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Travelers should not miss the Renaissance elegance of Rosenborg Castle, the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, and the iconic Little Mermaid statue. The historic Nyhavn harbor also offers a captivating look into maritime culture with brightly colored townhouses and wooden ships.
The Copenhagen Zoo and The National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, rank highly for family fun, while the interactive science center, Experimentarium, provides educational entertainment for all ages.
Enjoy biking along the city’s extensive cycle paths, relax in the King’s Garden, or engage in water activities at the Copenhagen Harbor Baths. Exploring the green spaces of The Botanical Garden offers a lovely outdoor respite as well.
For indoor exploration, visit the ornate Christiansborg Palace, marvel at the artistic wonders in the National Gallery of Denmark, or experience royal Danish porcelain at The Royal Danish Porcelain Factory - now the Porcelain Museum.
Among the best Copenhagen tours are the 'Grand Inner City Tour' encapsulating historic sites, 'Hygge & Happiness' focusing on Danish lifestyle, and the 'Culinary Experience Tour' for food enthusiasts.
The National Museum of Denmark, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and The David Collection are popular for their historical, modern, and Islamic art displays.
On rainy days, indoor audio tours of places like the Copenhagen Opera House or The Cisterns—an underground art venue—are superb options.
Quick tours such as 'The Danish Architecture Tour' highlighting notable buildings, or the 'Christianshavn Canal District' tour are both enriching experiences that last an hour or less.

Best Things to Do In Copenhagen

Discover the myriad of attractions waiting for you in one of Scandinavia's most vibrant capitals with our comprehensive guide.

Copenhagen: Rosenborg Castle

What is it?
A 17th-century Renaissance castle surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Why you should go?
Step back into the era of King Christian IV as you walk through the splendid Rosenborg Castle. This architectural gem is not only a time capsule of royal history but also houses the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown Regalia. The castle's majestic halls are lined with portraits of former monarchs, while the Knights' Hall displays coronation thrones and three life-size silver lions standing guard. The castle's tranquility is mirrored in the adjacent King's Garden, a peaceful retreat from urban buzz.

Copenhagen: The Round Tower

What is it?
An iconic 17th-century astronomical observatory and lookout point.
Why you should go?
For an unparalleled aerial view of Copenhagen's rooftops, climb the unique spiral walk of The Round Tower. As the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, it invites not only astronomy enthusiasts but also those captivated by panoramic vistas. The tower's interior also hosts a rich cultural life, with exhibitions and concerts taking place within the historical walls. The blend of science, art, and stunning scenery makes it an unmissable experience.

Copenhagen: The Copenhagen Opera House

What is it?
A state-of-the-art modern opera house located on the harbor front.
Why you should go?
The Copenhagen Opera House stands as a testament to cutting-edge Danish design and cultural magnificence. With its impressive facade and world-class acoustics, the opera house offers a sterling lineup of performances from operas to ballets. A tour of this architectural masterpiece includes insights into the stagecraft and behind-the-scenes mechanics that accompany the spectacular productions. It's an essential experience for art aficionados and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Copenhagen: Amalienborg Palace

What is it?
The home of the Danish royal family, consisting of four identical palaces.
Why you should go?
At Amalienborg Palace, witness the pomp and splendor of the Danish royalty. This is not just a palace; it's a living, breathing epicenter of royal history and tradition, with daily opportunities to observe the changing of the guard. The museum housed within provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of Denmark's monarchs. A visit here offers a unique juncture of regal heritage and stately opulence nestled in the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: The David Collection

What is it?
A museum with an exquisite collection of fine arts, particularly Islamic art.
Why you should go?
Housed within a neoclassical building, The David Collection boasts one of Europe's most comprehensive assortments of Islamic art, ranging from ancient textiles and pottery to intricate calligraphy and miniatures. But the attraction doesn't end there; it also features European 18th-century art and Danish early modernist works. This culturally rich institution not only educates but also thrills with its diverse artistry and serene ambience in the midst of Copenhagen's bustling cityscape.

