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  • Explore the largest art museum in the western United States with this entrance ticket
  • Question what you see discovering the most daring works of surrealism and expressionism
  • Immerse yourself into the bold and thought-provoking universe of abstract sculpture
  • Trace the intriguing history of modern art through the destinies of renowned artists
  • Take creative and original pictures amidst the most Instagrammable art installation
This entrance ticket will take you through the most provocative and puzzling epoch in art history. You will discover the iconic works of surrealism, expressionism, and avant-gardism to finally figure out what is hiding behind each of these "isms." The tour starts from the instagrammable museum entrance, taking you under the...


  • Entrance Ticket to Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Downloadable multimedia audio tour on WeGoTrip app
  • Step-by-step navigation through the museum with the detailed plan

Places you will visit

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Wilshire Boulevard, 5905
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
tours goes within cirlce

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