Tickets to the Dallas City Hall

About Dallas City Hall

Dallas City Hall is the current seat of the Dallas municipal government. It is open to the public during its working hours from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM Monday through Friday, but you can visit City Hall Plaza and explore the building from the outside anytime. 

If you want to look inside the building, get there during the opening hours and be ready for a security check. Otherwise, come after sunset to admire the illuminated building and its reflection in the pool of water.  

  • Admire one of the most distinctive structures in Dallas

Dallas City Hall is an impressive modernist building conceived to restore the city's reputation after the assassination of President Kennedy. It was designed by the world-class Chinese architect I.M. Pei as a contemporary icon for Dallas residents. You can admire its dramatic facade and inverted pyramid-style construction. 

  • Explore City Hall Plaza

A seven-acre plaza provides the setting as the entry to the building. It includes a 180-foot (55 m) diameter reflecting pool with floating sculptures, a variable-height fountain, and a three-piece abstract bronze sculpture designed by the famous English artist Henry Moore. 

Dallas City Hall is located at 1500 Marilla in the Government District of downtown Dallas. If driving, it is just north of the I-30, and you can take Griffin St, Akard or Ervay exits, depending on your direction. 

To get there by public transportation, take the express bus route 308 to Marilla at Akard stop. The closest light rail stations, Akard and St. Paul Station, are a 15-minute walk from City Hall. 

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FAQ about Dallas City Hall

You do not need to buy tickets; you can explore Dallas City Hall for free.