National Archaeological Museum Entrance Ticket

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Entrance ticket
  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum and admire its mesmerizing collection of ancient Greek art
  • Get to see the legendary Mycenean gold including the enigmatic mask of king Agamemnon
  • Be impressed by the unrivaled mastery and harmony of Greek Golden Age statues
  • Immerse yourself into the poetry and expressiveness of the Hellenistic art
  • Examine bewildering Cycladic figurines and discover the beginnings of ancient Greek art
Immerse Yourself in Ancient Splendors on a captivating journey through time at the renowned National Archaeological Museum in Athens! Unveil the mysteries of ancient civilizations, marvel at exquisite artifacts, and witness history come alive like never before. Delve into the heart of ancient Greece and beyond, as you encounter a breathtaking collection of artifacts that span thousands of years. From mesmerizing sculptures and intricate pottery to awe-inspiring jewelry and epic statues, each exhibit unveils stories of the past that have shaped our world. Stand in the presence of awe-inspiring gods and mythical creatures as you explore the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, understanding its profound influence on art, culture, and society. Beyond Greece, venture into the cultures of Egypt, the Near East, and beyond. Witness the cultural exchanges and interconnected histories that have shaped the course of humanity, all within the walls of this iconic museum.

What's included

  • Entrance ticket to the National Archaeological Museum
  • WeGoTrip audio tour of the National Archaeological Museum
    • Reduced tickets available onsite for 65+ EU citizens, and young Citizen (6-25) from non-European countries (upon current ID to prove age).
    • Kids (0-4), EU citizens under 25 and students get in free, no ticket needed
    • Free entrance for all: every 1st Sunday from 1 Nov-31 Mar
    • You may enter at any time of day, regardless of timeslot
    • Show your smartphone ticket at the entrance
    • Entrance is available between 15 minutes before to 60 minutes after the time of have selected

Places you will visit

National Archaeological Museum
28is Oktovriou, Athens, Greece

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