Things to do in Atlanta

About Atlanta

Must-see attractions in Atlanta include the Georgia Aquarium, showcasing an array of aquatic biodiversity, the historic Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, and the immersive World of Coca-Cola experience. For a blend of culture and nature, Atlanta Botanical Garden is a visual spectacle not to be missed.
For family fun, the Georgia Aquarium and the Children's Museum of Atlanta top the list, offering educational play and interactive exhibits. Zoo Atlanta is another favorite, featuring wildlife encounters that fascinate children and promote conservation awareness.
Outdoor enthusiasts can savor the greenery and walking trails of Piedmont Park, participate in events at the expansive Centennial Olympic Park, and embark on the art-lined Atlanta BeltLine trails, perfect for exploring the city's vibrant neighborhoods by foot or bike.
Indoor activities with wide appeal include exploring the expansive collections of the High Museum of Art, experiencing the interactive exhibits at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, or touring the inside of the State Capitol building for a brush with history and politics.
Visitors to Atlanta should not miss the guided tours of the Atlanta History Center, the culturally rich Atlanta BeltLine art walk, the fascinating CNN Studio Tours, or the eerie and entertaining ghost tours through Atlanta's most historic and haunted districts.
The most popular museums include The High Museum of Art for its renowned art collections, the Atlanta History Center for deep dives into the local and national past, and the interactive marvels within the World of Coca-Cola and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.
Rainy days are perfect for exploring the educational displays of the Georgia Aquarium, diving into soda history at the World of Coca-Cola, or enjoying the artful haven of the High Museum of Art, all offering sheltered environments that teem with fascination.
Short tours ideal for those with limited time include a concise exploration of the cultural attractions at the Center for Puppetry Arts, a quick historic journey at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, or a rapid ride on the SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel for city-wide vistas.

Best Things to Do In Atlanta

Embark on a journey through Atlanta, where history, culture, and southern charm converge in a rich tapestry of attractions.

Atlanta: Atlanta History Center

What is it?
A comprehensive museum and research center detailing Atlanta's rich history.
Why you should go?
For a deep dive into the Atlanta narrative, the Atlanta History Center offers extensive exhibits on the Civil War, Southern folk art, and the city's evolution. With historic houses and enchanting gardens on sprawling grounds, visitors can experience the past through interactive storytelling and historical reconstructions. The center is also home to the 1928 Swan House and the Smith Family Farm, providing a tangible link to Atlanta's past and an essential stop for history buffs wanting to uncover the layers that make up this dynamic city.

Atlanta: College Football Hall of Fame

What is it?
A shrine to college football heroes with interactive exhibits and memorabilia.
Why you should go?
Sports enthusiasts looking for what to do in Atlanta will savor a trip to the College Football Hall of Fame. The facility thrives with state-of-the-art interactive exhibits, a colossal indoor playing field, and a wall of over 750 helmets. It celebrates the spirit of college football with a personalized experience for fans, thanks to RFID technology. For memories that last a lifetime, visitors can attempt a field goal or call a legendary play, making it an unforgettable part of their Atlanta activities.

Atlanta: The King Center

What is it?
An educational and advocacy center dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Why you should go?
Adjacent to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, The King Center is both a memorial and a beacon of ongoing civil rights advocacy. Visitors are enveloped in Dr. King's quest for equality through exhibits that promote nonviolent social change. With personal artifacts, multimedia presentations, and tranquil reflecting pools, the center is a place of learning, reflection, and inspiration. This poignant attraction is a cornerstone in understanding what makes Atlanta a pivotal location in America's civil rights story.

Atlanta: Krog Street Market

What is it?
A vibrant market set in a 1920s warehouse with diverse culinary offerings and artisan shops.
Why you should go?
In the heart of Inman Park, Krog Street Market bursts with life as a destination food market. It's a feast for all senses with a melange of top-quality culinary offerings ranging from Southern comfort food to international bites. This hub of hustle and bustle is also a treasure trove for shoppers looking for unique handcrafted goods. An epicenter for food and culture, it's among the best things to do in Atlanta for locals and tourists seeking the authentic buzz of a city market.

