Pena Palace Entrance Ticket: Walking through the Portuguese Wonder of the World

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  • Explore dreamlike Pena Palace – the real wonder of Portugal and make the best of your visit
  • Learn about the unique palace architecture and visit the apartments of the royal family
  • Get to know bonkers and charming, obsessed and romantic Ferdinand II – Founder of Pena
  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful medieval fairy tale created in the middle of the 19th century
  • Admire breathtaking and fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean and walk along the castle walls
Once upon a time, there was a German youth who had a deep passion for art. He was enamored with medieval romantic tales and legends, and he embarked on a mission to bring them to life. Interestingly enough, he happened to be the King of Portugal! Thus, from one individual's...


  • Entrance ticket to Pena Palace
  • Downloadable multimedia audio tour on WeGoTrip app
  • Detailed route with step-by-step navigation

Places you will visit

Park and National Palace of Pena
Estrada da Pena
Park and National Palace of Pena
tours goes within cirlce

Attractions on the route

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  • Show your smartphone ticket at the Porta Férrea entrance.
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