Things to do in Girona

About Girona

A visit to Girona is not complete without seeing the iconic Girona Cathedral, with its impressive Baroque facade and Gothic nave. Exploring the well-preserved Jewish Quarter, strolling along the Onyar River to admire the colorful houses, and walking atop the ancient city walls for panoramic views are essential things to see in Girona.
For families with kids, the mini-train tour around the city provides a fun overview of the sights. The Lake of Banyoles offers open space for playing and boating, while the Girona Art Museum stages interactive exhibits that captivate the young (and the young at heart).
Outdoor aficionados will enjoy walking along the city’s historic walls, cycling the 'Greenways' that surround Girona, or kayaking on the Ter River. Visiting the Devesa Park, the largest urban park in Catalonia, is also a favorite Girona activity.
Indoor activities abound, including a visit to the Museum of Cinema, which traces the history of film; the Museum of Jewish History, detailing Girona's significant Jewish heritage; and of course, exploring the maze-like corridors of the Arab Baths.
The best Girona tours include the comprehensive Historic Girona Tour, the Girona Art Museum tour, and the unique Girona Game of Thrones tour that brings the series' filming locations to life. Seasonally, the Girona Flower Festival tour is also highly recommended.
The most frequented museums are the Girona Museum of Art, which houses a vast collection of local art, and the Museum of Jewish History, which offers deep insights into the city's Jewish community and its impact on Girona's cultural fabric.
On rainy days, visitors can opt for indoor tours such as the Museum of Archaeology, the Girona Art Museum, or a tour of the historic Girona Cinema, all providing shelter and cultural enrichment.
Short tours in Girona that are 1 hour or less include a guided walk around the Ramblas, a quick tour of the Jewish History Museum, or a swift but educational tour of the Arab Baths, all allowing for a brief yet rich experience of the city.

Best Things to Do In Girona

Discover the rich tapestry of history and culture with a selection of Girona's premier attractions awaiting exploration.

Girona: Eiffel Bridge

What is it?
A picturesque iron bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel before the Eiffel Tower.
Why you should go?
Spanning the Onyar River, the Eiffel Bridge (also known as Pont de les Peixateries Velles) is an emblematic structure that precedes Paris's iconic tower. Its vibrant red hue and elegant design call for admiration and reflection on the industrial age's impact on modern architecture. Service this as a gateway between different parts of the city, an amble across this engineering marvel complements the quest to discover the best Girona tours and guarantees a memorable photo opportunity.

Girona: The Museum of Cinema

What is it?
A captivating museum detailing the history of cinema from its inception.
Why you should go?
Girona's Museum of Cinema, one of the few museums dedicated to cinema history in Europe, offers a fascinating journey through the origins and evolution of moving pictures. Exhibitions featuring vintage equipment and memorabilia provide insight into the film industry’s storied past. Ideal for film enthusiasts and history buffs alike, this attraction stands out among things to do in Girona for its unique collection and engaging presentations.

Girona: Sant Pere de Galligants

What is it?
A Benedictine abbey showcasing Romanesque architecture and archaeological treasures.
Why you should go?
Sant Pere de Galligants serves as both an architectural marvel and a custodian of Girona's past, housing the Archaeological Museum. Here, visitors will uncover artifacts that breathe life into ancient tales of the city and its surroundings. Witnessing the serene cloisters and well-preserved structure are intrinsic Girona activities, allowing visitors to step back in time and grasp the historic significance of the region.

Girona: The City Walls

What is it?
Expansive medieval walls offering panoramic views of Girona and its surroundings.
Why you should go?
The Passeig de la Muralla, or the walkway along Girona's ancient city walls, provides incomparable vistas of the city and the distant Pyrenees. Originating from Roman times and extended during the 14th century, the walls offer a tangible history lesson and physical challenge that rank among the best things to do in Girona. A stroll atop these walls will not only captivate with beauty but also with the sense of resilience they represent.

Girona: The Independence Square

What is it?
A grand square honoring Catalan resistance during the Napoleonic wars.
Why you should go?
Plaça de la Independència, also known as Independence Square, is a vibrant public space enveloped by neoclassical arches and lined with bustling cafes and restaurants. As a pivotal location for leisure and socializing, it stands as a natural addition to tours in Girona. The square's historical significance and present-day charm provide an intriguing counterpoint and a welcoming environment for visitors seeking to experience the city's lively culture.