Atlanta: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

What is it?
A natural sanctuary offering outdoor activities along the Chattahoochee River.
Why you should go?
For those seeking a break from urban sightseeing, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area offers a refreshing outdoor escape. Kayaking, tubing, fishing, and miles of scenic trails provide a plethora of options for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With its serene riverbanks and wooded trails, the area showcases the natural beauty that surrounds Atlanta, making it a peaceful counterpoint to the city's bustle and a beloved spot for recreational Atlanta excursions.

Atlanta: The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

What is it?
An enlightening museum dedicated to the civil rights movement and current human rights struggles.
Why you should go?
The National Center for Civil and Human Rights stands as a poignant testament to the ongoing global fight for equality. Visitors are offered a visceral and interactive journey, connecting the history of the civil rights movement to today's continuing struggle against human rights violations across the world. Powerful exhibits that include personal artifacts of civil rights leaders, immersive multimedia presentations, and compelling narratives make this center an imperative visit. It's not just a museum but an experience that resonates with the core values of courage, compassion, and justice inherent in the spirit of Atlanta.

Atlanta: The Margaret Mitchell House

What is it?
The famous author's home where "Gone with the Wind" was written.
Why you should go?
Literature lovers will relish a visit to The Margaret Mitchell House, a Tudor Revival mansion that holds the story of one of America's most iconic novels. Engrossing exhibits and guided tours offer insight into the life of Margaret Mitchell and the impact of her work. This historically preserved landmark not only pays homage to her writing but also to the cultural transformation of Atlanta, offering a window into the 1920s literary scene and beyond. A visit here is an inspirational journey into the realms of creativity and literary significance.

Atlanta: Piedmont Park

What is it?
A sprawling urban park known for its vast green space and community events.
Why you should go?
Piedmont Park is the green heart of Atlanta, a welcoming space for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment of the outdoors. The park's lush lawns, picturesque Lake Clara Meer, and accessible walking trails provide a tranquil haven from the lively city. It hosts vibrant farmers' markets, cultural festivals, and outdoor concerts, making it a hub for community life and a focal point for best Atlanta tours. It's an ideal destination for a family picnic, casual stroll, or simply to embrace the beauty of nature within the metropolitan area.

Atlanta: Ponce City Market

What is it?
A historic building turned into a bustling marketplace with shops and eateries.
Why you should go?
Ponce City Market artfully combines the charm of Atlanta's historic architecture with the dynamism of an urban market. The carefully restored Sears, Roebuck & Co. building is now a vibrant social hub with a plethora of artisanal eateries, boutique shops, and entertainment spaces. Visitors can savor the cosmopolitan ambiance and indulge in a foodie's paradise or partake in seasonal events and activities on the rooftop. This marketplace embodies the spirit of Atlanta, where legacy and modernity blend seamlessly.

Atlanta: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

What is it?
A world-class orchestra offering unforgettable musical performances.
Why you should go?
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra provides an auditory delight for those seeking cultural enrichment. With a season filled with a diverse repertoire ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary works, the Orchestra invites audiences into the enchanting world of music. Concerts at the resplendent Symphony Hall promise an immersive experience with some of the finest musicians in the country. For visitors, a night with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra represents one of the most sophisticated and enjoyable things to do in Atlanta.

TOP-5 tours in Atlanta for first time visitors

  • Discover the city's illustrious past with a walk through the historic Sweet Auburn District, home to many civil rights landmarks.
  • Marvel at Atlanta's artistic side on a tour of the eclectic East Atlanta Village, a hub of street art and quirky galleries.
  • Savor the flavors of the South with a gastronomic tour of the famed Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market.
  • Immerse in Atlanta's greenery during an audio tour of the BeltLine, featuring urban renewal at its finest with parks and art.
  • Experience the legacy of the 1996 Olympic Games, exploring Centennial Olympic Park and its surroundinغ attractions.

