Things to do in Palma de Mallorca

About Palma de Mallorca

The must-see attractions in Palma include the majestic La Seu Cathedral, the historic Bellver Castle, and the vibrant Paseo Maritimo waterfront area. Each offers a unique glimpse into the city's rich culture and history.
For family fun, visiting Palma Aquarium, exploring the Marineland Dolphinarium, and spending a day at Aqualand El Arenal are top choices that promise an enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike.
Enjoying the beaches, hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and biking along scenic routes are among the best outdoor activities that Palma offers.
Indoor enthusiasts can explore Palma's museums like Es Baluard or Fundació Miró, enjoy shopping at the stylish boutiques of Passeig del Born, or relax in the Arab Baths.
Guided tours of La Seu Cathedral, historical walks through the old town, and culinary tapas tours provide enriching experiences that are considered some of the best tours in Palma.
The most popular museums include Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palma's Museum of Mallorca, and the Juan March Foundation, each notable for their rich collections and exhibitions.
On rainy days, visitors can take shelter and culture in on curated tours of Palma's splendid cathedrals, palaces, and museums such as Bellver Castle and the Diocesan Museum.
Short tours such as a quick visit to the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, a concise historic tour of the old city, or an express Segway tour along the bay are available for those pressed for time.

Best Things to Do In Palma

Discover Palma's enchanting blend of history, culture, and Mediterranean charm with our immersive audio tours.

Palma: Sa Llotja

What is it?
A former maritime trade exchange, now an emblematic Gothic building showcasing exhibitions and cultural events.
Why you should go?
Boasting an impressive Gothic façade, Sa Llotja is one of Palma's architectural crowns, formerly the heart of the maritime trading world. Its grand interior, characterised by soaring columns and ribbed vaults, now hosts a variety of art exhibitions and cultural activities. Visiting this historic building allows travelers to step back in time and immerse themselves in the trade history that shaped Palma, making it an insightful experience for those exploring the best Palma tours focused on culture and history.

Palma: Parc de la Mar

What is it?
A scenic park with a large saltwater lake, offering picturesque views of La Seu Cathedral and the Mediterranean.
Why you should go?
Parc de la Mar, lying at the foot of Palma’s magnificent cathedral, is a serene urban oasis. The park's sprawling lake, verdant lawns, and modern sculptures make it an ideal spot for relaxation and leisurely walks. As an effortless addition to any sightseeing route, its location provides some of the most iconic views of the city, affirming Parc de la Mar's position among the top free things to do in Palma for visitors seeking both tranquility and the beauty of the city's skyline.

Palma: Catedral de Mallorca (La Seu)

What is it?
A magnificent Gothic cathedral with elements designed by Antoni Gaudí, dominating the Palma skyline.
Why you should go?
The towering Catedral de Mallorca, known colloquially as La Seu, is not just an architectural wonder, but also a symbol of Palma's historical and cultural identity. Its imposing presence and intricate design details including elements by famous architect Antoni Gaudí, makes it an essential visit. The cathedral offers an in-depth look into the religious and artistic history of the region, perfect for those seeking places to visit in Palma that offer both grandeur and a deep connection with Mallorca’s cultural fabric.

Palma: Passeig des Born

What is it?
An iconic tree-lined avenue known for its high-end shops, cafes, and vibrant street life.
Why you should go?
Passeig des Born is Palma's lively and sophisticated artery, dotted with designer boutiques, art galleries, and terraced cafes. This bustling promenade is a hub of activity, inviting couples and families alike to indulge in a spot of shopping, savor a coffee, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll beneath the avenue's shade-giving trees. By day or night, the avenue stands as a social crossroads and is often considered one of the fun things to do in Palma that merges history with the verve of modern city life.

Palma: Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani

What is it?
A modern art museum set within a historic fortress, featuring a stunning collection of contemporary works.
Why you should go?
Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani acts as a conversation between Palma's resilient past and its artistic present. The museum's walls, part of the city's former defenses, encase a wealth of contemporary masterpieces, which together with its dynamic exhibition program, make it a center for art lovers. The open terraces afford stunning views, offering an inspiring ambiance that punctuates any visit to Palma with a touch of creativity, thus ranking among the what to see in Palma for culturally inclined travelers.

