Things to do in Oviedo

About Oviedo

Short excursions include a quick audio-guided tour of the Old Town, visits to small art galleries, or a concise exploration of the historical city center.
Essential visits in Oviedo include the iconic Gothic San Salvador Cathedral, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Monte Naranco, the bustling El Fontan Market, and the tranquil San Francisco Park.
For family fun, visiting the Oviedo Railway Museum, enjoying the interactive exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, or spending time in nature at Parque de Invierno are great choices.
Popular outdoor activities entail hiking up Monte Naranco for historic sights and city views, exploring the greenery of San Francisco Park, or walking along the picturesque Senda Verde.
Indoor discoveries can be made at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, perusing the artworks at the Museum of Fine Arts, or enjoying a concert at the Prince Felipe Auditorium.
The best tours include a historic walk through Oviedo's old streets, a cider tasting tour along the Cider Boulevard, or an informative trip to the pre-Romanesque churches on Monte Naranco.
Oviedo's must-visit museums are the Archaeological Museum of Asturias and the Museum of Fine Arts, both offering rich insights into the region's past and artistic heritage.
For rainy days, indoor tours of the Oviedo Cathedral, local museums, and the Covered Market of El Fontan are excellent options to stay dry and entertained.

Best Things to Do In Oviedo

Immerse yourself in Oviedo’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and gastronomy, perfect for all curious travelers.

Oviedo: Monte Naranco

What is it?
A storied mountain offering hiking trails with historical significance and panoramic city views.
Why you should go?
Monte Naranco serves as both an outdoor adventure and a historical voyage. The mountain's trails lead to treasures like Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, both prime examples of pre-Romanesque architecture. As you ascend, the panorama of Oviedo unfolds in breathtaking vistas, offering a picturesque setting for a romantic hike or a reflective solo journey, easily making it one of the must-do Oviedo excursions for nature and history lovers alike.

Oviedo: Plaza de Trascorrales

What is it?
A quaint and charming square noted for its art exhibitions and crafts market.
Why you should go?
Located in the heart of Oviedo, Plaza de Trascorrales captivates with its intimate setting, framed by historic buildings. The square is a cultural focal point of Oviedo, hosting regular art displays and a quaint crafts market, where one can purchase unique, handmade items. This lively hub is an ideal spot for couples and families to enjoy the creative pulse of the city, offering insights into the local artisans' talents.

Oviedo: The Asturian Cider Route

What is it?
An immersive experience into the world of traditional Asturian cider production and tasting.
Why you should go?
For a taste of local flavor, the Asturian Cider Route is an unforgettable journey through the region's beloved beverage culture. Visitors can explore local cider mills, learn about the crafting process, and participate in tastings. It's an activity that perfectly combines Oviedo's gastronomic tradition with fun things to do in Oviedo, whether you're a cider aficionado or new to the drink.

Oviedo: The Philatelic and Numismatic Market

What is it?
An intriguing open-air market specializing in stamps, coins, and collectible items.
Why you should go?
Nestled in the Plaza del Fontán, the Philatelic and Numismatic Market offers a niche experience for collectors and the curious. Surrounded by historic buildings, the market presents a journey through time as visitors sift through memorabilia, stamps, and coins. It is a place where history buffs and those looking for a unique memento find treasure in Oviedo's rich past.

Oviedo: The Senda Verde

What is it?
A picturesque walking and cycling greenway that follows the path of old railway lines.
Why you should go?
The Senda Verde, or Green Trail, takes you through verdant landscapes and along serene riverbanks, connecting Oviedo with nearby towns. Ideal for active travelers, it offers a peaceful respite from the urban environment. You can leisurely stroll, run, or cycle while basking in nature's splendor, making it one of the best Oviedo activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.