Fun things to do in Atlanta with kids

Atlanta presents an array of delightful experiences sure to entertain and educate the youngest of travelers. For a magical aquatic adventure, the Georgia Aquarium is unmatched, offering a window into the underwater world where whale sharks glide majestically. Its interactive touch pools and fascinating shows provide entertainment for the entire family. Further elevating Atlanta's appeal is the Children's Museum of Atlanta, where playful learning and hands-on exhibits are designed to fuel the imagination of curious children. Lastly, the city boasts Zoo Atlanta, home to over 1,000 animals, where the family can come face-to-face with exotic wildlife including the famous giant pandas. These attractions provide fun-filled educational experiences that stand out as some of the most family-friendly activities in Atlanta, ensuring kids end their day with stories to tell and smiles on their faces.

Things to do in Atlanta with family

Atlanta is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities that appeal to all ages. At the top of the list is the fascinating Georgia Aquarium, where families can marvel at the majesty of the ocean's depths and its colorful inhabitants. Interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring aquatic presentations make this an educational and entertaining experience. Not to be missed, the Centennial Olympic Park offers wide-open spaces for children to play and families to enjoy leisurely picnics, with the added delight of the Fountain of Rings show. For a dose of education and inspiration, the Atlanta History Center captivates with engaging exhibits spanning from the Civil War to the 1996 Olympics, including historic homes and beautiful gardens to explore. Each destination offers unique experiences, enriching family time with a blend of learning, adventure, and relaxation in the heart of Atlanta.

Free things to do in Atlanta

Atlanta offers an impressive range of attractions that require no admission fee, providing enjoyable experiences that are friendly on the wallet. The Centennial Olympic Park is a legacy of the 1996 Summer Olympics, inviting visitors to revel in its expansive greenery, iconic Fountain of Rings, and free concerts and events. Another must-visit is the Atlanta BeltLine, a remarkable urban renewal project that has transformed the cityscape, now featuring a multi-use trail lined with public art installations and lush parks. History aficionados can head to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, offering a self-guided tour through places that shaped the civil rights movement, including Dr. King's birth home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Each of these attractions provides not only a glimpse into the heart and soul of Atlanta but also an enriching experience at no cost, making them prime destinations for every traveler.

Cheap things to do in Atlanta

Engaging in Atlanta's culture and excitement doesn't have to come with a high price. One of the most delightful cheap things to do is visiting the Atlanta BeltLine. This urban trail offers a unique mix of outdoor art, green spaces, and local eateries perfect for an affordable day out. Another budget-friendly option is enjoying the panoramic sights from Jackson Street Bridge, renowned for its iconic view of Atlanta's skyline, making it a favorite for photographers and sightseers alike. Lastly, delve into history at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, a Civil War site offering free admission. Here, visitors can hike through historical trails, visit monuments, and enjoy picturesque views at no cost. Each of these experiences guarantees a memorable adventure in Atlanta while being kind to your budget.

Things to do in Atlanta for couples

Atlanta sparkles with romantic activities for couples, offering memorable experiences that foster connection and discovery. Begin the adventure with a picturesque walk through the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where intimate paths wind through stunning floral displays and tranquil streams—a serene setting for couples to enjoy nature's artistry. Continue with a visit to SkyView Atlanta, where you can snuggle up in a private gondola and soar above the city, witnessing the breathtaking Atlanta skyline alight at night. Lastly, indulge in the arts with a performance at the Fox Theatre. The opulent interior and stellar line-ups make it a dazzling venue for a cultural date night. These attractions highlight the city's romantic side, providing the perfect blend of charm and elegance for couples exploring Atlanta.

Things to do in Atlanta at night

When the sun dips below the horizon, Atlanta's night life offers a variety of experiences for nocturnal explorers. Start at the iconic SkyView Atlanta, a Ferris wheel that provides stunning views of the cityscape lit up against the night sky – perfect for a romantic ride or a fun night out with friends. For those who enjoy culture and live entertainment, the Fox Theatre hosts a range of nighttime shows, from Broadway musicals to concerts, within its historically rich walls. And for a nightcap, stroll through the Edgewood Avenue bar district, where the vibrant energy and eclectic venues are sure to set the scene for an engaging evening. Each of these after-dark attractions captures the essence of Atlanta’s diverse nighttime appeal.