Things to do in Amersfoort

About Amersfoort

The must-see attractions in Amersfoort include the iconic Koppelpoort, a medieval gateway and the symbol of the city, the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, a gothic church tower known locally as Lange Jan, and the Muurhuizen, a street lined with houses built on the old city wall. Each offers a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of Amersfoort.
For families visiting Amersfoort, spending the day at DierenPark Amersfoort Zoo provides wonderful wildlife encounters. The Verkeerstuin Amersfoort, with its interactive traffic park, is educational and fun for kids. Lastly, exploring the medieval Koppelpoort offers a captivating experience for children interested in history and mechanics.
The best outdoor activities in Amersfoort include walking or cycling along the scenic canals and through the verdant Park Randenbroek, climbing and zip-lining at the Klimbos Fun Forest Amersfoort, and exploring the historic city center with its blend of ancient architecture, picturesque streets, and outdoor cafes.
The best indoor activities in Amersfoort comprise visiting museums such as the Museum Flehite for local history and art, the Mondriaanhuis for modern art enthusiasts, and the Kunsthal KAdE for contemporary exhibitions. For indoor fun, The VR Room Amersfoort offers a virtual reality experience.
The best tours in Amersfoort include the self-guided audio tours of the old town, showcasing the city's history and landmarks. Canal boat tours provide a tranquil view of the city from the water, and the cultural walking tours highlight the art and vibrant life of the city.
The most popular museums in Amersfoort are the Museum Flehite with its rich local history collections, the Mondriaanhuis showcasing the works and life of Piet Mondrian, and the Kunsthal KAdE known for its cutting-edge contemporary art exhibits.
For rainy days, indoor tours such as the Museum Flehite and Mondriaanhuis are ideal. The Kunsthal KAdE offers sheltered cultural exploration. Additionally, The VR Room provides an engaging indoor adventure with its array of virtual experiences.
Short tours in Amersfoort that last 1 hour or less include the guided tour of the Koppelpoort, quick exploration tours of Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, and condensed city highlight tours that give a brief overview of Amersfoort's central historical sites.

Best Things to Do In Amersfoort

Explore the historic beauty of Amersfoort with an immersive audio guide experience. Dive into the city's rich culture and attractions.

Amersfoort: Amersfoort Zoo

What is it?
A captivating zoo with a diverse collection of animals and engaging interactive experiences.
Why you should go?
Amersfoort Zoo offers an exceptional opportunity to appreciate wildlife through immersive habitats and educational exhibits. Visitors can experience the thrill of walking through a dinosaur park, viewing the grace of big cats, and even participating in feeding sessions. Engage with a variety of species while learning about conservation efforts. The zoo's unique blend of nature, learning, and interactive fun makes it one of the most memorable Amersfoort activities for travelers of all ages.

Amersfoort: The Water Line Museum

What is it?
An innovative museum that delves into the history of Dutch water-based defenses.
Why you should go?
Discover a pivotal part of Dutch history at The Water Line Museum. Situated in a real fort, the museum brings the ingenious Dutch water defense system to life through state-of-the-art interactive exhibits and historical artifacts. Visitors can explore the fortifications, learn about military strategies, and even simulate controlling water levels. It stands out as one of the best Amersfoort tours for those interested in history, engineering, or military tactics.

Amersfoort: De Muurhuizen

What is it?
A picturesque street lined with historic houses, built on the foundations of the old city wall.
Why you should go?
De Muurhuizen, or 'Wall Houses,' represent a storied chapter in Amersfoort's history, transforming the city's ancient fortifications into charming residential dwellings. This scenic stretch is an architectural marvel, providing an enchanting walk that transports visitors back in time. The street is perfect for photography enthusiasts and history buffs alike, making it a top contender for things to do in Amersfoort for visitors seeking a tranquil yet historical atmosphere.

Amersfoort: The Guild Quarters

What is it?
A historic area where Amersfoort's creative and commercial energy has thrived for centuries.
Why you should go?
The Guild Quarters are the vibrant heart of the city, brimming with artisan shops, boutiques, and cafes. This lively district is where travelers can experience the pulse of Amersfoort, exploring cobbled lanes that resonate with creativity and commerce. The area is a hive of activities, ideal for those seeking a blend of what to do in Amersfoort, from shopping for unique crafts to savoring local delicacies in a cozy eatery.

Amersfoort: Hof

What is it?
The central square of Amersfoort, pulsing with cultural life and historic buildings.
Why you should go?
The Hof, Amersfoort's central square, is not only the geographic but also the cultural heart of the city. Surrounded by historic buildings, including the towering St. George's Church, it forms a picturesque setting for the vibrant market and numerous festivals held throughout the year. The square is a must-visit for those wondering what to see in Amersfoort, offering a lively atmosphere that is ideal for experiencing local life and festivities.

