the largest centers of contemporary art in the Balearic Islands. Its interactive programs and aesthetic delights offer a cultural experience that sparks the imagination of all ages. Venture off to Sa Dragonera Natural Park, where the flora and fauna are as intriguing as the island's pirate history, providing a natural playground and an educational outing for the entire family. Afterward, unwind at Sant Elm's inviting shoreline with gentle waves perfect for the youngest of paddlers. The idyllic beach and the adjacent village serve up relaxed eateries and panoramic views of Dragonera Island. These top-rated Andratx activities are sure to create enriching moments and cherished memories for every family member, making Andratx a diverse and inviting destination for travelers of all ages.

Free things to do in Andratx

Immerse in the cultural spirit of Andratx without spending a euro. Saunter through the town on a self-guided walking tour, which is one of the best things to do in Andratx to appreciate the local architecture and historical sites. Stroll the atmospheric streets, soak up the views from sweeping plazas and meander past the centuries-old Church of Santa Maria. Nature enthusiasts can head off on a hike to the Mirador Ricardo Roca Trail, a well-maintained path offering panoramic vistas of the coastline and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. It's one of the most rewarding and fun things to do in Andratx for those who love to explore on foot. Lastly, spend a serene afternoon on the beach of Camp de Mar, where the Mediterranean’s azure waters invite families to relax and play at no cost. Whether examining historical facades, communing with the natural landscapes, or relaxing seaside, these experiences stand out as the best free activities in Andratx.

Cheap things to do in Andratx

Budget-conscious travelers rejoice, as Andratx offers a plethora of affordable experiences. Begin with a visit to Son Mas, the historic building that now houses the Andratx Municipal Museum. With a minimal entry fee, guests can explore exhibitions that delve into local history and art. Continue your journey by venturing to one of the weekly markets. Discover local crafts, taste traditional delicacies, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere without spending much at all—browsing is free, and the sensory experience is priceless. Finally, embrace the great outdoors by taking your family to one of Andratx's picturesque trails, such as the route leading to La Trapa Monastery. The trek through the scenic landscape offers stunning views and a sense of adventure at little to no cost. These activities highlight what to do in Andratx to experience the region’s rich tapestry of culture and nature while keeping an eye on your wallet.

Things to do in Andratx for couples

Couples seeking a romantic getaway will find Andratx to be a treasure trove of intimate experiences. A stroll through the charming streets of Port d'Andratx at sunset provides the perfect backdrop for an evening walk. The port, with its picturesque boats and waterfront dining, is the ideal spot for sampling fresh, local seafood and savoring a glass of wine while watching the sun dip below the horizon. For a secluded retreat, the boutique vineyards dotted around Andratx offer wine tasting sessions. Couples can indulge in the region's finesse for winemaking, with vine-covered landscapes providing a serene ambiance. Adventure-loving duos should not miss a hike to the Monastery of La Trapa. The journey rewards with breath-taking views, making it one of the most fulfilling things to do in Andratx, and offers a shared sense of accomplishment that couples can cherish. Andratx provides an ample selection of activities for a romantic itinerary full of discovery, relaxation, and connection.

Things to do in Andratx at night

As dusk turns to twilight, Andratx reveals a nocturnal charm all its own. Couples and solo travelers alike can revel in the ambient setting at one of the stylish bars or local eateries in Port d'Andratx. Here, the Mediterranean's balmy evenings set the stage for leisurely dining and sipping on cocktails while overlooking the tranquil harbor. Art enthusiasts will find a special allure in the occasional night exhibitions at the CCA Andratx Art Centre, where the interplay of light and shadow enhances the viewing experience, making it a sophisticated choice among things to do in Andratx at night. For those with a taste for performance, the local cultural centers and outdoor venues frequently host live music events, ranging from classical guitar to jazz ensembles, providing a melodic backdrop to a starry night. Nocturnal activities in Andratx encompass the tranquil, the cultural, and the melodious, ensuring memorable nights filled with Spanish zest.