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About Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The garden is open to all visitors daily. From November to January, its opening times are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The last opportunity to visit is at 3:15 PM.

You can visit the garden any time of year, so there's no wrong season to do it. If you prefer to explore the area with fewer people around, we recommend doing it on weekdays and in the morning.

The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh is not only a tourist attraction; it's also a scientific center with a focus on the study, classification, and preservation of plants. Here are some of the highlights of this garden:

  • The Rock Garden. From the viewpoint at the top of this particular garden, you can see a fantastic view of Edinburgh and the grounds below.
  • The Chinese Hillside. This garden section boasts one of the richest collections of Chinese plants outside of China. Plants have been put throughout the hillside in a less organized manner to make it seem more natural.
  • The Woodland Garden. This garden is divided into two parts: the Upper Woodland and the Lower Woodland. This section of the Royal Botanic Garden has some of the tallest tree species worldwide, like the coast redwoods, for example. The tall trees of this garden create a unique atmosphere that makes the Woodland Garden a popular choice for outdoor weddings and other events.
  • The Arboretum. The tree collection at the Royal Botanic Garden is one of the oldest and most diverse in the UK. There are over 3500 trees in the garden, representing 730 different species.
  • The Biodiversity Garden. This garden hosts a collection of over 500 different plants; they are organized in evolutionary order, from the oldest to the most recently evolved. This garden's primary goal is to demonstrate the diversity and beauty of plants.

The Royal Botanic Garden is just one mile to the north of Edinburgh's city center, so getting there is relatively easy. The garden has two entrances: the West Gate on Arboretum Place and the East Gate on Inverleith Row. You can reach the area by bus: 24, 29, and 42 for the West Gate, and 8, 23, and 27 for the East Gate, respectively.

FAQ about Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Entry to the Royal Botanic Garden is free for all visitors.


Here are some of the attractions close to the Royal Botanic Garden that you can visit:

  • Inverleith Park
  • Inverleith House
  • Malleny Garden
  • Newfield Recreation Ground
  • Patriothall Gallery