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About Lelystad

Visitors should not miss the Aviodrome aviation museum, the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet for unique shopping, the Bataviawerf shipyard with its historic ship replicas, and the National Park Nieuw Land, showcasing the dynamic nature of a reclaimed landscape.
Kids will enjoy the interactive and educational Aviodrome aerospace museum, family-friendly excursions in the National Park Nieuw Land, and adventure-packed playgrounds and activities at the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet.
Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the expansive trails of National Park Nieuw Land, enjoy sailing or cycling around the scenic Lelystad Harbor, and marvel at the various public art installations throughout the city.
Indoor activity options include discovering the wonders of aviation at Aviodrome, enjoying shopping and dining at the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, and engaging with exhibits at the New Land Museum.
The highly recommended tours in Lelystad include guided historical walks at Bataviawerf, self-guided audio tours of the city's landmarks, and boat tours in the region's extensive waterways offering insights into land reclamation.
The Aviodrome and the New Land Museum are Lelystad's standout cultural establishments, providing visitors with an immersive look into aviation history and land reclamation, respectively.
On rainy days, indoor tours at the Aviodrome and the New Land Museum offer sheltered, yet engaging, ways to uncover Lelystad's heritage and science behind its landscape transformations.
Short and sweet tours in Lelystad could include a brief guided visit to the Bataviawerf, a concise city audio tour highlighting major landmarks, or even a quick exploration of the local art installations.

Best Things to Do In Lelystad

Discover the array of attractions that Lelystad offers, from cultural gems to modern marvels—the Dutch city awaits your exploration.

Lelystad: New Land Museum

What is it?
An insightful museum focusing on the region's polder landscape and water management.
Why you should go?
The New Land Museum offers a fascinating look into the Flevoland polder, the world's largest land reclamation project. Ideal for those pondering what to do in Lelystad, the museum chronicles the transformation of the Zuiderzee into a thriving new landmass. Exhibits share riveting tales of engineering, human determination, and the ecological impact of land reclamation. Interactive displays, historical artifacts, and educational films provide a comprehensive overview that both enlightens and entertains visitors, making it an essential stop for understanding this region's history and environment.

Lelystad: Houtribdijk

What is it?
An impressive dike, also known as the Markerwaarddijk or IJsselmeerdijk, offering expansive views and recreation.
Why you should go?
Stretching across the IJsselmeer, Houtribdijk isn't just an engineering marvel; it's also among the most scenic things to see in Lelystad. Cyclists and pedestrians can traverse this mighty dike, enjoying unparalleled views of the lake and surrounding lands. Houtribdijk serves as a critical part of the Netherlands' defense against water, and its strategic observation spots make it ideal for photographers and nature gazers. This location offers individuals a unique experience, combining the awe of human ingenuity with natural beauty and recreational pleasure.

Lelystad: Lelystad Nature Islands

What is it?
A series of artificial islands designed to support biodiversity and nature conservation.
Why you should go?
The Lelystad Nature Islands are part of what makes the region special, providing sanctuary to a plethora of wildlife species. These islands have quickly become hotspots for birdwatching and other Lelystad activities centered around nature. As part of guided Lelystad excursions, visitors can witness these innovative ecosystems that play a pivotal role in regional ecological networks. Walking trails, observation huts, and guided tours are available to enhance the visitor experience, allowing a rare glimpse into the harmonious balance between human development and wildlife conservation.

Lelystad: The Lelystad Haven

What is it?
A vibrant, multifunctional harbor offering recreational activities and dining options.
Why you should go?
Known for its picturesque setting, the Lelystad Haven is a prime location for leisure and dining. Boasting a mix of modern facilities and natural beauty, the harbor area invites visitors to unwind and discover the best things to do in Lelystad. Whether it's indulging in fresh seafood at a waterfront restaurant, chartering a sailing excursion, or simply soaking in the serene atmosphere, the Lelystad Haven is a beloved spot for both locals and tourists. The area's friendly ambiance and nautical charm create a memorable waterside experience.

Lelystad: Flevoland Golf Club

What is it?
A premier golf destination offering challenging courses and top-tier facilities amidst lush greenery.
Why you should go?
Flevoland Golf Club stands out as one of the fun things to do in Lelystad for sports aficionados and leisure seekers. Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy the meticulously maintained fairways and greens that blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. With courses designed to both challenge and reward, the club provides an exceptional golfing experience complemented by a friendly clubhouse environment. Post-game, visitors can appreciate fine dining and relax in the serene surroundings that make Flevoland Golf Club more than just a sporting venue.

