Main Street in Dallas

Main Street is a historic and vibrant area in downtown Dallas that runs north-south and is an essential part of the city's central business district. The street stretches for 1.3 miles and is home to numerous iconic buildings, historic landmarks, and popular tourist attractions. One of the street's most famous landmarks is the Neiman Marcus flagship store, a luxury department store that has been operating since 1914.

Other notable attractions on Main Street include the Main Street Garden Park, a 1.75-acre public park that provides a green space oasis in the heart of the city; the Majestic Theatre, an ornate historic theater that hosts concerts and theatrical productions; and the Pegasus Plaza, an urban plaza that features a sculpture of the winged horse that symbolizes Dallas. Main Street is also home to a variety of trendy bars, restaurants, and boutique shops that cater to locals and tourists alike.

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Why visit Main Street in Dallas?

  • Discover world-class art at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Crow Museum of Asian Art, and the Nasher Sculpture Center, all located within walking distance of each other.

  • Savor the flavors of Dallas at a variety of restaurants and bars, offering everything from authentic Tex-Mex dishes to innovative cocktails and craft beers.

  • Shop for unique and stylish items at the charming boutiques and shops that line the street, featuring clothing, jewelry, and home decor from local and international designers.

  • Admire the stunning architecture of the historic buildings that dot the street, such as the Kirby Building and the Magnolia Hotel, which showcase the city's past and present.

  • Join the fun at the festivals and events that take place on Main Street throughout the year, such as the Main Street Garden Cinema, the Dallas Arts District Block Party, and the Main Street Fest.

  • Experience the vibrant and diverse culture of Dallas on Main Street, where you can meet locals and visitors alike and enjoy the city's atmosphere.

  • Enjoy some fresh air and greenery at Klyde Warren Park, a beautiful urban park that offers a range of outdoor activities such as jogging, yoga, and picnicking.

Best places to visit near Main Street

Main Street is not only a great destination but also a convenient base to explore some of the best attractions in Dallas. Here are some of the places you can visit within a short distance from Main Street:

  • Klyde Warren Park,a beautiful urban park that offers food trucks, live music, and outdoor games for all ages.

  • Dallas Museum of Art, a world-class museum that showcases over 24,000 works of art from various cultures and periods.

  • Nasher Sculpture Center, a serene museum that displays a stunning collection of contemporary and modern sculpture in an outdoor garden.

  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, a historic museum that commemorates the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy, and the site of his assassination.

  • Dallas World Aquarium, an amazing aquarium that features marine life from around the world, as well as birds, mammals, and reptiles in natural habitats.

  • Reunion Tower, an iconic tower that offers breathtaking views of the Dallas skyline from its observation deck and revolving restaurant.

  • Pioneer Plaza, a public park that celebrates the history of Texas with a larger-than-life bronze sculpture of a cattle drive.

  • Dallas Farmers Market, an outdoor market that sells fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods from local farmers and artisans.

  • Majestic Theatre, a historic theater that hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and other live performances in a grand setting.

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science, an interactive museum that explores various scientific topics, including earth sciences, energy, engineering, and more.
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    What's the best way to see Main Street?
    • Walk. Main Street is very walkable, and there are many interesting landmarks and attractions to see along the way, such as the Dallas Museum of Art, Klyde Warren Park, and the Majestic Theatre.

    • Bike. If you want to cover more ground than walking, biking is a great option. You can rent bikes from various stations around the city, including the Main Street Garden station.

    • Trolley. The McKinney Avenue Trolley is a historic streetcar that runs through downtown Dallas, including Main Street. It's a fun way to see the city, and the trolley is free to ride.

    • Segway. For a unique and fun experience, you can take a Segway tour of Main Street and the surrounding areas. It's a great way to see a lot in a short amount of time.

    • Carriage ride. If you want a more romantic and relaxed way to see Main Street, a horse-drawn carriage ride might be just the ticket. Carriages are available for hire from various companies in the area.
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    What are some interesting facts about Main Street?
    • The first paved road in Dallas was Main Street, which was completed in 1872.

    • The street was the center of commerce and activity in Dallas during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of the city's most important buildings and businesses were located on Main Street, including the Adolphus Hotel, the Majestic Theatre, and the Statler Hilton Hotel.

    • Main Street is also home to the Dallas Farmers Market, which was established in 1941 as a municipal farmers market.

    • Main Street was home to the first high-rise building in Dallas, the Praetorian Building, which was completed in 1909.