Oviedo: San Julián de los Prados

What is it?
A large pre-Romanesque church also known as Santullano, showcasing ancient frescoes.
Why you should go?
San Julián de los Prados stands as a testament to Oviedo’s ancient architectural prowess. Frequented by visitors seeking the best Oviedo tours, this UNESCO World Heritage Site echoes tales from the 9th century. Its interior is adorned with intricate frescoes and stucco works, which are among the most significant pre-Romanesque wall paintings in Spain, providing an awe-inspiring glimpse into early medieval Christian art and architecture for history enthusiasts and casual explorers alike.

Oviedo: Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias

What is it?
A distinguished art museum with a vast collection spanning from the Middle Ages to modern art.
Why you should go?
Nestled within three buildings of historical significance, the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias houses an impressive array of artistic treasures. With works by Spanish and European masters such as El Greco, Goya, and Dalí, it's a cultural jewel among the places to visit in Oviedo. Art aficionados and curious visitors are enticed by the eloquent dialogue between the historic and the contemporary, making it a significant stop on any cultural vacation itinerary.

Oviedo: Parque de Invierno

What is it?
A spacious urban park offering a variety of recreational activities amidst natural beauty.
Why you should go?
Offering a breath of fresh air, Parque de Invierno is the perfect locale for those seeking outdoor Oviedo activities. The park's expansive greenery, winding paths, and sports facilities offer an invigorating escape for families, joggers, and nature lovers. As a free thing to do in Oviedo, it’s a vibrant spot to experience the city’s peaceful side, with playgrounds for children and serene spots for picnicking or relaxing away from the city bustle.

Oviedo: La Losa de Renfe

What is it?
An urban space that serves as a hub for public art, events, and community gatherings.
Why you should go?
Located above the city’s railway station, La Losa de Renfe is Oviedo’s unique subterranean space frequented for its blend of urban culture and sprawling leisure areas. Often hosting art exhibits, performances, and social events, it invites tourists to mingle with locals and experience the contemporary pulse of Oviedo. La Losa is a must for couples and friends looking for an unconventional yet enthralling addition to what to do in Oviedo.

Oviedo: Mercado de El Fontán

What is it?
A traditional market set in a picturesque square, offering local products and a lively ambiance.
Why you should go?
Mercado de El Fontán is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Oviedo for an authentic experience of the city’s daily life. The market's hustle and bustle, combined with the rich scents of Asturian cuisine, provide a sensory delight. Here, visitors can shop for regional specialties, artisan crafts, and fresh produce, all while soaking in the spirited community atmosphere that makes this market a cherished local institution.

TOP-5 tours in Oviedo for first time visitors

  • Discover Oviedo’s Cathedral Audio Tour: Navigate the architectural splendor and sacred relics of the iconic San Salvador Cathedral at your own pace, learning about its storied past and significance.
  • Old Town Exploration Audio Tour: Wander through Oviedo's cobblestone streets, soaking up the city's medieval history while uncovering hidden gems and storied landmarks listening to local legends.
  • Gastronomic Delights of Oviedo Audio Tour: Savor the flavors of Asturias with a guided audio journey through Oviedo’s best culinary spots, including markets, cider houses, and bakeries.
  • Pre-Romanesque Oviedo Audio Tour: Step back in time as you explore the UNESCO World Heritage monuments of Naranco Hill, learning about the Kingdom of Asturias and its unique architectural style.
  • Park and Garden Retreat Audio Tour: Reconnect with nature while learning about the diverse plant life and history of Oviedo's beloved green spaces, including the serene Campo de San Francisco.

Fun things to do in Oviedo with kids

Oviedo is a family-friendly city brimming with activities that will delight children and parents alike. Engage with science and nature at the Museo de la Naturaleza, where interactive displays and a variety of exhibits about the Asturian environment make learning fun. At the Parque de Invierno, kids can run free in the playgrounds, play sports, or embark on a mini-adventure through scenic trails. Another must-see is the Parque Zoológico El Bosque, a small zoo located a short drive from Oviedo, where families can encounter native and exotic animals in a natural setting. Here, laughter and wonder combine as children make unforgettable memories with every visit. Each of these attractions provides not just amusement but also educational opportunities, making them top picks for families looking for things to do in Oviedo with kids.

