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  • Discover the ancient ruins of a city destroyed by the violent volcano eruption
  • Witness the remnants of artifacts, artworks, structures, and even people frozen in time
  • Marvel at the awe-inspiring amphitheater
  • Find the earliest-known example of marketing wordplay in the world
The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 C.E. presented a paradoxical situation. While it caused immense devastation, wiping out entire communities, it also bestowed upon history an unparalleled collection of well-preserved remnants from an ancient city. This city is known as Pompeii and its awe-inspiring ruins attract countless visitors, making it one of Italy's most renowned destinations. When Vesuvius unleashed its explosive power, equivalent to 100,000 atom bombs, the inhabitants of Pompeii met a swift demise. Paradoxically, the combination of scorching ash and aridity proved instrumental in preserving the city over millennia. Consequently, the remarkable sights we witness today provide an extraordinary glimpse into life during the Roman era. The remnants reveal intricate details of daily existence. Within the confines of Sirico's house, for instance, lies a notable inscription that reads "Salve lucru" (meaning "Welcome, profit"). This inscription indicates Sirico's ownership of a trading company. With an expanse exceeding 50 hectares, visitors have the opportunity to traverse the Forum with the imposing backdrop of Vesuvius or find solace beneath a tree, marveling at the awe-inspiring amphitheater. Remnants of the essential aqueduct, street fountains, and public baths.
    • You can access from all gates but Fast-track entrance applies only to "Porta Marina Inferiore (Piazza Esedra)"
    • On 14/05/24 from 9am until 2 pm the entrance from Piazza Anfiteatro will be closed
    • Disabled EU citizens + one accompanying family member and ICOM members get in free
    • Big bags & suitcases aren't allowed; lockers onsite
    • Download the Pompeii app for [iOS](https://apps.apple.com/it/app/mypompeii/id1519515140) or [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.pompeiisites.pompeiiapp) for a real-time map with the routes and to see how many visitors there are in the park. You can activate it with the QR code on your ticket
    • Free "Pompeii ArteBus" service, minibus to easily reach the various archaeological sites of the Park
    • Ticket is valid for 1 entry. Not possible to leave and re-enter the park.
    • Only small dogs on a leash and picked up while inside the homes can be brought inside the park (service dogs assisting disabled people are also permitted, with a certificate)
    • Show your smartphone ticket at the "Porta Marina Inferiore (Piazza Esedra)" entrance on the day of your visit
    • You can redeem your entrance ticket only on the day of your visit!
    • You can enter from all the gates of Pompeii, but you will have Fast-track entrance only from gate "Porta Marina Inferiore (Piazza Esedra)". On the other entrances you could wait on line in peak season.
    • Big bags & suitcases aren't allowed; lockers onsite
    • The audio guide must be collected only in front of the entrance of Porta Marina Inferiore (Piazza Esedra). The exact meeting point will be on the voucher of the audio guide
    • Ticket is valid for 1 entry. Not possible to leave and re-enter the park.

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Via Villa dei Misteri 2, 80045, Pompei

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