Altes Museum in Berlin: Entrance Ticket

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  • Visit the Altes Museum in Berlin and explore its stunning collection of Classic Antiquity
  • Admire the elegance, sophistication and incredible craftsmanship of ancient Greek sculptors
  • Discover the art of mysterious Etruscans and trace its influence to the ancient Roman culture
  • Examine intriguing scenes on the Greek vases and revive in your memory stories of ancient myths
Visit the Altes Museum, the oldest museum of the Museum Island in Berlin, and discover the timeless beauty of the art of Classic Antiquity. Completed in 1830, the Altes Museum was the first museum of what later would become the Museum Island. Its impressive building designed by one of the most...


  • Entrance ticket to the Altes Museum in Berlin
  • Audio tour of the museum

Places you will visit

Altes Museum
Bodestraße, 1-3, Mitte

Attractions on the route

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