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The must-see attractions in Astorga include the exemplary Gothic Cathedral, the architectural wonder of Gaudí's Episcopal Palace, and the Astorga Roman Walls. Visitors should not miss the Museum of the Way of Saint James and the charming streets of the historical city center.
For family fun, the Chocolate Museum is a hit with kids, offering delicious tastings and interactive exhibits. The Astorga Astronomical Observatory provides an educational look at the stars, and the Ecological Park is ideal for outdoor play and nature education.
Exploring the Roman Walls, relaxing in the city's numerous parks, and hiking local trails are among the best outdoor activities. Don't forget the experience of following part of the Way of Saint James pilgrimage route that passes through the city.
The Roman Museum offers an excellent indoor experience with its ancient Roman artifacts. Gaudí's Episcopal Palace and the Couvent de Saint Teresa provide respite and cultural enrichment away from the outdoor elements.
The most popular Astorga tours include the Astorga Cathedral tour, the Roman Astorga walking tour, a guided experience of Gaudí's Episcopal Palace, and the gastronomic tours highlighting local Maragato cuisine.
The Museum of the Way of Saint James, the Chocolate Museum, and the Roman Museum stand as Astorga's most popular museums, offering a blend of history, art, and interactive exhibits suitable for all ages.
The Episcopal Palace and Chocolate Museum tours are perfect options for rainy days, providing sheltered yet engaging activities that uncover the rich tapestry of Astorga's cultural and culinary heritage.
Tours of the Astorga Cathedral and Roman Museum can be enjoyed in 1 hour or less, making them perfect for visitors looking for a quick yet comprehensive insight into the city's historic and cultural significance.

Attractions in Astorga

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Best Things to Do In Astorga

Step into the historical splendor of Astorga, where ancient roots and architectural marvels invite exploration and discovery.

Astorga: Gastronomy Tour

What is it?
An immersive audio-guided journey through Astorga's rich culinary landscape.
Why you should go?
Food lovers will revel in the Gastronomy Tour of Astorga, where traditional dishes like Cocido Maragato come to life. This tour guides you through charming bakeries, bustling markets, and quaint restaurants, allowing you to taste and learn about the local fare. The narration offers a historical backdrop, making each bite a learning experience. It's an essential for anyone looking to savor the flavors that make Astorga's cuisine one of the things to do in Astorga.

Astorga: City Walls

What is it?
Historic defensive walls offering scenic views and a walk through the ages.
Why you should go?
Ascending the storied City Walls provides an unparalleled vista of Astorga and the surrounding countryside. As one walks the perimeter, the audio tour recounts tales of Roman legions, medieval grandeur, and modern-day preservation. These walls are more than just fortifications; they’re narrators of time, making them a must-see and one of the best things to do in Astorga for those captivated by history.

Astorga: Pilgrimage and Saints Tour

What is it?
An audio tour highlighting the religious significance and pilgrims' experiences in Astorga.
Why you should go?
This enlightening tour explores the city's pivotal role in the Camino de Santiago, offering insights into the lives of countless pilgrims who passed through Astorga. The audio guide provides touching stories and historical context, making it an emotional and fascinating journey. This tour is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the spiritual heritage of Astorga, placing it high on the list of things to see in Astorga.

Astorga: Botanical Garden Tour

What is it?
A soothing stroll through Astorga's botanical wealth, featuring flora from the region.
Why you should go?
Take in the fragrant blooms and exotic plants on this tour of Astorga's tranquil Botanical Gardens. The guide describes each species' origins and importance, offering an educational yet relaxing experience. For nature enthusiasts and those seeking a quiet retreat, this tour counts as one of the therapeutic Astorga activities, ideal for unwinding after a day of exploring.

Astorga: Art and Sculpture Guided Walk

What is it?
A curated exploration of Astorga's public art and sculptures, an outdoor cultural exhibit.
Why you should go?
Discover Astorga’s open-air gallery with a tour focused on its artistic installations and sculptures scattered throughout the city. As you peruse various artworks, the audio guide provides the context behind each piece, connecting them to Astorga's cultural narrative. This walk adds a creative touch to the places to visit in Astorga, ideal for those who appreciate the role of art in public spaces.