Copenhagen: The Little Mermaid Statue

What is it?
A world-famous bronze statue inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.
Why you should go?
Sitting elegantly on a rock at Langelinie Pier, The Little Mermaid Statue has become an emblem of Copenhagen, captivating visitors with its delicate artistry and poignant history. Since 1913, this unassuming but significant icon has offered a window into the Danish soul, drawing crowds keen on understanding the city's connection to literary heritage and sea-centric folklore. Visit for a contemplative moment against the backdrop of soothing sea views.

Copenhagen: Tivoli Gardens

What is it?
An enchanting amusement park and pleasure garden founded in 1843.
Why you should go?
Queues of delighted guests regularly gather at Tivoli Gardens, not just for the thrilling rides, but for the magical ambiance that permeates the park's atmosphere. Perfect for families and romantic escapades, the gardens delight with their lush landscapes, historic architecture, and a parade of seasonal events that light up the city's nightlife. While here, experience spectacular light shows, captivating performances, and taste gourmet treats at the assortment of restaurants.

Copenhagen: Nyhavn Harbor

What is it?
A historic 17th-century waterfront, canal, and entertainment district.
Why you should go?
Nyhavn Harbor offers more than a picturesque scene of colorful townhouses; it's a living, breathing hub of Copenhagen's social life. Stroll alongside the canal and absorb the stories that each century-old house has to tell, dine at the diverse selection of cafes and eateries, or embark on a canal tour for a different perspective of the city. This locale seamlessly combines historical significance with contemporary zest, making it an essential visit.

Copenhagen: The National Museum of Denmark

What is it?
The largest museum of cultural history in Denmark, tracing the country's heritage.
Why you should go?
For those fascinated by the sagas of history, The National Museum of Denmark is a treasure trove of insights into the Danish way of life from the Stone Age, Viking conquests, and up to the present day. Explore extensive collections that feature viking treasures, classical antiquities, and profound artifacts from around the globe. This museum is a beacon for culture enthusiasts and history scholars alike.

Copenhagen: Christiansborg Palace

What is it?
An opulent governmental building and the seat of Danish Parliament.
Why you should go?
Christiansborg Palace stands majestically on the islet of Slotsholmen, encompassing Danish supremacy and political heritage. Tourists receive a multifaceted experience, perusing state rooms still used by royalty, exploring historical ruins beneath the palace, and ascending the tower for panoramic views of Copenhagen's skyline. Engage with the intricacies of Danish governance and architecture, all in one grand locale.

TOP-5 Tours in Copenhagen for First Time Visitors

  • Explore the historic heart of the city on a journey through the cobblestoned streets with our 'Royal Copenhagen' audio tour, uncovering royal palaces and majestic statues.
  • Dive into the colorful waterfront district on 'The Essence of Nyhavn' tour, illuminating the picturesque 17th-century harbor and its bustling, vibrant atmosphere.
  • Embrace contemporary culture with 'The Alternative Christianshavn' audio tour, spotlighting hip cafes, innovative art, and iconic landmarks like the Church of Our Saviour.
  • Delight in the 'Gardens & Green Spaces of Copenhagen' tour for a nature-infused walk through the city's most lush parks and historic gardens.
  • 'Copenhagen's Culinary Treasures' offers a sensorial exploration of gourmet hotspots and local food markets, perfect for foodies seeking culinary adventures.

Fun things to do in Copenhagen with kids

Copenhagen delights families with its blend of storybook charm and kid-friendly attractions. First on your list should be a day at the renowned Tivoli Gardens. This amusement park captivates children with fairy-tale rides, whimsical play areas, and seasonal shows, all set amidst an atmosphere that's sparkling with joy and nostalgia. Next, the National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, beckons with its mesmerizing marine life. One of Northern Europe's largest aquariums, it allows kids to come face-to-fin with sharks, rays, and colorful coral fish in a walkthrough ocean tunnel. Finally, no family trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to The Copenhagen Zoo. Here, a kid's sense of wonder comes alive among the lions, elephants, and polar bears. With a dedicated Children’s Zoo, little ones can even get hands-on encounters with smaller animals and learn about conservation efforts in an interactive and engaging way.

