Things to do in Edam

About Edam

The must-see attractions to visit in Edam include the historic Cheese Market, displaying traditional Dutch cheese-making and trade, Edams Museum set in a quaint 16th-century house, and the Great Church (Grote Kerk) known for its beautiful architecture. A walk through the town also reveals the picturesque canals and heritage buildings that are the essence of Edam's charm.
For families visiting Edam with kids, watching the cheese market in action offers an exciting educational experience. Boat tours on the canals provide a fun and scenic way to see the town from the water, and visits to the charming, child-friendly public gardens are ideal for a relaxed day out.
The best outdoor activities in Edam include sampling local flavors at the outdoor markets, bicycle tours exploring the surrounding countryside and waterlands, and leisurely canal cruises offering a fresh perspective on the town's historic architecture and natural landscapes.
Visitors can enjoy a range of indoor activities such as exploring the fascinating exhibits at Edams Museum, enjoying a concert at the Grote Kerk, or taking a cheese-making workshop to dive deeper into the region's famed culinary heritage.
The best tours in Edam include the self-guided audio Historic Edam Walking Tour, the expert-led Edam Cheese Market tour, and cultural excursions to the local cheese farms. These tours in Edam offer an immersive experience into the town's rich history and traditions.
The most popular museums in Edam include the Edams Museum for its diverse cultural exhibits and histories and the Edam Cheese Museum that provides an interactive look into the cheese-making process that put Edam on the map.
For rainy days, visitors can take comfort in the educational and cozy experiences offered by the Edam Cheese Museum and the Edams Museum. These museum tours in Edam provide a delightful retreat from the weather while still allowing you to explore the local culture.
Quick tours in Edam that take 1 hour or less include a short walk through the historic city center, a concise but enriching visit to the Cheese Museum, and a brief guided exploration of the Grote Kerk, each providing a snapshot of Edam's cultural highlights.

Best Things to Do In Edam

Explore the charming town of Edam, known for its picturesque streets, historical sights, and culture. Discover the multitude of attractions ready to delight any curious traveler.

Edam: Volendams Museum

What is it?
An insightful museum shedding light on the lives and traditions of the Volendam region.
Why you should go?
The Volendams Museum brings the cultural fabric of the Volendam area to life, presenting a compelling view of the local fishing heritage through authentic costumes, paintings, and artifacts. The museum not only captivates visitors with its ethnographic collections but also through its famous 'cigar-band house' room adorned with millions of cigar bands. This cultural haven is a doorway to understanding regional Dutch history and customs and is a staple when considering places to visit in Edam.

Edam: Alkmaardermeer Lake

What is it?
A serene lake offering opportunities for water sports and relaxation surrounded by nature.
Why you should go?
The Alkmaardermeer Lake extends an invitation to tranquility and adventure alike. Embrace the calm waters for some sailing, windsurfing, or a relaxed picnic by the shore. The local flora and fauna provide a sumptuous backdrop for photographers and nature lovers. Fun things to do in Edam often include enjoying the lake's recreational offerings, making it a popular retreat for both residents and tourists seeking respite amidst natural beauty.

Edam: De Kat Paint Mill

What is it?
A historically functional windmill that specializes in grinding pigments for paints.
Why you should go?
De Kat Paint Mill is not just a picturesque symbol of the Dutch landscape but also a unique piece of industrial heritage still in operation. As the only remaining windmill of its kind, it's a fascinating stop to learn about the production of natural dyes and see authentic machinery in action. It’s one of the intriguing Edam activities for those keen to experience Dutch ingenuity while enjoying sweeping views of the surrounding countryside.

Edam: Kwakelbrug Bridge

What is it?
A quintessential Dutch drawbridge that offers a charming passage over Edam's canals.
Why you should go?
Spanning the old canals of Edam, the Kwakelbrug Bridge is both picturesque and functional, reflecting the seamless integration of historic structures into everyday life. It provides an iconic photo opportunity and symbolizes the ingenuity of Dutch water management. Visitors on Edam excursions often pause here to capture the essence of Dutch architecture and the timeless ambiance that this drawbridge represents.

