The Secret Guide to the Best Vintage Shops in Milan

If you love fashion, you'll love Milan. This city is often called the world's fashion capital — and not for nothing. Milan is the heart and soul of the global fashion industry, where you can find everything from the latest trends to timeless classics making it the ultimate shopping destination.

Great news — you don't need to break the bank to shop like a star. There are many places where you can find amazing deals on vintage and second-hand clothes, accessories, and more. You'll be surprised by what treasures you can discover in these shops, from local designers to world-famous brands. Ready to explore the best of Milan's fashion scene? Read on and get inspired!

Mercatino dell'usato

We asked our Milanese coworkers what thrift shops in Milan they could recommend, and Mercatino dell'usato was their number one answer. This is a chain of second hand stores in Italy that sells and buys various items, such as clothing, furniture, books, toys, and more. There are two Mercatino dell'usato shops in the city, so you have twice as many options to discover a real fashion treasure.

Address: Via Zuretti 60 and Piazza Ernesto De Angeli 12

Mercatino dell'usato di piazzale Cuoco

Every Sunday morning, near Alessandrini park in Milan, there is a flea market called Mercatino dell’usato di piazzale Cuoco. You can discover all sorts of things there, from handmade crafts to retro items, from china to records. It is a vibrant and colorful market where bric-à-brac lovers and fashion designers can find inspiration and great deals: Prada shoes for €5, Dr. Martens for €10, or no-name vintage finds for cheap.

Address: Piazzale Vincenzo Cuoco

Ambroeus Milano

If you love vintage fashion and appreciate a good bargain, Ambroeus Milano Vintage and Second Hand Shop is the place for you. You can browse through a variety of clothes and accessories, from high-end labels to more affordable brands, all in excellent condition. You can also trade in your own items for cash or credit and refresh your wardrobe.

Address: Via Pastrengo, 15

Madame Pauline Vintage

Step into this shop and feel like you're in Paris. You can admire and buy vintage clothes, bags, and jewelry from the early 1900s to the 1970s, all of exquisite quality and style. You'll find treasures from Valentino, Hermes, Prada, and more, as well as unique pieces with fine fabrics and craftsmanship.

Address: Foro Buonaparte, 74

Groupies Vintage

This shop is for those who want to rock the Y2K vibe with a touch of streetwear flair. You can find perfect jeans, dresses, sequins, fringes, animal prints, and rare band and festival T-shirts. You can also rent some vintage props and decorations for your next photo or video project — and Groupies Vintage will definitely inspire you for that.

Address: Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 7

Humana Vintage

This is a famous low-cost thrift store chain that sells clothing items at bargain prices. You can find vintage pieces from different times and styles, as well as modern high fashion pieces. Bonus tip: some items may require some fixing, so check them carefully before buying.

Address: Via Cappellari, 3; Via Edmondo de Amicis, 43; Via Vigevano, 32

Cavalli e Nastri

This is a vintage paradise of Milan, with three shops in the city's center. This is not your average thrift shop — here, you can find rare clothing items and accessories from the 1800s to the present, with a unique selection of high-quality pieces and rare finds. This is the ultimate destination for designers, stylists, models, and shopaholics alike.

Address: Via Brera, 2; Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 12; Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 3

East Market Milano

Another fashion gem on our list is a vintage Grand Bazaar, where you can find everything from clothing and accessories to furniture and vinyl records. You can also enjoy live music, street food, and art exhibitions while browsing through the stalls. This market is open once a month on Sundays.

Address: Via Bernardino Ramazzini, 6

Vintage Delirium

If you love vintage fashion, you will adore Vintage Delirium by Franco Jacassi. This shop is a treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories from the 19th century to the 1980s. You can find rare and exquisite pieces from famous brands like Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Pucci, and more. You can also discover vintage furniture, books, and art that Franco Jacassi, the owner, curator, and fashion consultant, has collected over the years. Vintage Delirium is not just a shop but a museum of fashion history and culture that will inspire you.

Address: Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 3

Bivio Milano

Famous with local fashion influencers, Bivio Milano is the first and best shop in the city for buying and selling pre-owned items from private sellers. Bivio Milano was born from the vision of Hilary Belle Walker, who wanted to create a space where people could find and offer unique pieces from the fashion world. You can visit their stores in Milan or shop online on their website. You can also book an appointment to sell your items.

Address: Via Gian Giacomo Mora 12 and Via Lambro 12

The Cloister

Visiting The Cloister is truly an experience. This unique concept store is located right in the heart of Milan, inside the Casa dei Grifi, a stunning 15th-century building that was once home to a noble Milanese family. Here you can find a wide range of vintage items, from clothing and accessories to furniture and art, all carefully chosen and arranged by the store owners. The Cloister also organizes special events and exhibitions during Milan Design Week, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in design.

Address: Via Valpetrosa, 5

Vintage Studio

Vintage Studio is like a pink paradise in Milan — the store's interior design is impressive. This shop is the place to go if you love high-end fashion labels like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more. You can find fantastic deals on new and pre-loved designer clothes and accessories at this chic boutique, located close to the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Address: Via Nervig, 17

Naviglio Grande Market

A must-see for vintage lovers and bargain hunters, Naviglio Grande Market is a massive open-air market that happens on the last Sunday of every month along the Naviglio Grande Canal, the oldest canal in Milan. You can explore around 400 stalls that offer everything from antique furniture, books, paintings, jewelry, vintage clothes, vinyl, and more. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the canal and the hip cafès that surround it.

Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 4

Il Nuovo Guardaroba

Next on our list is a spacious and elegant store that specializes in luxury fashion brands, such as Armani, Valentino, Versace, and more. The store is organized by occasion, color, and size, making it perfect for creating il nuovo guardaroba — the brand-new wardrobe as the shop's name implies. You can also sell your own clothes and accessories through the consignment service.

Address: Via Privata Asti, 5/a

Vintage Room

If you're looking for investment pieces, more high-end finds are waiting for you at Vintage Room. This shop buys and sells new and pre-loved bags and accessories from the best luxury brands, such as Chanel, Dior, Fendi, and Hermes. The store also offers a repair and restoration service for bags and shoes.

Address: Viale Abruzzi, 87


Dmag is a designer fashion outlet that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories from over 200 international brands at discounted prices. The shop also organizes events and pop-up stores throughout the year, so check the schedule on the official website in advance to get great deals. There are four locations in Milan — choose one closer to where you live so that you won't have to carry as many bags around.

Address: Via Forcella, 13; Via Manzoni, 44; Via Bigli, 4; Corso Garibaldi, 99

Viale Papiniano Market

One of the largest and most popular street markets in Milan is held on Saturdays and is located on the west side of the city center near the Sant'Agostino metro station. It sells many products, such as leather goods, cashmere, silk, clothing, shoes, and more. If you're hungry not only for fashion, make sure to bring a bigger tote bag — this market is famous for its fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, fish, cheese, and much more.

Address: Viale Papiniano

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