Lelystad: Aviodrome

What is it?
A captivating aerospace museum offering expansive exhibits of historical and modern aircraft.
Why you should go?
The Aviodrome is a haven for aerospace enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With its extensive display of over 100 aircraft, visitors can embark on a journey through the evolution of aviation. Interactive exhibits, a 4D-theater experience, and the opportunity to step inside a real Boeing 747 make it one of the fun things to do in Lelystad. The museum also offers flight simulators to indulge in the thrill of flying, and its portrayal of aviation history is both educational and engaging for all ages.

Lelystad: Bataviawerf

What is it?
A historic shipyard where the legendary 17th-century Batavia ship is reconstructed.
Why you should go?
At Bataviawerf, history comes to life as you witness the craftsmanship of shipbuilding in a traditional setting. This unique outdoor museum allows visitors to experience the Golden Age of sail up close. The highlight is the full-size reconstruction of the Batavia ship, which stands as a testament to maritime prowess. Visitors can also see artisans at work, maintaining traditional skills, and even partake in workshops. Exploring this shipyard is amongst the most enlightening Lelystad activities, allowing one to appreciate the maritime heritage that shaped the Netherlands.

Lelystad: National Park Nieuw Land

What is it?
A vast natural reserve born from land reclamation, showcasing diverse ecosystems and wildlife.
Why you should go?
National Park Nieuw Land represents nature’s resilience and human engineering ingenuity, making it one of the most intriguing places to visit in Lelystad. This park is a sanctuary for migratory birds, and its vast expanses of reeds and waterways offer a peaceful retreat. With opportunities to hike, cycle, and even kayak, visitors can immerse themselves in tranquility while observing the rich flora and fauna. Viewing platforms and visitor centers present educational insights, ensuring that a trip to this natural wonder is as informative as it is refreshing.

Lelystad: Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet

What is it?
A premium outlet shopping center with a selection of international fashion brands and discounts.
Why you should go?
Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet is the perfect blend of retail therapy and leisure for those wondering what to do in Lelystad. With over 250 brands, shoppers can indulge in finding great deals on designer wear. The outlet's architecture is inspired by the historic Batavia ship, providing a unique aesthetic backdrop for a day of shopping. Cafés and restaurants scattered throughout offer spaces to refuel, turning a shopping spree into an enjoyable day out. Seasonal events and additional discounts add to the allure of this shopper’s paradise.

Lelystad: De Zilveren Schaats

What is it?
An architectural marvel, this building is a hub for eco-friendly design and sustainable innovation.
Why you should go?
De Zilveren Schaats offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable living, positioning itself among the things to see in Lelystad that showcase environmental consciousness. The structure is celebrated for its green technologies and energy-efficient design. Tours of the facility provide insights into alternative energy sources, eco-friendly materials, and innovative architectural practices. The inspiring atmosphere of De Zilveren Schaats is not just a feast for the eyes but also an educational journey, making it a meaningful destination for eco-minded travelers and design aficionados.

TOP-5 tours in Lelystad for first time visitors

  • Explore the rich history of aviation at the Aviodrome, where visitors can delve into the best Lelystad tours offering insights into iconic aircraft and aeronautical innovation.
  • Set sail on a nautical journey at Bataviawerf to witness meticulous ship reconstructions, making it one of the top things to see in Lelystad for maritime enthusiasts.
  • For nature lovers, the National Park Nieuw Land provides a serene escape with Lelystad excursions, featuring abundant wildlife and picturesque landscapes.
  • The Lelystad activities extend to the modern outlet shopping experience at Batavia Stad, ideal for those seeking retail therapy alongside cultural indulgence.
  • Discover one of the unique places to visit in Lelystad, the remarkable De Zilveren Schaats, offering a window into the realm of innovative eco-design and architecture.

