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The Palace of Versailles, with its opulent Hall of Mirrors and King’s Grand Apartments, tops the list. Don't miss the exquisite Gardens of Versailles, the Trianon Palaces, and Marie Antoinette’s Estate. Discovering the Royal Chapel and the Gallery of Coaches are also highly recommended.
Children will enjoy the rich history of the Palace of Versailles with its many stories. The Gardens of Versailles offer a maze and spacious grounds for play. Lastly, the Queen’s Hamlet provides a rustic, charming experience with its farm and quaint buildings.
Exploring the extensive Gardens of Versailles, renting a rowboat on the Grand Canal, and cycling around the estate's extensive trails offer fresh air and exercise amidst stunning views. Picnics in the Park of the Palace of Versailles are also a favorite.
Indoor exploration includes traversing the Palace of Versailles, admiring the artwork in the Gallery of Battles, experiencing the royal opera house, and browsing through the history in the Museum of the History of France.
The best Versailles tours include the guided Palace of Versailles tours that cover the State Apartments, the King's Private Apartments, and the Versailles Gardens and Fountains Show. Estate of Trianon tours and the Musical Gardens tour are also favorites.
The most popular museums in Versailles encompass the Palace History Gallery, Coach Gallery, and the Museum of French History, each offering unique insights into the nation's artistic, cultural, and royal heritage.
For rainy days, the Palace of Versailles and its numerous galleries offer ample indoors exploration. The Coach Gallery and the Estate of Trianon present fascinating tours away from the weather.
Short tours that take an hour or less include the self-guided tours of the Gardens of Versailles, the Sculpture and Moulding Galleries, or a quick visit to the Royal Chapel or the King's Garden Grove.

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April 2024
Magnificent Versailles: Marvels of the Fabled Palace
It was great! I love it!
April 2024
Magnificent Versailles: Marvels of the Fabled Palace
A real journey back to the time of kings and queens! That was a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed exploring the beautiful Versailles Palace with the audio guide. It was full of fascinating details, captivating tales, and a voice narration was also pleasant.

Best Things to Do In Versailles

Discover the grandeur of Versailles with a variety of tours and activities catering to every interest.

Versailles: The Great Stables

What is it?
An emblem of royal equestrian splendor and an architectural masterpiece.
Why you should go?
The Great Stables offer a journey through the history of horsemanship at Versailles. Impressive in their design, they are an essential part of the estate's heritage. Today, they house the Academy of Equestrian Arts, where visitors can see majestic horses and witness equestrian displays that revive the glory of the past. The stables' beauty and the skill of the riders make it a spellbinding venue for those interested in both equine and royal traditions.

Versailles: The Coach Gallery

What is it?
A regal collection of historic carriages, housed in the King’s Great Stables.
Why you should go?
As a display of royal transportational luxury, the Coach Gallery is incomparable. Here, visitors marvel at ornate carriages, sleds, and even sedan chairs used by the French monarchy. The craftsmanship and detail of each piece tell the story of fashion, art, and political prowess on wheels. An audio tour will also highlight how these vehicles were not merely transport, but symbols of wealth and power, making it a fascinating visit for history buffs and art lovers alike.

Versailles: The Orangerie

What is it?
A palatial greenhouse sheltering exotic plants and exuding serenity.
Why you should go?
The Orangerie of Versailles, with its classical architecture and geometrically arrayed gardens, serves as a haven of calm. Built to protect delicate plants during winter, its terraces offer spectacular views of the palace and beyond. Visitors are treated to a verdant array of botanical beauty year-round, all the while learning about the horticultural pursuits of the kings who sought to bring the world's plants to Versailles. Its tranquil ambiance is ideal for those seeking a moment of peace amidst opulent surroundings.

Versailles: The Hall of Battles

What is it?
A grand gallery commemorating significant military victories of France.
Why you should go?
Spanning the ages, The Hall of Battles is adorned with monumental paintings depicting pivotal moments in French military history. As visitors walk through, the audio tour will illuminate the battles that shaped France, narrated with stories of heroism and strategy. This gallery is not merely a walk through history, but a tribute to the art of storytelling through paintings, making it essential viewing for enthusiasts of art and history alike.

Versaille: The Opera Royal

What is it?
An architectural and acoustical marvel, Versailles' premier opera house.
Why you should go?
Constructed to celebrate the wedding of the future Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the Opera Royal stands as a testament to refined entertainment and royal grandeur. This venue hosted some of history's most lavish performances, and today, visitors can immerse themselves in its storied past. An audio tour will guide them through the intricacies of its design and the extravaganzas it staged, offering a glimpse into the opulent world of 18th-century courtly entertainment.