Edam: De Eilandskerk Church

What is it?
An island church that offers a tranquil setting and insight into the region's religious history.
Why you should go?
Nestled on a quiet island, De Eilandskerk Church is a hidden gem amongst Edam's religious sites. This isolated church is accessed by walking across a small bridge, making the journey as peaceful as the destination. Visitors seeking things to see in Edam will find solace in the church's modest interior and compelling story of resilience and community. This tranquil spot is a welcome respite from the bustling city life and a wonderful place for contemplation and historical discovery.

Edam: Cheese Market

What is it?
A lively reenactment of the traditional cheese market operations from centuries past.
Why you should go?
Step back in time at the Edam Cheese Market, where you can experience the authentic Dutch tradition of cheese trading. The colorful parade of cheese carriers, the haggling traders, and the antique weighing houses contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere, offering a unique glimpse into the local heritage that shaped this quaint town’s history. Witnessing the traditional methods of cheese porting and trading is not just educative but also exceptionally photogenic, making it one of the best things to do in Edam.

Edam: Fort bij Edam

What is it?
A historic fort which is part of the UNESCO-listed Defense Line of Amsterdam.
Why you should go?
Delve into the strategic history of the Netherlands at Fort bij Edam, a defensive stronghold dating back to the late 19th century. This intriguing fort is fringed by verdant landscapes and waterways, part of the ingenious defense system known as the Stelling van Amsterdam. Visitors interested in military history and engineering feats will find the fort's exhibits and guided Edam tours fascinating, offering insight into the innovative approaches of water management and defense that have been instrumental in shaping the country.

Edam: The Great Church (Grote Kerk)

What is it?
An impressive Gothic church renowned for its architectural beauty and historical significance.
Why you should go?
The Great Church, or Grote Kerk, stands as a testament to Edam's architectural prowess and spiritual history. Visitors are enthralled by its striking interior, highlighted by stunning stained glass windows and the grandiose wooden roof structure. Whether attending a serene concert or simply soaking in the tranquility, this church offers a moment of reflection amidst the sightseeing. The church's rich past and beautiful acoustic make it a significant highlight for those wondering what to see in Edam.

Edam: Edams Museum

What is it?
A captivating museum showcasing Edam's cultural history and traditional Dutch lifestyles.
Why you should go?
Positioned within a charming 16th-century dwelling, the Edams Museum provides a layered narrative of the town's evolution and the daily lives of its inhabitants over the centuries. Rare artifacts, detailed period rooms, and a floating cellar offer a fascinating exploration for history buffs. Exploring this museum counts as one of the best things to do in Edam, especially for those eager to connect with the stories and legacies woven into the fabric of this historic town.

Edam: The Speeltoren

What is it?
The oldest carillon tower in the Netherlands, boasting an exquisite bell chime and clock mechanism.
Why you should go?
As the beating heart of Edam's soundscape, The Speeltoren's melodic chimes have been marking time for the community since the 16th century. Visitors can enjoy the harmonious carillon concerts and marvel at the ancient clockwork, a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. The tower's historical exhibits offer an intriguing narrative about Edam's cultural dedication to time-keeping and music. A visit here is one of the most melodious things to do in Edam, blending each note of the past with those of the present.

TOP-5 Tours in Edam for First Time Visitors

  • Embark on a journey through the quaint cobbled streets with the "Historic Edam Walking Tour" audio guide, offering insights into the rich tapestry of Edam's past and present.
  • Indulge in the "Culinary Delights of Edam" audio tour, a feast for the senses as you learn about the town's famous cheeses and traditional Dutch cuisine.
  • Uncover the "Secret Gardens of Edam" with an engaging audio guide, revealing hidden green oases and flower-lined pathways off the beaten track.
  • "Edam's Architectural Gems" audio tour presents a narrated exploration of the iconic Carillon Tower, Grote Kerk, and the old shipyard, delivering a deep dive into the artistic heritage.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture through the "Edam Festivals and Traditions" audio guide, detailing the best times to participate in vibrant local celebrations and markets.

Fun things to do in Edam with kids

Exploring Edam with kids offers a memorable adventure into this storybook town. Begin with the indulgent Cheese Market, where young ones can marvel at the vibrant cheese trading, filled with historic charm. Here, they’ll observe traditional cheese porters in action, offering a lively spectacle. Next, set sail on a leisurely canal cruise, giving families the perfect vantage point to gaze upon Edam’s fairy-tale architecture and listen to fascinating stories about the town's rich history. The informative audio commentary benefits both the young and the young-at-heart. Lastly, a trip to the Edam Museum turns into a treasure hunt as kids discover curiosities like the floating cellar and marvel at the antique interiors while parents appreciate the historical significance. These family-friendly activities capture the town’s essence, ensuring the list of things to do in Edam resonates joyfully with children and leaves them enchanted with the wonders of the Netherlands.