Astorga: Astorga Cathedral

What is it?
A striking Gothic and Baroque cathedral with a storied history.
Why you should go?
The Cathedral of Astorga, officially the Cathedral of Santa María, is an architectural feast combining Gothic and Baroque elements with a rare aesthetic appeal. This religious monument is a treasure trove of art, history, and spirituality, which resonates through its glorious altarpieces, inspiring stained glass, and a revered collection of religious artifacts. A visit here ranks high on the list of best things to do in Astorga, offering a deep dive into the city's ecclesiastical heritage and a feast for the senses.

Astorga: Episcopal Palace

What is it?
A stunning Modernist building by architect Antoni Gaudí.
Why you should go?
The Episcopal Palace of Astorga, designed by famed architect Antoni Gaudí, is an obligatory stop for art and architecture enthusiasts visiting Astorga. This fairytale-like structure transports you into a world of imaginative design and detailed craftsmanship. Alluring for its unique blend of Gothic and Modernist styles, it now houses the Museum of the Paths, which celebrates the city's role on the pilgrims' route to Santiago de Compostela, making it a fascinating discovery and one of the things to see in Astorga.

Astorga: Roman Walls

What is it?
Remnants of the ancient Roman fortifications of Astorga.
Why you should go?
Experience the whispers of history as you traverse along Astorga's Roman Walls, which encapsulate much of the town's perimeter. These walls offer a tangible connection to Astorga's storied past, having stood as silent witnesses to centuries of unfolding history. As iconic sentinels of the city, they provide a scenic walk and a ponderous atmosphere for those who stroll along their paths, making the walls a poignant highlight for any Astorga activities list.

Astorga: Town Square

What is it?
The central nerve of Astorga's social and public life.
Why you should go?
Plaza Mayor of Astorga serves as the beating heart of the city, where everyday life and historic charm blend seamlessly. With its vibrant atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for couples and families to absorb the authentic local culture, engage with friendly vendors, or simply enjoy the surrounding architectural beauty. Regular events, including markets and festivals, add to the allure, ensuring the Square remains one of the liveliest fun things to do in Astorga.

Astorga: Museum of Chocolate

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the rich history of chocolate making in Astorga.
Why you should go?
Plunge into a decadent history at the Museum of Chocolate, where the legacy of Astorga's chocolate-making prowess is proudly on display. With exhibits that are as educational as they are enticing, visitors can learn about the production process of this beloved confectionery. Interactive sessions, historic artifacts, and, most importantly, taste testing make this destination an irresistible venture for sweet tooths and one of the best Astorga tours for the whole family.

TOP-5 tours in Astorga for first-time visitors

  • Delve into the spiritual grandeur of the Astorga Cathedral on a tour that reveals its Gothic glory, intricate art, and storied past—a cornerstone among the things to do in Astorga.
  • Wander through the enchanting Gaudí's Episcopal Palace with an audio guide that tells the tale of architectural whimsy, art, and history, making it a memorable what to do in Astorga.
  • The Roman Astorga Tour transports you back in time to when the city was a bustling Roman hub, providing insights into ancient life and the things to see in Astorga.
  • Enjoy a flavorful discovery on the Astorga Gastronomy Tour, introducing the local cuisine's history and letting you sample iconic dishes while exploring the city's culinary places to visit in Astorga.
  • Relax and reflect on the Ecological Trail audio tour, guiding you through Astorga's natural landscapes and offering a serene change of pace amongst the best Astorga tours.

Fun things to do in Astorga with kids

Astorga captivates young minds and families with its blend of historical intrigue and delightful experiences. Top on the list is the Chocolate Museum, where interactive exhibits and chocolate-making workshops promise a deliciously educational activity. Children can indulge in the story of chocolate and even try their hand at creating their own confections. The adventure continues at Astorga's city parks, such as Parque del Melgar, offering playgrounds and open spaces for children to run freely and partake in outdoor fun. Additionally, the city's Roman roots come to life at Astorga's Archaeological Museum, the Museo Romano de Astorga. With family-friendly exhibits featuring ancient artifacts and interactive displays, it sparks curiosity in the stories of gladiators and Roman life. These attractions meld learning with play, ensuring Astorga remains a cherished destination for family memories.