Things to do in Oviedo with family

Family explorers in Oviedo can experience a delightful mix of education and fun across the city's diverse landscapes. The interactive Museo de la Naturaleza provides an engaging and informative introduction to the Asturian environment, with exhibits that spark curiosity for all ages. For an outdoor excursion, the expansive Parque de Invierno is Oviedo's playground, offering playgrounds for the little ones, scenic walking routes, and sports facilities that invite active family fun. Another top attraction is the Monte Naranco, where families can hike up to see historic sites like Santa María del Naranco, enjoy picnics with striking views, and immerse themselves in nature. Oviedo's family-oriented attractions are not only captivating and enjoyable but serve as learning experiences that enrich the bonds of those who travel together.

Free things to do in Oviedo

Oviedo, with its rich history and lush landscapes, offers an array of free attractions perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. Begin with a visit to the iconic Gothic Oviedo Cathedral. While there may be a fee to enter certain areas, marveling at its exterior architectural details and the surrounding historical district won't cost a thing. Next, take a leisurely stroll through the verdant pathways of Parque San Francisco, the largest park in Oviedo, and see if you can spot the whimsical statues and local wildlife. Lastly, don't miss the chance to wander through the bustling Mercado El Fontan. This traditional market, while tempting with its array of goods, is free to explore and offers a vibrant glimpse into local life and culture. These free activities are ideal for anyone seeking to discover the heart and soul of Oviedo without spending a single euro.

Cheap things to do in Oviedo

Discovering Oviedo's charm can be surprisingly affordable, offering a wealth of experiences that deliver value and delight. For a small fee, art enthusiasts can explore the treasures within the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, housing impressive collections from renowned artists. History buffs will appreciate the reasonably priced entry to the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, where ancient artifacts tell the region's captivating story. Additionally, Oviedo's Cider Route presents an inexpensive way to indulge in the local culture by visiting traditional cider bars where the Asturian beverage can be sampled for just a few euros. From enjoying the arts to sipping on regional drinks, these cost-effective options showcase the best of tours in Oviedo while ensuring visitors can engage deeply with the city's culture without overspending.

Things to do in Oviedo for couples

For couples visiting Oviedo, the city offers a romantic and memorable getaway with a selection of enchanting experiences. Enjoy a lovely walk through the peaceful San Francisco Park, where the beautiful gardens and idyllic paths set the stage for a dreamy afternoon. Indulge in a cultural date by visiting the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, where you can wander through rooms filled with stunning artworks and classic masterpieces. As the sun sets, head to the Calle Gascona, famously known as the 'Boulevard of Cider,' to experience the lively Asturian tradition of cider tasting. Here, intimate cider houses serve as the perfect spot for couples to toast to their love while savoring traditional Spanish tapas. These three attractions highlight some of the best things to do in Oviedo for couples, blending the essence of romantic strolls, cultural exploration, and gastronomic pleasure.

Things to do in Oviedo at Carter night

When the sun dips below the Asturian skyline, Oviedo's nocturnal charm awakens. Begin your evening by experiencing the city's vibrant culinary scene with a stroll along Calle Gascona, where the sounds of lively conversation mingle with the clinking of glasses in countless cider bars. For entertainment, check if the grand Teatro Campoamor has a performance, be it opera, ballet, or music, adding a touch of glamour and culture to your night. Alternatively, for those who enjoy leisurely evenings spent under the stars, a night walk along the historic streets of Oviedo's Old Town can be magical. The illuminated facades of ancient buildings and the tranquil ambiance provide a romantic backdrop suitable for couples and friends alike. These top attractions offer a variety of ways to explore and enjoy Oviedo at night, each providing a unique perspective on this charming city.