Things to do in Edam with family

Edam welcomes families with a variety of activities that cater to all ages, providing a delightful mix of culture, history, and relaxation. The Edam Cheese Market is a bustling attraction where kids and adults alike can delve into the town's famed cheese-making heritage, complete with demonstrations and the quintessential Dutch cheese wheel photo opportunities. For a touch of adventure, families can embark on a picturesque canal cruise, gliding along the waterways of Edam with audio narratives that bring the town's stories to life—a learning experience as much as it is serene. Additionally, the Edams Museum offers an engaging look back in time, where interactive displays and the mystique of the floating cellar captivate the imagination of every visitor. These top attractions encompass the best things to do in Edam with family, ensuring a visit that’s as educational as it is enjoyable.

Free things to do in Edam

Discovering Edam doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Visitors can enjoy a multitude of enriching experiences that are entirely free. Stroll through the historic streets where you’ll encounter the town's classic Dutch architecture, including majestic brick houses and iconic drawbridges — a self-guided tour through these picturesque lanes is an absolute must. Head to the Damplein, the town square, to enjoy the serene ambiance and capture the essence of Edam’s cultural heart. Here, families can relax, children can play, and everyone can admire the surrounding beauty. Additionally, the public gardens are a splendid spot for picnics and leisurely walks. As a bonus, if you time your visit right, witnessing the traditional cheese market in action won’t cost a dime and provides an authentic glimpse into Edam’s vibrant history — satisfying both curiosity and frugality. These free attractions affirm that some of the best things to do in Edam can indeed be priceless experiences.

Cheap things to do in Edam

Edam's charm is accessible to those traveling on a budget, offering a range of affordable experiences. One of the cheapest thrills is simply meandering through the town's historic center, soaking in the atmospheric charm and snapping photos of the iconic cheese-shaped buildings, arguably a primer of what to do in Edam on a shoestring. Visitors can also indulge in cultural richness at the Edam Museum, where the entrance fee is minimal, but the stories and exhibits within provide a wealth of knowledge about the town’s history and culture. Additionally, a walk along the banks of the IJsselmeer offers panoramic views and a refreshing experience as the lake’s shores are perfect for a day of relaxation or kite flying with children. Lastly, the seasonal markets are often free to enter and provide a lively atmosphere to enjoy local crafts and delicacies. These low-cost activities position Edam as a destination that offers enjoyment without a hefty price tag.

Things to do in Edam for couples

Couples looking for a romantic escapade will find Edam’s charming ambiance perfect for creating lasting memories together. Begin with a leisurely stroll through the town's cobbled streets, taking in the tranquil beauty of the canal houses and bridges, which sets a picturesque scene for those special moments. For an intimate experience, visit the cozy café terraces that line the waterways, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, basking in the town's serene atmosphere. For culture-loving duos, the Edam Museum offers a quiet retreat to explore art and regional history, making it one of the most engaging and romantic places to visit in Edam. Finishing the day with a sunset by the IJsselmeer lake can be the perfect, peaceful ending to an idyllic day, solidifying Edam as a locale filled with things to do for couples seeking both relaxation and romance.

Things to do in Edam at night

As the sun sets on the quaint town of Edam, the evening buzzes with understated allure, offering nocturnal trekkers a handful of delightful attractions. An ideal start for a night out could be indulging in a culinary adventure at one of the local restaurants or eateries, where the fusion of traditional Dutch flavors and international cuisine creates an unforgettable dining experience. Following the savory excursion, a moonlit walk alongside Edam's canals presents a uniquely tranquil experience, as the reflections of historic buildings dance on the gentle water. Romantics and photographers alike will cherish the serene beauty and photogenic scenes. For those interested in local events, check out the occasional night markets or cultural festivals that light up the town center, offering everything from live music to handcrafted souvenirs, making them a lively display of Edam’s charm after dark. Altogether, these activities reveal an intimate side of Edam, perfect for visitors to enjoy when the night descends.