Versailles: The Hall of Mirrors

What is it?
A signature feature of the Royal Palace famed for its grandeur and beauty.
Why you should go?
Visitors to the Hall of Mirrors are enveloped in a display of opulence and artistry, where 357 mirrors reflect the majesty of 17th-century France. You'll tread the same floors where historic figures shaped the course of European history. Embark on a self-guided audio tour to uncover the stories and secrets behind the sun king's most prestigious reception hall. With each step, the grandiosity of the French monarchy is revealed through breathtaking craftsmanship and intricate detail.

Versailles: The Estate of Trianon

What is it?
An intimate escape within Versailles featuring the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Queen’s Hamlet.
Why you should go?
The Trianon Palaces and the surrounding parklands offer a more secluded experience of royal life, away from the crowds of the main palace. In the Grand Trianon, marvel at the French Neoclassical architecture. Further explore the Petit Trianon and the idyllic Queen's Hamlet, where Marie Antoinette sought refuge from court life. These attractions provide a tranquil and picturesque setting, ideal for a leisurely audio-guided escapade that illustrates the personal lives of the royals.

Versailles: The Royal Chapel

What is it?
A magnificent architectural gem showcasing the zenith of French Baroque art and design.
Why you should go?
As the last major structure built within the Palace of Versailles, the Royal Chapel stands as a testament to royal grandeur and religious devotion. Its soaring architecture and resplendent interior decoration command awe. Exploring this hallowed space through a guided audio tour allows for a deep dive into the spiritual life of the French monarchy and the artistry of the period, providing a serene and enriching experience amidst an often overlooked aspect of the palace.

Versailles: The Queen's State Apartments

What is it?
Lavishly decorated private living quarters of the Queens of France.
Why you should go?
Stepping into the Queen's State Apartments is like entering a realm of timeless elegance. Once the domain of powerful queens such as Marie Antoinette, these rooms sparkle with refined decor. By engaging in an audio-guided tour here, visitors will gain insight into the private lives and daily routines of the queens who contributed to Versailles' storied past. Each room reveals a facet of court customs and fashions, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by the interplay of power and femininity.

Versailles: The Musical Fountains Show

What is it?
A spectacular water display set to the rhythm of classical music.
Why you should go?
The Musical Fountains Show is a harmonious blend of art and nature, quintessential to the Versailles experience. As fountains dance to the sounds of Baroque music, visitors are transported to an era of royal opulence. The choreography of water and melody creates a captivating tableau against the backdrop of Versailles' iconic gardens. A self-guided audio tour during the display provides historical context and enhances the visual spectacle, making it an unforgettable highlight of any visit.

Fun things to do in Versailles with kids

For families exploring Versailles, the city offers enchanting experiences that are as educational as they are entertaining. First, the Palace of Versailles itself has a way of making history come alive. Young visitors will be captivated by the opulent rooms and could engage in a playful scavenger hunt through the Hall of Mirrors and the grand apartments. Next, the Gardens of Versailles present a labyrinthine adventure; kids will enjoy navigating the intricate maze, and the Musical Fountains Show introduces them to the magic of water choreography set to classical tunes. Lastly, the Queen’s Hamlet at the Estate of Trianon is akin to stepping into a fairy tale. This rustic retreat with its charming thatched-roof cottages and farm animals provides a delightful contrast to the grandeur of the palace, making it a favorite among the younger crowd. Each of these spots offers a unique perspective of Versailles' grandeur and are perfect for a family-friendly audio tour that will engage kids with stories of kings, queens, and bygone luxury.

Things to do in Versailles with family

Venturing to Versailles with family unlocks a treasury of activities rich in history and charm. Take the journey through the expanse of the Palace of Versailles where immersive audio tours guide you past royal chambers and through the sprawling Hall of Mirrors, captivating participants of all ages with tales of Louis XIV's extravagant court. The Gardens of Versailles are perfect for leisurely strolls or playful exploration, inviting families to marvel at the grand fountains and manicured lawns, with the garden’s grandeur coming to life through insightful narrated stories. For a tranquil respite, visit the Queen’s Hamlet in the Trianon Estate, a rustic paradise where Marie Antoinette played at pastoral living, complete with farm animals and storybook cottages. This destination is especially engaging for children, offering an imaginative glimpse into 18th-century pastoral life. Each location within Versailles presents an opportunity for families to connect with the culture and history of France in an accessible and memorable way.

