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  • Explore a beautiful 14th century Gothic palace turned deadly prison
  • Visit the former jail cell of Marie Antoinette, now converted into a chapel
  • Walk through the Salle des Gens d’Armes, Europe's largest existing medieval hall
  • Note the varied decor from both palace and prison
Explore a former palace and riverside prison on Paris's medieval Île de la Cité. Witness the prison cells, including Queen Marie Antoinette's, from the French Revolution. Originally a royal palace in the 14th century, this Gothic structure later served as a prison when the royal family relocated to the Louvre...


  • Entrance ticket to La Conciergerie
  • Histopad, available until 16:30
  • Entrance to Sainte-Chapelle

Places you will visit

La Conciergerie
Boulevard du Palais, 2

Attractions on the route

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  • Visitors to the Sainte-Chapelle and / or Conciergerie will have a dedicated line. You will have to go through a security check to enter the monument
  • If you have a 10.00 reservation, you should enter the monument by 10.30 at the latest as each time slot is 30 minutes
Cancellation policies vary according to activity type. Please check the conditions of your required activity Entry ticket.

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