Amersfoort: Koppelpoort

What is it?
A stunning medieval gate that spans the Eem river, part of the city's ancient fortifications.
Why you should go?
The Koppelpoort serves as a monumental portal to Amersfoort's history, offering a picturesque scene straight out of a storybook. As one of the best things to do in Amersfoort, visiting this well-preserved 14th-century structure allows one to wander through archways and imagine the rich tales of merchants and soldiers. With its impressive mechanics still viewable during guided tours, the Koppelpoort stands as a testament to medieval engineering that fascinates architects and historians alike.

Amersfoort: Museum Flehite

What is it?
An art museum set in a historically rich building showcasing Amersfoort's local history and culture.
Why you should go?
Museum Flehite is a cultural cornerstone when considering what to do in Amersfoort. The museum's intriguing exhibits transport visitors through time with regional art and artifacts that narrate the city's past. Housed within three late-medieval houses, the museum itself is an exhibit of architectural beauty. Whether an art aficionado or a history buff, guests are charmed by the museum's intimate collection and the stories it tells of Amersfoort's heritage.

Amersfoort: Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren

What is it?
A towering gothic church spire, famously known as 'Lange Jan,' offering panoramic city views.
Why you should go?
Gazing over the cityscape from the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren is an unmissable activity and surely one of the thrilling things to see in Amersfoort. As the third tallest church tower in the country, it provides a majestic backdrop to the city's skyline. Climbing the tower rewards with breathtaking views while the carillon's melodic chimes provide an auditory glimpse into Dutch traditions. This iconic spire not only beckons photographers but also provides an enthralling historical narrative for all who ascend its heights.

Amersfoort: Mondriaanhuis

What is it?
The birthplace of the pioneer abstract artist, Piet Mondrian, now an inspiring museum dedicated to his life and work.
Why you should go?
Amersfoort excursions often lead to the Mondriaanhuis, an essential pilgrimage for art lovers. Exploring the evolutionary path of Mondrian's art, the museum exhibits his early figurative works through to the iconic abstract masterpieces that influenced the course of modern art. Interactive displays and thoughtfully curated artworks imbue visitors with a deeper understanding of the creative process of this visionary. Engaging with Mondrian's legacy here is not just a cultural journey, but a vibrant encounter with abstract expressionism itself.

Amersfoort: DierenPark Amersfoort

What is it?
A family-friendly wildlife park offering close encounters with animals, play areas, and educational activities.
Why you should go?
DierenPark Amersfoort is not just a zoo; it is an interactive experience that ranks highly among fun things to do in Amersfoort. The park encourages engagement through adventurous climbing routes that get visitors up close with the animals while also prioritizing conservation education. From observing the underwater antics of playful penguins to the fascinating dinosaur forest, the park captivates the curious minds of young and old. It's a dynamic blend of entertainment and learning in a natural setting that's enchanting for any visitor.

TOP-5 tours in Amersfoort for first time visitors

  • Delve into medieval charm and embark on a journey that covers the top places to visit in Amersfoort. Wander along ancient streets to discover hidden gems.
  • From historic landmarks to local secrets, this tour highlights what to see in Amersfoort and is a treat for cultural enthusiasts eager to learn and explore.
  • The vibrant arts scene awaits with this curated path through galleries and installations. Discover the Amersfoort activities that inspire creativity and wonder.
  • Aimed at families, this excursion reveals the fun things to do in Amersfoort. Engage with interactive stories that captivate the imagination of all ages.
  • Experience the best Amersfoort tours that encapsulate the city’s enchanting night scene. This twilight adventure showcases a different, mesmerizing side of the city.

Fun things to do in Amersfoort with kids

Embarking on a family adventure in Amersfoort ensures a treasure trove of activities that cater to children's curiosity and energy. One of the top family destinations is the interactive DierenPark Amersfoort, where the Animal Park enthralls with unique exhibits like the Dino Park, and the chance to meander above bear enclosures on an exciting Klim Alles route. Children can not only see their favorite animals but also learn valuable conservation lessons through playful educational programs. The city also beckons to young minds with the playful wonders of the playful Amersfoort Traffic Park (Verkeerstuin Amersfoort), where kids can drive around in pedal cars learning traffic rules, encouraging an engaging and practical understanding of road safety in a fun-filled environment. For a blast from the past, families will enjoy the medieval Koppelpoort, part of Amersfoort's old fortifications. Audio-guided tours here can be a fantastic way for kids to learn history hands-on, allowing them to crank the gears of the ancient city gate and visualize the life of yesteryears, solidifying Amersfoort as a city with offerings that make history and learning exciting for the youngest tourists.