Girona: The Cathedral of Saint Mary

What is it?
An imposing Gothic cathedral with a storied history and an expansive nave.
Why you should go?
Located at the heart of Girona, the Cathedral of Saint Mary stands as a testament to architectural magnificence with its majestic Gothic façade. As one ascends the grand staircase, which has appeared in famed cinema productions, guests are greeted by one of the widest Gothic naves in the world. Inside, the Cathedral Treasury houses a tapestry of Creation, an exquisite piece of Romanesque textile art, making it an essential part of Girona excursions for art and architecture aficionados.

Girona: The Arab Baths

What is it?
A well-preserved Romanesque public bath complex inspired by Muslim architecture.
Why you should go?
The historic Arab Baths are a sublime reflection of Girona’s layered past, capturing the essence of Romanesque architecture with a nod to the cultural influences of Islamic design. Visitors are transported back to the 12th century as they wander through the vaulted rooms, admiring the elegant columns and serene atmosphere. These baths are a sanctuary of peace and an intriguing visit for those delving into the blend of cultures that define things to do in Girona.

Girona: The Rambla de la Libertad

What is it?
A vibrant boulevard lined with historic buildings, boutiques, and cafés.
Why you should go?
Girona's Rambla de la Libertad is the beating heart of the city, a bustling promenade brimming with local life and culture. Encircled by preserved medieval architecture, the Rambla is a hub for Girona activities, offering an array of shopping, dining, and people-watching opportunities. This historic street embodies the spirit of the city and is a perfect setting for an audio tour, guiding visitors through market stalls and into the narratives of the past.

Girona: The Jewish Quarter

What is it?
A historical district that was once home to a thriving Jewish community.
Why you should go?
Nestled within the old city, Girona's Jewish Quarter, or El Call, stands as one of the best-preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Europe. Its labyrinthine alleyways and courtyards whisper stories of a once-flourishing community. Visitors can engage in an enlightening stroll through history, their curiosity piqued at every turn. An integral part of what to do in Girona, the quarter is also home to the Jewish History Museum, further enriching the cultural journey of travelers.

Girona: Onyar River Houses

What is it?
The colorful homes that line the banks of Onyar River, creating a postcard-perfect scene.
Why you should go?
Witness the palette of Girona reflected in the pastel-colored facades of the Onyar River Houses. This iconic view, often captured in photographs and paintings, showcases the unique beauty and atmosphere of the city. Taking a leisurely walk along the river or admiring the view from the various bridges connects visitors to what to see in Girona from a distinct, picturesque perspective. The sight is a vital addition to any tour in Girona, encapsulating the essence of the city's charm.

TOP-5 tours in Girona for first time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through the cobblestone streets with the 'Historic Girona Tour', highlighting the most iconic things to see in Girona including the towering cathedral.
  • The 'River Onyar Experience' offers a picturesque view, showcasing colorful riverside houses and bridges, encapsulating essential places to visit in Girona.
  • Delve into the 'Ancient Walls and Gardens' audio expedition for an immersive look at Girona activities around its lush greenery and historical ramparts.
  • 'Legends of Girona' presents an engaging narrative of the city's myths, perfect for those interested in fun things to do in Girona.
  • Experience the 'Jewish Quarter Odyssey' to uncover the best things to do in Girona, traversing through one of the most well-preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Europe.

Fun things to do in Girona with kids

Exploring Girona with children opens up a world of adventure and discovery that's both educational and entertaining. The 'Girona Wildlife Park' is a sanctuary for family fun, offering close encounters with diverse animal species in a setting that encourages learning about conservation. Interactive exhibits and play areas ensure that the little ones are engaged and enthralled. Next, ignite the curious minds of youngsters at the 'Girona Science Museum.' Here, hands-on experiments and exhibits delve into the wonders of science, making it a compelling destination when pondering what to do in Girona with the family. Lastly, 'La Devesa Park' provides a lush natural oasis perfect for picnics, playing, and leisurely walks along its shaded paths. Children can run freely, enjoying playgrounds while adults relish the tranquil surroundings. Each of these selections contributes to an unforgettable visit, solidifying Girona's status as a city with delightful offerings for visitors of all ages.