Things to do in Astorga with family

For families venturing to Astorga, a suite of attractions await that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. The Astorga Cathedral, with its majestic architecture and awe-inspiring artwork, offers an atmosphere of historical significance and wonder. Audio guides can enrich the experience with tales of the past, making the visit both educational and enjoyable for parents and children alike. Next on the list, the Chocolate Museum presents an irresistible allure for family members with a sweet tooth. Interactive exhibits not only tell the story of Astorga's chocolate-making tradition but also invite hands-on participation. Lastly, for a dose of outdoor enjoyment, the Ecological Park provides a natural oasis just minutes from the city center - perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, and letting the kids play amidst the greenery. Each of these spots earns a place as a top thing to do in Astorga, ensuring family trips are filled with enchantment and discovery.

Free things to do in Astorga

Astorga, steeped in history and culture, offers a bounty of experiences that need not cost a dime. Begin at the heart of the city, where the ancient Roman Walls beckon history buffs and sightseers to explore without a ticket. As day turns to dusk, these venerable ramparts become the perfect spot for a sunset panorama. Meander through the charming streets of Astorga's historic center, a rich tapestry of architectural marvels that effortlessly transport visitors back in time. Wandering through this area is among the most rewarding things to do in Astorga, enabling one to absorb the character and beauty of the city. Additionally, the Plaza Mayor vibrates with life as the community’s social hub, and it's entirely free to witness the regular cultural spectacles and people-watching opportunities it presents. This central square is not only a window into the lifestyle of the locals but also a testament to Astorga's ability to entertain guests without reaching into their pockets.

Cheap things to do in Astorga

Travellers to Astorga can find a wealth of affordable activities that enrich a visit without overextending one's budget. A journey into Astorga's past begins with the modestly priced entry to the Roman Museum, where artifacts and interactive exhibits vividly retell the city's ancient history. For a minimal investment, visitors can gain invaluable knowledge about this once Roman settlement. Enjoying the city’s gastronomy is another inexpensive pleasure; street food stalls and local markets offer tastes of authentic Astorga cuisine. Savor the famed mantecadas or purchase some artisanal cheese without spending much. The city's scenic parks, like Parque del Melgar, provide cost-free escapes to nature, where families and couples can enjoy leisurely picnics or relaxing strolls. Each of these experiences underscores the varied opportunities within Astorga's reach that are accessible, engaging, and light on the wallet, embodying the essence of cheap things to do in Astorga.

Things to do in Astorga for couples

Couples looking for a romantic getaway in Astorga will discover a city ripe with intimate and enchanting activities. Begin your journey with a visit to the Gardens of La Sinagoga, where you can wander amidst stunning floral arrangements and tranquil pathways, creating the perfect setting for a peaceful retreat or a quiet picnic. For those captivated by architecture and history, an amble through Gaudí's Episcopal Palace offers a glimpse into a whimsical world created by one of Spain’s most famous architects. Its fairytale ambiance provides a magical backdrop for couple's photography. As the day turns to evening, enjoy the charm of Astorga's illuminated streets with a leisurely walk to the Plaza Mayor. Here, the harmonious blend of historical architecture, ambient street music, and vibrant dining venues sets the tone for an unforgettable night. Each of these experiences solidifies Astorga's reputation as a destination for couples to create cherished memories.

Things to do in Astorga at night

When the sun sets, Astorga transforms with an array of nocturnal activities that illuminate its cultural heart. One of the most mesmerizing things to do in Astorga at night is to witness the Gothic Cathedral as it is bathed in light, creating a mystical aura around its historic contours — a perfect setting for an evening of reflection and photography. Culinary adventurers can explore the city's vibrant tapas culture, where bars and restaurants come alive with local flavors and the animated chatter of diners enjoying Astorga's famed dishes, such as cecina and chocolate delights. For those seeking entertainment under the stars, the bustling Plaza Mayor often hosts free live performances, street musicians, and events that resonate well into the night, offering a spirited local experience. These attractions provide a glimpse into Astorga's nighttime charm, offering engaging options for every visitor and showcasing the city's enduring allure.