Tickets to the Dealey Plaza

About Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza in Dallas is an open public space that can be visited anytime, all year round.  

One of the best options is to combine your visit to Dealey Plaza with an exploration of the Sixth Floor Museum, situated at the edge of the square, that chronicles President Kennedy's life, death, and legacy. The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so it is better to plan your journey to Dealey Plaza for any other day. 

  • Explore the place of the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Dealey Plaza is best known as the location where President Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through the square. You can explore the exact spot of the tragedy on Elm Street and look at the historic Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shot killing JFK from the sixth-floor window.  

  • Learn more about the city's origin and history

Besides being the site of the tragedy, Dealey Plaza marks the birthplace of Dallas, originally founded in the 1840s. Nearly a century later, the plaza became "the front door of Dallas" and the primary western gateway to downtown. Since the late 1960s, Dealey Plaza has also served as a site of protests, demonstrations, and social activism. 

Dealey Plaza is located in the West End Historic District of downtown Dallas. It is just a 5-minute walk from West End Station, served by all DART lines, and Union Station, operated by Trinity Union Express (TRE). Also, you can get to Dealey Plaza by bus. Take routes 9, 45, 47, 214, or 224 to Houston at Commerce - S - NS.

Get introduced to Dallas's history, learn more about the JFK assassination, and find out the urban response to the reputation loss upon this unprecedented event with our self-guided audio tour Downtown Dallas: Walking Around the Historic and Architectural Cornerstones. With a detailed route on your smartphone, you will explore a wide range of significant places and visualize how Dallas has changed over time. 

FAQ about Dealey Plaza

Access to Dealey Plaza is free for all visitors.