Palma: Castell de Bellver

What is it?
A 14th-century Gothic-style castle featuring a unique circular design, now home to a history museum.
Why you should go?
Perched on a wooded hillside overlooking Palma, Castell de Bellver is a historical marvel that offers panoramic views of the city and bay. Offering a historical museum within its circular walls and encompassing lush wooded areas, Bellver Castle is steeped in history, from its time as a royal residence to a military prison. The combination of architecture, history, and natural beauty makes it an essential visit for an enlightening and picturesque excursion, epitomizing the best of what to see in Palma.

Palma: Banys Àrabs

What is it?
The well-preserved remnants of a Moorish bathhouse, offering a tranquil glimpse into medieval Palma.
Why you should go?
Tucked quietly in the midst of Palma's modern streets lie the Banys Àrabs or Arab Baths, echoing the city's rich Moorish heritage. This intimate landmark provides an evocative atmosphere, with its ornate columns and lush garden courtyard inviting peaceful contemplation. The Arab Baths stand as one of the few remaining examples of Palma’s Islamic architecture, making it an intriguing site for history buffs and a serene escape for those looking for quieter Palma activities.

Palma: Can Bordils

What is it?
An emblematic cultural center housed in a 16th-century Mallorcan manor, showcasing local art and history.
Why you should go?
Located in the historic center, Can Bordils is a splendid example of Mallorcan architectural elegance and a bastion for Palma's culture. Housing the Palma Municipal Archive, the center is not just a repository of documents; it regularly hosts exhibitions, educational workshops, and cultural events. Exploring its historic rooms and the art within offers a unique and intimate perspective on Palma's past and present, making it one of the places to visit in Palma for cultural enthusiasts.

Palma: Palau March Museu

What is it?
A stately palace and museum, featuring an extraordinary collection of sculptures, paintings, and furniture.
Why you should go?
Experience the grandeur of the Palau March Museu, where elaborate art collections and exquisite sculptures await to mesmerize art lovers and history aficionados. Perched in the heart of Palma, this opulent palace boasts artworks from renowned artists, along with stunning rooftop terraces that offer sweeping views of the city. A visit to Palau March Museunderscores the depth of Palma’s cultural riches and affords one of the best Palma tours for those seeking an artistic journey through the city's noble past.

Palma: Plaça Mayor

What is it?
Palma's grand central square, surrounded by historic buildings, bustling cafes, and frequented by street performers.
Why you should go?
Plaça Mayor is the heart of public life in Palma, where the city's vibrancy is on full display. This spacious square is lined with brightly colored buildings, artisanal shops, and terraced eateries, making it a lively spot to unwind and enjoy Palma's social buzz. Regularly filled with live music and local markets, Plaça Mayor embodies the pulse of the city and serves as a starting point for myriad Palma excursions, truly offering some of the fun things to do in Palma.

TOP-5 tours in Palma for first time visitors

  • Unravel the secrets of the gothic La Seu Cathedral in a tour that reveals its artistic and architectural magnificence.
  • Wander the cobblestone streets of the old town, learning about Palma’s rich history and vibrant local life as you go.
  • Breathe in the essence of the Mediterranean as the tour takes you along the picturesque Paseo Maritimo and its bustling marina.
  • Delight in the Baroque beauty of Palma on a tour that showcases the grandeur of its historic mansions and courtyards.
  • Explore the dynamic Santa Catalina neighborhood, famous for its culinary scene and eclectic mix of traditional and modern Palma life.