Things to do in Copenhagen with family

Copenhagen is a splendid destination brimming with experiences that enthrall both young and old alike. For families, the famed Copenhagen Zoo offers an educational and exciting day out where you can encounter a wide variety of global wildlife and take part in engaging feeding sessions. Journeying through different habitats, children can learn about animal care, conservation, and the natural world. Another highlight is the Experimentarium, a universe of scientific discovery that boasts hands-on exhibits and activities designed to inspire a love for science and innovation. From bubbling chemistry experiments to physical challenges, there's no shortage of exploration for curious minds. Lastly, the enchanting world of the Tivoli Gardens is a must-visit, with its timeless amusement rides, beautiful gardens, and vibrant atmosphere. This historic park provides a perfect mix of thrills and leisure, ensuring memorable moments for the entire family during your Copenhagen adventures.

Free things to do in Copenhagen

While Copenhagen is known for its design shops and trendy cafes, it also offers a wealth of attractions that won't cost a thing. Take in the city's beauty with a stroll along the winding paths of the picturesque Assistens Cemetery, a peaceful green space and the final resting place of famous Danes, including Hans Christian Andersen. Literary enthusiasts and nature lovers alike find solace in this serene park-like setting. For cultural enrichment, head over to the National Museum of Denmark, which provides free admission to its permanent exhibitions. Delve into the Viking Age, discover Danish folklore, and encounter centuries-old artifacts within the hallowed halls of this cultural institution. Lastly, the vibrant scene at Freetown Christiania is open for exploration. This unique commune is famed for its colorful murals, DIY houses, and relaxed vibe, offering a glimpse into an alternative community lifestyle that challenges the norms. Each location is a testament to the city's diverse offerings when it comes to entertainment that won't impact your wallet.

Cheap things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen can be enjoyed even on a tight budget, with numerous affordable attractions that showcase the city's charm. Wander through the cobbled streets of the historic district and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the open-air markets where browsing is free and the sensory experience priceless. A visit to The Hirschsprung Collection, while modestly priced, offers a rich glimpse into Danish art, featuring works from the Golden Age to the Modern Breakthrough. On Sundays, visitors can enjoy the splendor of these fine paintings at no charge. For a minimal fee, you can also climb the Round Tower, an architectural marvel dating back to the 17th century. The view from the top stretches across the city rooftops to the countryside, providing a glimpse into Copenhagen's geography and history. With these economical options, travelers can indulge in the cultural tapestry of Copenhagen without stretching their wallet.

Things to do in Copenhagen for couples

Copenhagen sets the stage for romance with an array of charming activities for couples. Begin your amorous adventure with a boat tour along the idyllic canals of Copenhagen. As you glide past historic buildings and under quaint bridges, cuddle up and take in the city's picturesque views from the water – a perfect outing for lovebirds. Continue your romantic journey with a visit to the intimate Rosenborg Castle, where you can wander hand in hand through the lavish royal chambers and explore the storybook gardens that surround this Renaissance masterpiece. As the sun sets, head to the sleek Copenhagen Opera House where the combination of stunning architecture and world-class performances creates an elegant and unforgettable evening experience. Each attraction offers a unique way to connect and create magical memories in Denmark's lovingly called ‘City of Spires’.

Things to do in Copenhagen at night

When the sun sets on Copenhagen, the city lights up with a myriad of nocturnal activities. For a night to remember, take a leisurely walk around the iconic Tivoli Gardens, which transforms into a magical land of illuminated rides, games, and pavilions, offering enchanting nightscapes for a late stroll. Music lovers can immerse themselves in the vibrant live music scene at venues like Vega or the Copenhagen Jazzhouse, where rhythms and beats resonate well into the night. Alternatively, for an evening of Danish 'hygge', a visit to one of Copenhagen's cozy bars or clubs in districts like Meatpacking District is a must. Sample craft beers, meet locals, and indulge in the laid-back atmosphere of the city's nightlife. These attractions represent just a slice of the experiences available, showcasing Copenhagen as a city that truly comes alive after dark.