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  • Explore one of the greatest masterpieces of humankind
  • Enjoy the view of futuristic Milan from the most picturesque observation point in the city
  • Feel the atmosphere of the medieval Catholic Church and find out about its fascinating history
  • Go back to the period of two thousand years ago and admire the sacred site of the Christian faith
  • Discover the secrets and legends of one of the most majestic churches in the world
Discover the fascinating history of Milan, a city with a heritage spanning nearly 2500 years. Unveil its captivating secrets and witness the grandeur of its most magnificent gem—the Duomo. Immerse yourself in the past as you admire the architectural marvels and awe-inspiring sights that only the skilled architects of old Milan...


  • Entrance ticket to Duomo di Milano
  • Access to the Duomo, the Museum, the archaeological area, and the rooftop by elevator
  • Access to the Duomo Rooftops

    Places you will visit

    Duomo di Milano
    Piazza del Duomo

    Attractions on the route

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    • Start with the Duomo: scan your Milan Duomo tickets at the entrance
    • Rooftops: Go to the northern entrance and scan your ticket at the turnstile, then take the stairs or lift
    • Duomo Museum & Church of San Gottardo (closed Wednesdays): scan your ticket directly at the entrance
    • Cathedral: take the group entrance and scan your ticket
    • You can enter each attraction only once in 72 hours from your booked timeslot, re-entering is not possible
    Cancellation policies vary according to activity type. Please check the conditions of your required activity Entry ticket.

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