Fun things to do in Lelystad with kids

For families venturing to Lelystad, the city abounds with child-friendly attractions guaranteed to capture young imaginations and provide heaps of fun. Begin with a visit to the Aviodrome, Lelystad's premier aviation museum, where interactive exhibits and life-sized aircrafts offer a thrilling educational experience. Kids can play pilot in flight simulators or explore a real Boeing 747! Continuating the educational journey, the National Park Nieuw Land presents a great opportunity for families to bond with nature. With its rich biodiversity, children can spot various bird species and learn about land reclamation while trekking the scenic trails. Lastly, no family trip is complete without a splash at the Sportcentrum De Koploper, a leisure complex with indoor pools, slides, and dedicated play areas for endless aquatic fun. Here, laughter ripples as much as the water, making it a must among Lelystad activities for children and parents alike.

Things to do in Lelystad with family

Families exploring Lelystad will find an abundance of activities that cater to all ages. The Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet provides a blend of shopping and entertainment with its wide array of brand stores and playgrounds, ensuring a satisfying day for both parents and kids. For an educational adventure, the interactive exhibits at the Aviodrome let families delve into the fascinating world of aviation, complete with flight simulators and the opportunity to board historical aircraft. Nature-loving clans should not miss out on Lelystad's secret jewel, the Oostvaardersplassen—part of the National Park Nieuw Land. This vast nature reserve offers immersive experiences like bird watching, hiking, and cycling, amidst the unspoiled wilderness that serves as the backdrop for family memories to last a lifetime.

Free things to to in Lelystad

Visitors to Lelystad can immerse themselves in a variety of complimentary activities that promise enriching experiences without a price tag. Families and solo adventurers alike can marvel at the ingenuity of the Oostvaardersplassen, a sprawling nature reserve ideal for birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and absorbing the tranquil Dutch landscapes. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the unique sculptures dotted throughout the city, like the iconic Exposure by Antony Gormley, offering a free cultural excursion and memorable photo opportunities. Moreover, the expansive Lelystad Harborfront invites leisurely strolls, picnics, and the chance to witness the beauty of the IJsselmeer lake. The waterfront also plays host to various festivals and markets throughout the year, further enhancing Lelystad's appeal as a destination that provides cost-effective yet engaging things to do.

Cheap things to do in Lelystad

Lelystad offers a wealth of budget-friendly attractions that deliver both fun and culture. Start at the Bataviawerf shipyard, where an economical entrance fee lets visitors step back in time aboard historic ship replicas. Craftsmanship and maritime heritage abound at this living museum, and it's a great place for a hands-on history lesson. Nature enthusiasts will revel in the beauty of the Oostvaardersplassen, part of National Park Nieuw Land. This impressive landscape, reclaimed from the sea, offers hiking and bird-watching opportunities at little to no cost. For a dose of art and architecture, take a self-guided tour of Lelystad's public artworks, including the striking "Exposure" sculpture by Antony Gormley, available to all without spending a dime. Lelystad proves that enriching experiences don't have to drain the wallet, providing accessible attractions sure to entertain every type of traveler.

Things to do in Lelystad for couples

Lelystad's romantic charm offers an array of activities perfect for couples seeking to create lasting memories together. Couples who appreciate nature's calm can wander through the serene Oostvaarderspassen, with peaceful walking trails where wild horses roam and eagles soar overhead. For a blend of history and romance, the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet not only provides a shopping spree with a selection of more than 250 brands but also walks through a reconstructed 17th-century ship at the nearby Bataviawerf, inspiring awe and a connection to bygone eras. Concluding a day in Lelystard, couples can stroll along the picturesque marina at the Lelystad Harbor, watching the sunset paint the sky while the gentle lapping of the water sets a tranquil backdrop for a lovely evening. These attractions offer couples a delightful experience, balancing tranquility with enchanting points of interest.

Things to do in Lelystad at night

As the sun sets, Lelystad unveils a different kind of charm, offering nighttime activities that cater to a variety of interests. For a start, aglow under the night sky, the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is not only a daytime shopping retreat but also an evening wanderlust delight with its illuminated, picturesque streets, ideal for a leisurely stroll after dinner. Cinema lovers can catch the latest films in a cozy setting at the Agora Theater en Bioscoop, providing a cultural touch to Lelystad's nightlife. Finally, for a night filled with excitement, couples and groups alike can hit the local bowling alleys, such as Bowling Lelystad, for some friendly competition, laughter, and a casual dining experience. These attractions ensure that visitors to Lelystad can find entertainment and enjoyment well into the evening hours.