Fun things to do in Palma with kids

Palma is a family-friendly destination brimming with activities that captivate the curiosity and energy of young adventurers. Marvel at the vibrant marine life at Palma Aquarium, an aquatic haven filled with colorful fish and interactive exhibits, making for an educational and entertaining experience. For a dash of excitement, Aqualand El Arenal offers a splashing good time with water slides and pools suitable for all ages, promising a memorable day under the sun. Alternatively, the Ferrocarril de Sóller, an antique train journeying from Palma to the scenic town of Sóller, provides a charming travel back in time with stunning views of the countryside that kids and parents will adore. These attractions highlight the variety of Palma activities perfectly suited for families seeking a blend of fun, learning, and relaxation.

Things to do in Palma with family

Families planning to explore Palma de Mallorca will find a plethora of enjoyable activities that cater to diverse interests. For an educational adventure, the Palma Aquarium provides a deep dive into marine ecosystems, with a chance to encounter various species up close, ideal for sparking children’s interest in ocean life. Nature-loving families can also visit the Bellver Castle, surrounded by a fragrant pine forest, showcasing historical artifacts and offering panoramic views perfect for a family picnic with a side of history. To experience the city's local flavor, a stroll through the Palma City Market immerses visitors in the bustling atmosphere of vendors and craftsmen, allowing families to sample local specialties and find unique crafts. These Palma activities combine fun, learning, and the delight of discovery, ensuring a memorable trip for all family members.

Free things to to in Palma

Visitors to Palma can experience the city's charm without spending a cent at a variety of attractions steeped in beauty and culture. The historic old town, with its Gothic architecture and labyrinthine streets, offers endless opportunities for exploration and striking photography at no cost. For art enthusiasts, the sculptures and art installations dotted throughout the public spaces, such as those in the Parc de la Mar, provide a free open-air gallery experience against a backdrop of Mediterranean blue. Beach lovers will appreciate the sandy stretches of Playa de Palma, where sunbathing, swimming, and sandcastle building offer a relaxing day out. Each of these attractions showcases some of the best things to do in Palma, allowing travelers to indulge in the city's offerings while keeping their budgets intact.

Cheap things to do in Palma

Budget-conscious travelers will delight in Palma’s affordable attractions, offering rich experiences without a hefty price tag. The Mercat de Santa Catalina presents an authentic and vibrant marketplace where visitors can savor inexpensive local treats and drinks amidst lively stalls. For cultural enrichment, the Palma Cathedral, with its mesmerizing sandstone exterior, can be admired from the outside, providing a visual feast and a picturesque setting for a leisurely walk. Additionally, history buffs can unearth Palma's past through the medieval city walls, remnants of an era gone by, accessible for all and an ideal opportunity for a self-paced, cost-free historical tour. These attractions not only offer savings but are also considered some of the top things to do in Palma, ensuring travelers can enjoy the city's essence on a budget.

Things to do in Palma for couples

Romance flourishes in Palma, with an array of enchanting activities tailored for couples. Immerse yourselves in the magic of the evening with a leisurely walk along the Paseo Marítimo, where the soft glow of lights and the gentle lapping of the waves create an intimately beautiful atmosphere. Indulge in the sensory delights of a wine tasting experience at one of Palma's cozy bodegas, sampling the rich flavors of local vines while sharing a quiet moment. For a blend of nature and serenity, retreat to the lush gardens of Bellver Castle, offering a peaceful oasis with sweeping city and sea views, ideal for a picnic or a sunset gaze. These attractions provide the perfect backdrop for creating memorable moments together and are just a few of the reasons why Palma is an idyllic destination for couples in search of romantic things to do.

Things to do in Palma at night

When night falls, Palma's ambiance shifts, offering a variety of nocturnal activities for its visitors. Embrace the Mediterranean nights by savoring the gastronomic delights of a local tapas tour, where the flavors and textures of Spanish cuisine come to life in the city's cozy taverns and bistros. Entertainment seekers can immerse in Palma's vibrant nightlife with a visit to the bustling La Lonja district, which is home to an array of lively bars and clubs, pulsating with music and dance. For a more laid-back evening, a moonlit stroll along the historic city wall offers a romantic perspective of Palma's ancient architecture, illuminated against the night sky. Each of these experiences showcases the lively and diverse aspects of Palma at night, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the city's nocturnal culture.