Free things to do in Versailles

Experiencing the elegance of Versailles doesn't have to come at a high cost. Visitors can indulge in a variety of free activities that offer a glimpse into the city's rich heritage. Stroll through the historic streets of Versailles and take in the stunning architecture that lines the city's quaint neighborhoods. The Versailles Market, bursting with local flavor and vibrant stalls, provides an authentic taste of French life. Another must-visit spot is the Parc Balbi, a picturesque English-style garden that is less known than the grand gardens of the palace but offers a peaceful retreat with its gentle streams and diverse flora. Lastly, the city hosts the Versailles Series Musicale, a free outdoor music event during the summer months, allowing guests to enjoy live classical music amidst the backdrop of the city's historical ambiance. Each of these attractions can be enriched with a self-guided audio tour, providing context and adding depth to the free explorations of Versailles.

Cheap things to do in Versailles

Exploring the majestic city of Versailles on a budget is an enjoyable endeavor, with numerous affordable attractions that promise rich experiences. Begin at the Versailles Cathedral, where visitors can admire the neoclassical façade and the luminous stained-glass windows, all without spending a cent. Absorb the city’s atmosphere and history with a leisurely walk through the antique-laden Place du Marché Notre-Dame, which has served as the bustling heart of local activity since the 17th century. On certain days, guests can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the outdoor market there. For nature enthusiasts, the vast and tranquil Domaine de Madame Élisabeth, once the estate of King Louis XVI's sister, offers an array of landscaped gardens and orchards and serves as a perfect spot for picnicking and relaxation. These locations and more can be discovered through thoughtfully curated self-guided audio tours, which delve into the stories behind Versailles’ landmarks at an affordable price, enhancing the visit while keeping costs low.

Things to do in Versailles for couples

Versailles emerges as a romantic backdrop for couples seeking to experience moments of splendor and intimacy amidst historical grandeur. Saunter hand-in-hand through the Gardens of Versailles, where manicured lawns, intricate fountains, and hidden groves become settings for cherished memories. Enhance the garden stroll with a self-guided audio tour that narrates romantic tales from Versailles' past. For a taste of culture, meander through the art-laden corridors of The Palace of Versailles; ample opportunities arise to share awe-inspiring views and whispers about the royal legacies enshrined within these walls. As daylight wanes, partake in the enchanting aura of the Versailles Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors. Couples can view costumed dancers glide across the floor in a mesmerizing display of historic dance, inviting onlookers into a bygone era of courtly romance. These venues are among the top attractions in Versailles that cater to the pursuit of love and history, offering enriching experiences that cultivate connection and wonder.

Things to do in Versailles at night

As dusk settles over Versailles, the city unveils a nocturnal charm that enriches the traveler's experience. Begin an evening with the famed Versailles Night Fountains Show, a spellbinding event where the gardens transform with illuminated fountains and groves, set to the historical tunes of classical music—an enchanting spectacle not to be missed. For an indulgence in culture and art, the Opera Royal offers evening performances where one can admire the beautifully maintained theater and be moved by the operatic and orchestral masterpieces. Alternatively, couples and friends alike can enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of the terraced restaurants overlooking the grand palace, relishing French cuisine as the architectural marvel is bathed in soft lights, setting the scene for a tranquil, romantic escapade. Such attractions at night underscore Versailles' dedication to showcasing its heritage and providing unforgettable experiences after sunset.

TOP-5 tours in Versailles for first-time visitors

  • Royal Palace of Versailles Tour: Explore the opulent halls and intricate gardens of the chateau, where French kings and queens once resided, immersing oneself in the richness of history.
  • The Gardens of Versailles Tour: Delight in the beauty of elaborate landscaping on a stroll through Versailles' famed gardens, complete with fountains and statues that narrate its past.
  • The Trianons & Marie Antoinette's Estate Tour: Step back to the era of extravagance and relive the royal lifestyle by visiting the private retreats of historic monarchs, complemented by captivating narratives.
  • Versailles City Promenade: Enjoy the charming streets and local markets of Versailles' city center, making connections with its vibrant culture and storied architecture through insightful commentary.
  • Biking Tour around Versailles: Combine fitness with sightseeing on a unique pedal-powered journey, viewing the area's scenic highlights and uncovering lesser-known spots.