Tiber River Mini-Cruise with Sushi and Cocktail

About this activity

Entrance ticket
Route length: 3 km
Duration 1h 15m
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  • Take an evening cruise of the Tiber River with a romantic sushi dinner aboard
  • Enjoy stunning views of the Eternal City while sipping cocktail and eating sushi
  • Sail underneath the city's most famous bridges, including the iconic St Angelo Bridge
  • Admire St Peter Basilica and other Rome’s famous landmarks from water
Embark on the sushi and cocktail cruise along the Tiber River in Rome. As you glide by iconic landmarks, including St Peter’s Basilica and St Angelo Castle, relish in the delicate flavors of sushi paired with refreshing cocktails. In addition to this culinary adventure, your ticket also grants access to...


  • Tiber River Cruise from the St Angelo Bridge Pier
  • Sushi Dinner: 5 pieces of sushi and a cocktail
  • Hop-on Hop-off cruise ticket
  • Additional food and drinks

Places you will visit

St Angelo Bridge Pier
Lungotevere in Augusta
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  • Show your smartphone ticket at the boarding point at S. Angelo's Pier, Lungotevere Tor di Nona
Cancellation policies vary according to activity type. Please check the conditions of your required activity Entry ticket.
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