Things to do in Amersfoort with family

A trip to Amersfoort with family promises a blend of education and entertainment. First on the list is the Amersfoort Zoo, a fascinating haven for wildlife that offers children a firsthand look at exotic animals and interactive learning sessions about nature and conservation. Not just a zoo, it's a sanctuary for rare species and an excellent opportunity for families to bond over shared discoveries. Next up, the adventurous spirit of families is ignited at the adventurous Klimbos Fun Forest, an outdoor climbing park nestled in lush woodlands. With courses designed for various ages and skill levels, the whole family can engage in healthy physical activity while overcoming obstacles and zip-lining through the trees, enjoying the thrill of nature's playground. For a dose of culture, the Museum Flehite is an ideal stop. Housed in a historical building, the museum's exhibits span from ancient history to modern-day artworks, making it a cultural gem that's appealing to both parents and children, nurturing a love for history and art in a family-friendly setting.

Free things to do in Amersfoort

Amersfoort offers a myriad of experiences that do not require a ticket, perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. A stroll through the historical city center tops the list, with its charming cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and landmarks like the remarkable Koppelpoort gate welcoming visitors into the medieval heart of the city. This walkable area is rich with photo opportunities, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local ambiance without spending a cent. The Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, also known as 'Lange Jan,' is visible from almost any point in the city and provides a focal point for self-guided tours. While climbing the tower requires a fee, admiring it from the ground and utilizing the surrounding square as a starting point for a historical walkthrough of Amersfoort is entirely free and equally enriching. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the picturesque parks such as Park Randenbroek. This beautifully maintained space invites family picnics, leisurely walks, and relaxation by the ponds, making it an ideal spot for unwinding after exploring the city.

Cheap things to do in Amersfoort

Frugal travelers rejoice, as Amersfoort brims with cost-effective attractions. Venture to the famed Amersfoort Market, held in the main squares, where the vibrant stalls offer a glimpse into local life at little to no cost. Sampling fresh produce, browsing artisanal crafts, and soaking in the bustling atmosphere can be done on a shoestring budget, making it a must-visit for those seeking authentic experiences. The Kunsthal KAdE is a beacon for art lovers looking for an affordable cultural outing. Although not entirely free, it offers inexpensive entry to a world of contemporary art, design, and architecture. The thought-provoking exhibitions are sure to be a highlight for any visitor interested in the arts. Another worthwhile excursion is a casual hike or cycle along the Amersfoort Canal. The stunning waterway is lined with lush landscapes and historical sites, perfect for an inexpensive day out exploring the natural beauty and architectural heritage of this captivating city.

Things to do in Amersfoort for couples

For couples seeking romance and shared experiences, Amersfoort provides a lovely backdrop. Begin with a leisurely boat tour along the city's historic canals. These serene waterways offer a unique perspective of Amersfoort, gliding past centuries-old houses and under charming bridges, creating an intimate outing perfect for partners. Amersfoort's old town, with its picturesque streets and quaint cafes, is ideal for a hand-in-hand stroll. Couples can explore the art-lined alleys, discover boutique shops, and enjoy cozy dining spots, where they can indulge in delectable local cuisine in a romantic setting. It's a relaxed way to immerse in the city's vibrant atmosphere and find hidden corners for that perfect photo together. Lastly, the serene Oude Haven (Old Harbour) at dusk is not to be missed. The area transforms with a magical ambiance as the day fades, making it the quintessential spot for a peaceful evening walk. Here, couples can witness the golden hour glow over the water, culminating in a beautiful ending to a day spent in Amersfoort.

Things to do in Amersfoort at night

When the sun sets, Amersfoort reveals its nocturnal charm. A walk through the city center is a must, as the historic buildings and streets are beautifully illuminated, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The Koppelpoort, in particular, presents a magnificent sight under the night sky, reflecting in the calm waters of the Eem river—a perfect scene for an evening stroll or night photography. The lively Hof, Amersfoort's central square, buzzes with energy at night. Couples and groups alike can enjoy the convivial atmosphere of outdoor cafes and bars, perhaps catching a live music performance or simply savoring a local craft beer under the stars. The social vibe here encapsulates the city’s spirit after dark. For those looking for entertainment, FLUOR offers an eclectic range of nighttime events, from concerts to themed club nights. This vibrant venue is the cornerstone of Amersfoort's nightlife, providing an opportunity to mingle with locals and experience the contemporary pulse of the city.