King Charles III Coronation Ceremony: Everything to Know

The Coronation of King Charles III is one of the most anticipated events of this spring for millions of people in the UK and beyond — and the first of its kind in 70 years. In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions about this upcoming event, from the exact date and time it will take place to ways you can get involved in the celebration, whether you are in London or not.

Where and when is King Charles III's coronation ceremony?

As was announced by Buckingham Palace in October 2022, the Coronation of His Majesty The King will take place on the first weekend of May 2023. King Charles III will be crowned alongside Camilla, Queen Consort, on Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey in London.

If you are wondering about when King Charles III's coronation ceremony is scheduled to start, we now have an answer. The coronation will begin in the morning, at 11:00 am local time. The royal couple will arrive at Westminster Abbey in a spectacular horse-drawn carriage to be coronated. After that, they will return to Buckingham Palace accompanied by other members of the Royal Family.

At the end of the coronation day, the King will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the Imperial State Crown on his head.

What will the ceremony look like?

In general, coronations of British monarchs have remained much the same for over 1,000 years, and King Charles III's coronation ceremony will also be 'rooted in longstanding traditions.' It will start beside the 700-year-old oak Coronation Chair and will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The King will be blessed and anointed with holy oil, will receive the orb and scepter, and will be crowned with the St Edward's crown, created in 1661.

Since this will be a double coronation, Camilla, Queen Consort, will be anointed in the same way as King Charles. She will be crowned with an updated version of the spectacular Queen Mary's Crown, which was first worn by Charles' great-grandmother in 1911.

However, King Charles III's coronation is likely to be shorter than his mother's in 1953. It also promises to be smaller in scale, with about 2,000 guests, while more than 8,000 people attended Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

Another difference is the music. King Charles commissioned Andrew Lloyd Webber, who created the scores for blockbuster musicals such as Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, to write the anthem for the coronation. The King also selected about a dozen other new pieces of music for his ceremony.   

How to watch the King's coronation?

If you are not on the guest list, the easiest way to watch the coronation and listen to the King's oath and speech is on TV. This major event will be broadcast live on BBC One, with additional reporting on other leading news channels all around the world.

If you prefer to watch the event with the crowd, surrounded by Union Jack flags and the buzz of a royally-inclined huddle, head to one of the official 'watch zones' that will pop up in 30 cities across the UK. Big screens will be erected to show the ceremony in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens, Millennium Square in Leeds, and other places up and down the country.

If you happen to be in the UK's capital, you can also try to spot the King's carriage on its way to Westminster Abbey and back to Buckingham Palace. The King and Queen Consort will travel to the abbey in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach and return to the palace in the famous Gold State Coach, constructed in 1762, with an enormous procession. Some of the best viewing spots will be along The Mall, the Horse Guards Parade, and Parliament Square.

How to continue celebrating during the coronation weekend?

Although the main show will take place on May 6, there will be many other events and activities around the coronation over the next two days.

  • May 7
On Sunday, May 7, all the people across Britain are encouraged to take part in the Coronation Big Lunch by sharing food and fun with their neighbors and communities or having a big street party.
The biggest event of the day will be the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle, featuring 'global music icons and contemporary stars.' Five thousand pairs of free tickets were offered in the ballot, but do not be upset if you are not the lucky owner of one of them — you still can watch the concert on BBC One.
The day of celebration will finish with the 'Lighting Up the Nation' event, where locations across the country will be lit up with projections, illuminations, lasers, and drone displays.

  • May 8
On Monday, May 8, there will be an extra holiday, and UK citizens are invited to participate in the Big Help Out and try volunteering in their local area.
Street parties will also take place all around the country, so you will be able to continue celebrating, have fun, and buy gifts and souvenirs with the official Coronation Emblem to remember this event.