Things to do in Girona with family

Families venturing to Girona will find an array of activities that cater to all ages, combining leisure with cultural enrichment. Begin your journey with 'Girona's Miniature Train Adventure,' which weaves through the city’s historic sites, offering a novel and enjoyable overview that captivates both kids and adults. This charming ride tops the list of family-friendly Girona activities, providing an easy and scenic introduction to the city’s landmarks. For a touch of nature and recreation, 'Lake Banyoles' offers opportunities for family picnics, gentle boat rides, and tranquil walks, presenting a serene escape from the bustle of the city center. This picturesque setting is an idyllic place to relax and bond as a family. 'The Playmuseum of Girona' is an interactive zone brimming with excitement and play-based learning. With workshops and exhibits designed to stir the imagination, it showcases the best Girona excursions tailored to young explorers eager for fun and discovery. Together, these attractions make up a perfect trifecta for family enjoyment in Girona.

Free things to do in Girona

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the culture and beauty of Girona without spending a dime, there's a wealth of free attractions to enjoy. The 'Girona Cathedral' offers free entry on Sundays, inviting visitors to marvel at its stunning Gothic architecture and the impressive expanse of its nave. As one of the most iconic things to see in Girona, it’s a must-visit for history and art enthusiasts. Strolling through 'The Old Town' is a journey back in time. Wander the narrow, winding streets, encounter ancient buildings, and absorb the medieval ambiance that is unique to Girona. Lastly, the 'Onyar River' presents a picturesque pathway lined by the famed colorful façades of riverside homes. It’s a truly romantic and charming experience, voted one of the best things to do in Girona, to admire the reflections on the water and snap stunning photographs while learning about the city's history through an audio guide. These experiences prove that some of the best Girona activities are indeed free, offering unforgettable memories for all travelers.

Cheap things to do in Girona

Budget-conscious travelers will delight in Girona's offering of inexpensive experiences rich in culture and beauty. The 'City Walls', with a small entrance fee, provide a captivating and affordable adventure. Visitors can climb these historic ramparts for a glimpse into medieval defenses and enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. The 'Girona Art Museum' offers a fascinating and low-cost look into the region's art heritage. With a modest ticket price, this museum houses an extensive collection of artworks ranging from Romanesque to the modern period. 'Film History' enthusiasts are thrilled to find that many famous series scenes were shot in Girona's exquisite, historical settings. Finding these locations, like the impressive 'Sant Pere de Galligants' abbey, costs nothing and provides a fun and thrilling challenge for fans. These activities prove that enjoying what to see in Girona need not be expensive, making the city a prime destination for travelers on a budget.

Things to do in Girona for couples

Girona sets the scene for romance with a selection of attractions ideal for couples seeking charm and intimacy. Begin with a hand-in-hand stroll along the 'River Onyar', where the picturesque houses and tranquil waters create an amorous backdrop perfect for an afternoon walk. It's a serene activity that invites contemplation and connection. For those interested in indulging in the local ambiance, the 'Cafés of Plaça de la Independència' propose a delightful spot to unwind together, savor a coffee, and people-watch in the heart of the city. As evening falls, 'The Medieval Quarter' transforms into an enchanting labyrinth; its historic stone walls and dimly lit streets offer a mysterious journey back in time. Participating in a self-guided audio tour here not only educates but also entertains, marking it as one of the top things to do in Girona. These experiences create an idyllic setting for couples to explore, indulge, and make lasting memories.

Things to do in Girona at night

As dusk falls, Girona's nocturnal charm comes alive, offering a variety of attractions that cater to night owls. One of the most enchanting experiences is walking along the ancient 'City Walls'. The illuminated ramparts provide a safe and scenic path, allowing couples and friends to admire the nighttime cityscape from a unique vantage point. For cultural enthusiasts, the 'Girona Cathedral' often hosts evening concerts within its venerable walls, where the combination of music and Gothic architecture creates a mystical atmosphere. Lastly, the 'Culinary Delights of Old Town Girona' should not be missed. The narrow, medieval streets are home to an array of bistros and taverns that offer the ideal setting to sample local Catalan cuisine and wines. Participating in a leisurely gastronomic tour or simply popping into cozy eateries can be among the best things to do in Girona, infusing the night with flavors and festivity.