Tickets to the Saint Mark's Basilica

About Saint Mark's Basilica

This cathedral is one of the most recognized and renowned landmarks in all of Venice, and with good reason: it’s an architectural masterpiece. So, what can you do there?

  • Admire a unique and beautiful cathedral. Basilica di San Marco is a well-preserved example of Byzantine architecture. However, it isn’t just an homage to Byzantine architecture: it combines features from multiple sources, including Romanesque and Islam architecture.
  • Study the magnificent mosaics of the cathedral. These intricate mosaics cover the walls and the domes of the basilica. These mosaics tell stories from the Bible, both the Old and New Testament; even without their historical significance, these murals are a work of art.
  • Walk among an eclectic collection of statues. This cathedral has a rich and varied collection of sculptures scattered inside and outside it. However, not all statues were built for this church, and many were brought from different places. This mixture of styles and techniques sets this collection of sculptures apart from any other in the world.

The tickets to the church cost €3. Children under 6 can enter for free.

The church is open to all visitors every day from 9:30 AM to 5:15 PM. The last opportunity to enter the church is at 4:45 PM.

We suggest visiting this landmark during the low season, from November to March. There are fewer tourists around, so you can explore the church as you please. Going there on weekdays, in the morning, or in the evening will help you avoid crowds.

This cathedral is located in the very heart of Venice, next to Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale. You can reach this landmark via multiple modes of transport like train, vaporetto, bus, or on foot.

The closest vaporetto stop is St. Mark/San Zaccaria; you can get there by Line 1, Line 2, and Line 5.1. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the basilica from the ferry stop.

The tour The Wonder of Saint Mark’s Basilica is a perfect way to discover the most iconic cathedral of Venice. With the self-guided audio tour, you can learn more about the cathedral’s history, admire its beautiful decorations, and explore Museo di San Marco.

What people say about Saint Mark's Basilica

May 2024
Good audio guide, good voice quality. I'm not sure that a real guide could be so patient and repeat some things as per my request. For sure will try it again.
May 2024
I love it! It was great! Great locations, interesting stories, highly recommended to all! I will recommend this tour to all my friends!
May 2024
Absolutely loved the palace and enjoyed the audio guide too. It was handy also that we could skip the line and get to the palace quickly. Piazza San Marco with all the beautiful buildings and sculptures around is adorable, was great to find out more about it.
April 2024
Some great stories there, very fitting with the atmosphere of the city. An excellent way to spend an evening in Venice… chasing ghosts!
December 2022
Great tour! I was satisfied and in a good mood!
October 2022
I highly recommend it! The voice of the guide is clear and enchanting. The tour is never boring. It has been exciting to walk while listening to such interesting local stories and facts 💯

FAQ about Saint Mark's Basilica

Since the basilica is an extremely popular tourist destination, we recommend booking tickets in advance. That way, you can avoid waiting in line in front of a ticket office. You can buy tickets on our website and sign up for an audio tour from a local expert guide.

  • Doge’s Palace
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Sist’Art gallery
  • Giardini Reali
  • Ateneo di San Basso

You can book tickets at least six months in advance. It’s best to book tickets before you visit the basilica. Our website also lets you purchase tickets to St. Mark’s Basilica; additionally, you can pick up an exciting audio tour.