Best Places to Visit for Halloween in 2023 in the US

Halloween is a time to celebrate the spooky, the scary, and the supernatural. If you are looking for some exciting and fun places to visit this Halloween, you might want to check out some of the best attractions in the US that offer haunted houses, ghost tours, costume parties, and more. Here are some of the top destinations that will make your Halloween unforgettable.

13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado

If you are looking for a thrilling and terrifying experience, consider visiting the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado. This attraction features two haunted houses, a zombie apocalypse simulation, and a haunted hayride. You will encounter horrifying creatures, twisted scenes, and dark secrets as you explore the 13th floor of a mysterious building. Be prepared to scream, run, and fight for your survival!


Screams Halloween Theme Park in Dallas, Texas

Check out the Screams Halloween Theme Park in Dallas, Texas, for a more festive and fun Halloween celebration. This park offers five haunted houses, live entertainment, games, rides, food, and drinks. You can enjoy the spooky atmosphere and the Halloween-themed shows and attractions. You can also dress up in your favorite costume and join the costume contest for a chance to win prizes.

Village Halloween Parade in New York

If you want to experience a traditional Halloween event, you can join the Village Halloween Parade in New York. This is the largest and most creative Halloween parade in the world, featuring thousands of participants and spectators. You can see amazing costumes, floats, puppets, bands, dancers, and performers as they march along Sixth Avenue. You can also join the parade yourself if you wear a costume and arrive before 6:30 p.m.

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Creepy Hollow Haunted House in Rosharon, Texas

For a more immersive and interactive Halloween adventure, you can visit the Creepy Hollow Haunted House in Rosharon, Texas. This attraction consists of three haunted houses, a haunted woods, a haunted bus ride, and a zombie paintball shootout. You will face your fears and challenge your nerves as you encounter various scenes of horror and gore. You will also have the chance to shoot zombies with paintballs and escape from a haunted bus.

Colonial Halloween in Williamsburg, Jamestown

If you are interested in history and mystery, you can spend a colonial Halloween in Williamsburg and Jamestown. You can learn about the origins and traditions of Halloween in colonial America, as well as the legends and folklore of the region. You can also enjoy ghost tours, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and other activities. You can also visit the historic sites of Williamsburg and Jamestown and witness reenactments of colonial life.

Knott's Scary Farm in Buena Park, California

Knott's Scary Farm in Buena Park, California, is the largest and most popular Halloween event in Southern California, featuring over 15 haunted attractions, hundreds of monsters, and dozens of rides. You can experience the terror of the Dark Ride, the Pumpkin Eater, the Paranormal Inc., and more. You can also enjoy live shows, mazes, scare zones, and special effects.

The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio

If you are looking for a Guinness World Record-breaking Halloween attraction, visit the Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio. This is the world's longest indoor haunted attraction, spanning over 150,000 square feet and lasting over an hour. You will walk through five different themed areas, such as the Industrial Nightmare, the Massacre on Mahoning, and the Backwoods Hollow. You will encounter realistic props, animatronics, sound effects, and live actors.

Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts

The Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts, is a month-long festival that celebrates Halloween and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. You can visit the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch House, the Witch Dungeon Museum, and other historical sites. You can also participate in ghost tours, psychic readings, haunted cruises, costume parties, and more.

Haunted Schoolhouse & Haunted Laboratory in Akron, Ohio

Classic and vintage horror lovers will appreciate the Haunted Schoolhouse & Haunted Laboratory in Akron, Ohio. These are two of America's oldest and most iconic haunted attractions, dating back to 1974. You will enter a three-story schoolhouse filled with creepy classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and more. You will also venture into a four-story laboratory that is home to mad scientists, experiments gone wrong, and monsters.

ScareHouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you are ready for a cutting-edge and immersive Halloween experience, try the ScareHouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is one of the country's most innovative and acclaimed haunted attractions, featuring state-of-the-art technology and design. You will enter a world of horror and fantasy, where you will face your deepest fears and darkest nightmares. You will also have the option to upgrade to a more intense and interactive experience called The Basement.

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